Capricorn Woman Libra Man

Capricorn woman and Libra man, despite the striking contrast to each other, get along well, find a common language. Their relationship can begin not at first sight of love, but from mutual disposition, friendship, interest as a person. A beautiful friendly tandem will outgrow in time into a strong unshakable love, which only benefits both.

Libra’s man is an incredibly kind, gentle person. Mindfulness, helpfulness and courtesy are his most important trump cards, which have anyone to themselves. A Capricorn woman is powerful, it’s a fighter for justice, a stubborn, capricious nature. She wants romance in her life, I want to meet a person who will soften her strong and tough character. Capricorn is quite demanding woman and to yourself and to others. This woman is sustained, resolute, she will have enough strength to manage domestic life, the distribution of responsibilities and control over their implementation.

Capricorn’s woman wins in the man of Libra, his equanimity, and his tardiness, she estimates as seriousness, poise. Capricorn, after looking closely and making a decision for himself, to be with the man Libra, will try in every possible way to adjust it to his way of life and position. It is really possible, but provided a tactful approach, patience, female wisdom, observance of the gradualness of actions.

The Libra man does not tolerate pressure and pressure, especially when it comes to personal space, lifestyle, habits, interests, the rhythm of life. If the couple can find a "golden mean", then they can live happily together. Woman Capricorn is not stupid and understands its excessive activity, inability to restrain anger, fury unjust accusations. Libra man in a conflict situation will try to close the topic as smoothly as possible, or to wait out a storm of misunderstanding and return to the issue with a "cold" head.

Unfortunately, there is also the financial side of the problem in their relations. The Capricorn woman regards the material base as the basis of safety, comfort and ease of life. She is inclined to accumulate and invest money in profitable projects. Man Libra, a different opinion, in his concept if there is "extra" money, then they need to be spent urgently. It is a ridiculous idea to postpone and store it.

As a consequence, brutal scandals, rudeness to the partner. Deciding to be a lifetime together, the couple should be patient and wise, agree on the beach, preferably before marriage. They should discuss in advance the issues of the family budget, agree on a line of conduct in conflicts, ways to combat unnecessary negative emotions.

The star card says that the man of Libra and the woman Capricorn can be happy, raise beautiful heirs, but only on the condition of reducing ambition, taming their quickness, and taking control of their words and actions. Having lived to a very old age, the couple will look with gratitude at the person with whom his life passed.

Capricorn Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Many people think that there can be nothing in common between a rational and pragmatic Capricorn woman and a romantic Libra man. However, it is not. In the pair of compatibility of Capricorn woman and Libra man there is love, mutual understanding and physical attraction to each other — in general everything that makes a couple compatible and gives a chance for a long and happy life together.

In an ideal pair, the Capricorn woman and the Libra man complement each other and improve the quality of the character both of their own and of their partner. So, the Capricorn woman is very hard by nature, paired with a man-Libra acquires softness and tenderness. The Libra man appreciates her business mood, so she is confident in herself, but she learns to hide her stiffness. Therefore, Capricorn, who lived in a couple of years with a man-Libra — a very pleasant and sweet companion.

A man, Libra, always passive, soft and frivolous, living with a Capricorn woman, on the contrary, acquires rigidity. He likes to "rake" heat with someone else’s hands. And next to just a woman who is not afraid to act in the open. In this case, the man-Libra, gets good support and stops pretending to be helpless. In most cases, he begins to demonstrate the strength of his character, but at the same time retains his external charm. A Capricorn woman likes the ability of a Libra man to think first and then do it. A man, Libra, however, appreciates the Capricorn woman for her steadiness and firmness.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Capricorn and Libra is that often there is a misunderstanding of each other. The Capricorn woman is very straightforward, and the Libra man is contradictory. His mood and, most importantly, his decisions change so often that a solid "yes" or "no" can never be heard. And for the Capricorn woman, certainty is important, and this behavior of the Libra man causes her displeasure. In addition, she expresses her indignation directly in the face and infringes on the dignity of the Libra man.

Also, the compatibility problems of Capricorn and Libra are very strongly manifested in household trivia. The Libra man is a real aesthete, and he wants to live among beautiful, though sometimes unnecessary things. And in the house of the Capricorn woman everything is strict, there is nothing superfluous and everything is functional and practical. For a man, Libra, this dry atmosphere in the house is not acceptable. Over time, if a couple is not interested in the spiritual issues of being, and for them the material side of life is important, such a conflict will still come.

The Libra man experiences constant dissatisfaction with what kind of furniture, utensils, clothes or other household items a female Capricorn chooses. And the Capricorn woman, in turn, is unhappy with the fact that the Libra man spends money on trifles, on all sorts of "beauties" that do not have a functional purpose.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Capricorn and Libra, in order for their family to have harmony, the Capricorn woman needs to learn how to listen to her husband’s requests, and most importantly, to fulfill them. The Capricorn woman is a type of very powerful women who tend to take care of their loved ones. She completely does not take into account their desires, as she herself knows, "how better for them". This behavior in a relationship with a man-Libra will not lead to anything good. For all its apparent softness and pliability, this is a very strong leading sign.

He can quietly manipulate or tolerate while there are forces to endure. And when the patience runs out, it will just go away. Therefore, if you want a man-Libra harmonious relationship — give in to him. Well, if he wants to eat dinner every day from a smart dinner, so let it be you, because it will not be worse. The same goes for the interior. So what, that you do not understand the purpose of all the statues there and all sorts of stuff that pulls into the house of Libra. And do not break it over your head. Consider them amulets of your family life. The main thing is that your spouse will be satisfied, which means that you will be well.

When you have a disagreement about the costs, then also give the Libra man a sense of responsibility for it. Well, he will spend a couple of times money for beautiful, but not necessary things to the detriment of the necessary. When he himself feels a lack of money for comfort, which he loves no less than any trinkets, he will begin to control his expenses.

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