Gemini Woman Aquarius Man

Gemini woman and Aquarius man are united by a wave of love and tenderness, and also confidence in each other. Absolutely exactly proven by the stars that these two can be happy in love. In this union, each of the partners has every chance to develop spiritually, intellectually, give vent to creative ideas or commercial projects. Mutually complementing each other, they will achieve many peaks, wherever they move, they can on the shoulder any horizons.

Quarrels and conflicts in a pair is just an excuse to better understand yourself, to understand what is hindering their relationship. One for the other is a kind of positive stimulus, an occasion for pride in the achievements of his chosen one. The qualities of each partner are improved in pairs. They are prudent, prudent, considerate, they must make decisions together, smoothly remove obstacles. Man Aquarius and a Gemini woman have a cheerful disposition, both active, enterprising, energetic people. Their relationship does not stand still, divided into periods, real plans are indicated. In their union there are a specifics, transparency and understanding of one another. Their marriage will be one of the most successful combinations.

Aquarius man looks at his faithfulness slightly in his own way. He believes that devotion should be only in the spiritual plane, he does not consider treason in terms of physical treason. But it is in conjunction with the woman Gemini that the Aquarius man will find freedom of action, will not hear the urging and moralizing. She will be able to "close her eyes" to the liberties of Aquarius. The Gemini woman is close in spirit with the man Aquarius, they perfectly get along and understand each other. Paradoxically, it is at such a relationship that a man will the least want to change his chosen one. In life, they are always interesting to each other, attractive and sexy.

The Gemini woman has an artistic character store, so her behavior often slips through lies, pretense. She is inclined to exaggerate reality, embellish their abilities and opportunities. Man Aquarius, on the contrary, does not like lies and falsity, with him the Gemini will have to be more careful, otherwise neither strong love nor the similarity of views will keep Aquarius.

In any case, their relationship depends on how Aquarius reacts to such a trait in the character of Gemini, if he writes off the frivolity, then everything will be fine. If excessive gossip and lies will interfere with him, he will leave. Illogical and at the same time, the logical relationship between the Gemini woman and Aquarius man have an intelligible response from the stars about compatibility. Yes, they can go through life, holding hands, supporting and helping each other, understanding and feeling their chosen one at a distance.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Gemini women and Aquarius men, there are a union of two similar people. Between them are possible not only friendship and cooperation, but even a very remarkable and amusing marriage union — with original ideas, plans and plans, with knowledge of the secrets of the art of love and sex. As a marriage, he is undoubtedly alive and quick, quick and fervent, but, unfortunately, very, very unsecured, because the material side is weak both in Gemini and in Aquarius. Partners do not race for titles, nor for titles, completely rejecting the accumulative and philistine way of life.

So it seems that they are specially created for each other. Often they have love "at first sight." And there is nothing surprising, both are ready to flutter, like two nocturnal butterflies, cooing like throats, especially under the cover of the secrets of moonlit nights, which, more often than not, end in the amusements of free intimate contacts. Their voluptuous melodies can be envied even by nightingales. Both partners love freedom of feelings and independence of thoughts. Their credo: "The same rights in all!"

Their freedom-loving natures are strangers to any obligations, so they are usually ready to stay together only as long as they feel good. However, despite such independence, this strange union is often unexpectedly strong due to the fact that Aquarius and Gemini are able to understand and forgive each other’s weaknesses.

What exactly does not happen in this alliance is calmness and stability, everything else in it is usually abundant. Both the Aquarius man and the Gemini woman are too inquisitive natures to sit at home each other’s company in the evenings. They are interested in everything in the world, they tend to travel, spend time with friends, go to the theater and cinema.

They are never bored. They have many things and hobbies. But, among all these diverse activities, they do not lose each other. Aquarius man and the Gemini woman are best friends and most understanding interlocutors for each other. In this pair there are no major quarrels, and skirmishes in detail only revive the relationship. This couple is good, even if there is no special love in it. If they also love each other, they are very strong romantic feelings with some idealization of the partner.

In the compatibility of Gemini-Aquarius this union gives a lot to one and the other. The Aquarius man helps the Gemini woman to see "beyond her nose" and gain some kind of intellectual courage. Also, it does not allow bending under the pressure of public opinion and become an ordinary housewife with a monotonous life. The Aquarius man is selfish. He dreams to benefit humanity, but he does not notice the needs of his relatives. With a Gemini woman, he is relieved of a sense of guilt and a load of obligations, as she does not require custody, and she is able to take care of herself and her partner.

The Gemini woman and the Aquarius man will be able to walk together through the most difficult life difficulties, but the cause of parting or quarrel will be some trifle. The problem of compatibility of Zodiac signs of Gemini-Aquarius is that disputes in this family are quite common. They can argue about anything: where to rest, with whom to communicate, how to run a farm, what to spend money on, and even about what a work of art is better.

If a couple loves each other, then such disagreements can go to the benefit of bringing light to the senses. If the Gemini woman and the Aquarius man are only held together by friendship and respect, they can "forget to make peace". They always have a lot of important and interesting things to do, and they can easily switch to something else. And a quarrel that has arisen from scratch can lead to a complete break in relations. By the way, they do not find out the relationship, do not pursue a partner, but peacefully diverge in different directions.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Gemini and Aquarius — in this marriage union boredom is unthinkable. The reasoning and thinking of the Gemini Woman the Aquarius tolerates calmly and stoically, sometimes even assenting to her. But something and "winds on the mustache." And if there were more Gemini a little more accurate and careful, the marriage would be even more successful.

In order for this union to have harmony, both spouses need to develop their emotionality and emotional component of the relationship. With the development of emotionality, this couple will increase the heat, which is so necessary, the relationship will grow stronger because both the Gemini woman and the Aquarius man will learn to think about other people’s feelings, in addition, their inner world will become much richer.

Some things can not be understood by the mind. Expanding their emotionality, Gemini and Aquarius will understand why you sometimes have to concede, even if logically you are right, why it is important to reconcile with each other, how unpleasant, when they offend and ignore. To develop emotionality to representatives of the Air Force, it is easiest to come to it through information. For example, when discussing a film or a book, you need to pay attention not only to the plot or the lyapes of the author (to look for mistakes this pair is very fond of), but also to the experiences of the characters. Looking at the picture, try to feel the mood that it causes. And even gossiping about common acquaintances, try to focus not on events, but on the inner motives of actions.

It is also very important in this pair that the Gemini woman put the matter in such a way that the Aquarius man did not feel violence, coercion. If he has a feeling of voluntariness of what is happening, his own initiative, then their life will be smooth.

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