Virgo Woman Cheating

One thing you need to know about a Virgo woman - she has guts and lots of them! It doesn’t mean that she is not as shy and as reserved as she seems to be. It’s just that she can do anything and everything for the people she loves. By love, she mean real love, no other type of love exists for her. A Virgo female is a complete woman! She has all the charms and tricks that any other female has, but she is not weak. Infact, she has quite a determination and can do anything if she sets her mind to it.

She will be completely devoted and loyal to you in a relationship. Still, if it doesn’t seems to be working, she will sever all the ties and become as cold as the North Pole. Virgo women’s characteristics profile is an odd mix of emotions and practicality, romance and common sense. When they fall in love, they show such extreme passion and intensity that only few other women can. Making them fall in love is, however, an entirely different task. They will demand total perfection from you, even though they may fall short in that arena.

It’s better to get used to their critical nature. A Virgo girl believes that she is extremely efficient and organized and what is more annoying is, that she is right. She is a stickler for time and it’s better not to be late when you are meeting her. She will not break the new, expensive vase when she is upset, but she can be very demanding and fussy. If the fault is yours, admit that you are wrong and say it while handing her the flowers. Don’t even try to argue, or she will lose her temper again.

It is better to leave her alone for sometime and she will cool again. On the other hand, a Virgo woman will find it very hard to accept that she is wrong. The fact is, most of the time she’s not. When you are courting her as well as after you get married, it is advisable to mind your manners. She cannot tolerate someone using abusive language, coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc. It’s better to brush up your vocabulary too. She will not cling to you, nor will she become totally aloof.

She is also very good with finances and extravagance is not one of her personality traits. A Virgo female cannot stand public displays of affection and it is better to be subtle in this area. Her taste is very good and her intellect quite developed. If you are trying to woo her, take her to places like theatre, art gallery, etc. Just like a typical Virgo, she is prone to worrying about things too much and she will do your part of the job too. She is very much attached to the ground and prefers to live in the real world.

You let a Virgo female do her part of making things seem just perfect and she will keep you entertained with all her feminine charms. She is very sensitive and her feelings are pretty fragile, but she will become exceedingly strong when you need her support. With kids, she will be very considerate and you will never see them running around in their underclothes. She will gentle, but firm and will demand complete discipline from them. Even though a Virgo woman is very critical, she will not take criticism very nicely. It never works the other way round for her.

The reason for this is that she is as aware of her own imperfections as she is of yours. So, she doesn’t need you to remind her of her own shortcomings every now and then. Instead of fretting over her perfectionism, you should feel blessed to have such a charming female who never makes your house look like a garbage dump. Your toast will never get burnt and your coffee will always taste just perfect. She has a witty side too and when she laughs, it seems like the ringing of little bells, doesn’t it!

Are Virgo Women Faithful?

Virgos are sensitive, creative and tend to be intuitive when it comes to the feelings and needs of others. They are usually very supportive of friends and lovers, always ready to provide a "shoulder to cry on." The kind Virgin often makes a wonderful life partner.

Why would a Virgo woman cheat? - A Virgo would cheat for personality. Sounds strange right? A Virgo who longs for perfection preferring personality over beauty? Not when you consider personality has more value. Virgos want perfection, and unfortunately it’s something they demand in their lovers as well. Sure a Virgo will accept your flaws, but in the long run it will eat at them. Eventually, they will start to compare you to others around them more and more. Your imperfections will slowly begin to chip away at that acceptable image they first had of you. If their thoughts of you take a turn for the worse, the Virgo will look elsewhere for someone with much more than looks.

Signs a Virgo woman is cheating on you - Virgo’s are as hard to read as an air sign but not for the same reasons. Virgo’s are the perfect criminal’s, cleaning up the mess they leave behind them like you wouldn’t believe. Catching a Virgo cheating would take some serious detective work. This sign looks both ways before putting their hand in the cookie jar.

Virgo Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

The Virgo-born woman is famous for being a no-nonsense perfectionist that likes things to be orderly and organized, so naturally she will see seeking sex outside your marriage as a big threat to her sense of security and major disruption to everything she had planned for a beautiful future together. The normally timid and quiet Miss Virgo could turn into a ferocious Bengal tigress going for an aerial attack with its paws raised the moment she learns that you have been cheating on her. She would demand to know every detail of your sexual tryst — who the slut is, where the crime took place, why you did it and perhaps, if you enjoyed the sex.

Honesty is the best policy with Virgo people, therefore, my friend, don’t try to make up all sorts of stories to take off the guilt. They are endowed with an extraordinary ability to smell a creative liar 100 ft away, not to mention a highly intelligent mind that can observe, collate and analyze information at lightning speed.

I also want add that there is a danger your Virgo woman might give you a taste of your own medicine if she cannot stop thinking how deeply you have hurt her. Do all you can to fill her head with positive, happy thoughts that will make her forget that event.

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