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The Capricorn woman and the Virgo man share as much in common as in contradictions. In their lives is unlikely to break into a hurricane of passion, violent love, romantic expressions, tender confessions. Both are cool enough to express their feelings, rather they are ashamed, afraid to get into the power and dependence of the partner.

Couples from Virgo and Capricorn are rare, due to the search for a more emotional person by nature. Linking their lives, Virgo and Capricorn, they can create a united family, but only overcome their inveterate ideas and rid the partner from the framework of their own illusions. In the pair there will be stability, if both do not make out of their relations the place of analysis, quarrels, the transfer of deeply personal complexes in fueling conflicts.

The surrounding people are puzzled. It is impossible to understand their plans, their moods, their existence. For many it is difficult to imagine how they can eat, sleep, and engage in everyday life. Capricorn externally cold, sharp on the tongue, can offend a man with a stinging word. She is perceptive, inquisitive, she constantly needs to look at successful, active, active people, she is impressed by their energy, she gives a lot of pleasure to "bask" in the rays of positive, cheerful people.

There will never be losers around her, she avoids poor people, she does not have pity and sympathy. In relation to children, parents of their families, another thing, there it will show warmth, care, patience for caring for a sick person. Her mind, cold-bloodedness, correct calculation in life can be envied. Many learn from her the ability to be sober, adequate, and resolute in difficult situations, and indeed, this person is naturally endowed with a flair, an extraordinary logical thinking. The Capricorn woman will create comfort, comfort, a pleasant home atmosphere, but most likely the economic work will shift to the shoulders of hired workers, or an assistant.

The Virgo man strive for material prosperity, stability, security, the philosopher lives in it, it is interesting to communicate with him on any topic. He has a wonderful memory, he has phenomenal thinking, he lacks only perseverance, patience in moving towards the goal. The Capricorn woman attracts him with practicality, enviable purposefulness, pragmatic approach to business, business acumen. The couple’s intimate life is subordinated to the routine, but there is more warmth, tenderness, submission in it, rather than in external relations. In bed, all the love potential for the partner, the expression of feelings, is manifested.

An amazing couple, their union depends only on their desire to be together. If they try to keep smooth equal relations, if they reach a level of mutual support, understanding, changing arrogance to softness and tenderness, they will be able to create a happy union and raise good children in a friendly family environment.

Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The family union in the compatibility of Capricorn female and Virgo male is considered very common. This couple can be very happy, as both partners have much in common. A Capricorn woman and a Virgo man have enviable persistence and ability to overcome difficulties, for both family values and traditions are important. There are few passions in the relations of these partners, but they have a lot of friendship, mutual understanding, mutual assistance and common interests.

Thanks to the Capricorn woman, the Virgo man develops ambition, which helps him to move more and more along the career ladder. The Virgo man is very industrious — it fascinates the Capricorn woman, and she is ready for much for her beloved. It is worth noting that the Capricorn woman is a very good mistress, wife and mother. She provides in the house not only coziness, but also prosperity.

In general, the Capricorn woman and the Virgo man are ideally suited to each other. There are no violent scenes in their relationship. The Virgo man prefers to grumble, but the Capricorn woman does not complain at all. The couple Capricorn and Virgo intellect dominate the senses. Passions can be heated slowly, flare up and immediately fade away.

In this family alliance, the selfless work of both spouses, their joint concern for the future, comes first. They immediately have a common goal, develop a plan for social recovery, strengthen the material base, ensure old age.

The family union of Capricorn women and Virgo men can rightfully be considered ideal. According to statistical data of many countries of the world, among spouses born under these signs there are very few divorces. Even more - it almost does not have quarrels and occasions for cracks.

A Capricorn woman and a Virgo man, in addition to having a strong physical attraction to each other, they also find a soul mate in their partner. It can even be said that both feel that they are halves of one whole, and this is already a solid foundation for the longevity and happiness of this union.

In society, the Capricorn woman and the Virgo man are rarely, and they seem to be a boring couple to others. These are constantly busy with something, and when there is a free moment, they prefer to admire the results of their work. Couple in compatibility Capricorn and Virgo feel proud for their home, their children, their way of life. By the way, they are not very fond of them in companies. Most often, Capricorn and Virgo have one child, to which they are brought up very responsibly.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Capricorn and Virgo is that between them there can be disputes because of trivialities, on which the Virgo man is excessively obsessed. The Capricorn woman does not understand the unreasonable worries of her husband, and this irritates her, because she herself can only survive in cases of real problems. It is difficult for her to understand how one can stop, stop, shift from one foot to the other and not make progress toward the intended goal. The Virgo man is meticulous and can spend a few days during the renovation to clean the tile from the paint and do not start "normal" work at all.

Also in work, when you need to urgently hand over any documents, he can spend hours on the table in a direction known only to him alone. The Capricorn woman also appreciates the order, but for her it is only a means to an end, not the goal itself. She easily postpones all the little things and concentrates on the main thing. It is worth noting that when disputes arise, the dialogues in this pair can be endless, because both are very meticulous interlocutors.

According to the horoscope compatibility of Capricorn and Virgo, in order for their family to be in harmony, the Capricorn woman needs to reconsider her attitude towards the qualities of the Virgo man, which she considers a disadvantage. For example, you are annoyed by the pettiness of the Virgo man. In this case, remember how many times you did not get the result you expected only because you were let down by a trifle. It is not necessary to re-educate a man-Virgo, better entrust him those cases where he will just control these trifles.

And it will be easier for you, and he will do his usual business for him. Also, it is worth considering that if you are planning something along with Virgo, be prepared for the fact that it takes much more time than you. In no case do not rush it - in situations of emergency, time deficit, it is more lost. When going on a trip, immediately distribute who will do what. Best of all, if the Capricorn woman chooses the goal of the route, book tickets, and the Virgo man will collect everything that can come in handy on the road, given what kind of vacation you’re planning.

If you do this in all life situations, you will soon find that this annoying defect of the Virgo man has turned into dignity.

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