Gemini Woman Cancer Man

The volcanic nature of the Gemini woman, appears in the life of the Cancer man as a "cold shower", it is unpredictable and incomprehensible to him. The world view of Cancer is absolutely the opposite of the woman Gemini. The man Cancer is looking for maternal love, the image of a saint in a woman, and this does not correspond to Hurricane Gemini. Cancer is looking for a happy and peaceful life, but the woman Gemini will give him a life bright, full of impressions and adventures. They are too different and unjustified hopes can disappoint both of them.

But in fact the horoscope does not make diagnoses, and in case of a connection between the Gemini woman and the Cancer man, there may be pleasant exceptions. Falling in love with the Gemini woman, Cancer risks spending all her energy flow on her conquest, but exhausted and satisfied Cancer will find pacification on the shoulder of her beloved. A Gemini woman will force herself to again and again, this is her game, her life. In it, it’s like a cunning mouse provoking a lazy cat to play catch-up.

Unconditional Cancer, it can very suddenly disappear from a woman’s life, feeling cowardly before explaining. It’s hardest for a man to have Cancer, if he still loses his head from the love for a woman Gemini. Her sarcasm and constant banter can be a test for the vulnerable soul of Cancer. A man like Cancer likes to be a victim, he adores when he is pitied, accept his weaknesses. Such men are usually called "mama’s son".

The relationship of the pair is similar to the roller coaster, the same sharp changes in the microclimate, the ups and downs. The woman Gemini feels comfortable in the eternal extreme, he also believes that just about everything is formed and stabilized. A Gemini woman is a cynical, reckless, stubborn person, she has verbal tortures over a weaker partner.

The peppercorn of the Gemini woman will make the meek man of Cancer become different, while in bed they will try all the facets of pleasure. They perfectly feel the swings of the partner and are able to adapt to the wave of temperament. Many unforgettable impressions they can present to each other, to show the world in their colors, to lead on their way the knowledge of beauty in this world.

Such couples may well participate in the organization of charity funds or fundraising, for a sick child. A Gemini woman, pushing a Cancer man, can instill in him an active way of life and rest, abandon categorical in some matters. This couple will travel a lot, it is likely to become a large child, or amateurs of a large number of pets.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Gemini woman and the Cancer man — this is a very strange and not very suitable pair: open to the outside world, a woman who is keenly interested in everything around and a home-made, withdrawn man. In these relationships, the physical attraction comes first: in bed, the Gemini woman and the Cancer man feel that they are created for each other, so much together they are at ease and well. And the most pleasant thing is that the feeling of novelty can not leave their union and many months later.

In ordinary life, they are too different, each with their own dreams and goals. A restless Gemini female and cautious Cancer man have a completely different pace of life — they even walk at different speeds and say — and who would have thought that it was this dissimilarity that would become the basis for their sexual harmony.

True, this alone is not enough to create a strong family, especially since the views on the family themselves are directly opposite. For a man, Cancer, the house and family are everything, as for the Gemini woman, then she does not have a craving for marriage and housekeeping. The main thing for her is her freedom, which she is afraid of losing.

The Gemini Cancer Alliance in compatibility can be successful if they both approach it as an informed partnership and see what benefit each other can bring. Then everyone directs their abilities to a common goal, and in the end they achieve a lot.

In the ideal relationship between the Cancer man and the Gemini woman, the foundation on which the whole union holds is trust. They trust each other more than anyone else, feel each other’s support, appreciate the partner for completing them. Cancer is pleased that Gemini takes on communication with the outside world. Gemini like that Cancer is more economic than herself.

Also, a pair of Gemini-Cancer understands perfectly that they must have some common goals, something to unite them, otherwise they will scatter in different directions. It can be a common business, life, children. Both partners see the benefit in staying together and trying to understand and accept their companion as it is, to see in it positive qualities and to use them. Very often, the Cancer man and the Gemini woman achieve excellent results in the material plan: they usually have a rich house, well-educated children, who are given a lot of attention, a successful business and much more.

An old proverb is known: "What’s in Cancer’s soul, Gemini’s noise in his head. We will not challenge this proverb. Cancers are really strong with their feelings, and Gemini — with their intelligence. The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Gemini-Cancer in a significant difference, not only in views and opinions, beliefs, but even a different reaction to the same irritants from the outside, from the outside. Hence, the complete mismatch of actions. Cancer and Gemini have a different rest, they have different interests, different styles of communication. For example, Cancer will take offense at the Gemini woman for not wanting to spend a day off with him at home, but will pull him for a walk or a visit.

The Gemini woman and the Cancer man needs a different space for inner comfort. Cancer needs a home and a family, Gemini need to closely interact with everything that surrounds them. As a result of these differences in this family, most disputes begin. Cancer will often take offense at Gemini for being too busy with things that do not involve Cancer. He will be jealous of work, friends and numerous interests.

Man-Cancer expects from his beloved that she will concentrate all attention on relationships and organization of life. But the Gemini woman will not do it. She will not spend all her time on life, and to communicate with her, only a loved one is not enough — she has a wide circle of acquaintances.

In matters of shopping and spending, disagreement is obtained for the same reason: Cancer takes not all things into its personal space, thinks long before something is acquired, and the Gemini approach spending simpler and often buy nonsense (according to Cancer).

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Gemini Cancer - in this relationship, if the Gemini woman starts to change herself and shut herself off from the world for the sake of her beloved, sooner or later she will experience depression, loss of interest in life in general. Man-Cancer, too, should not be altered - well, a person does not like everything "alien", but he does not immediately enter into the list of "his own" and very circumspectly. In order for a family with such diverse interests, still there was harmony, it is necessary that the Gemini woman as often as possible reminded Cancer about his love. This man is sensitive, vulnerable and very jealous. Besides, he is afraid that the Gemini woman will forget about him during her walks. Conquer his trust, let him be sure that he is the best for you, and then he will more easily treat your contacts outside the home.

In addition, show him what benefits he will be able to teach from your many-sided communication. For example, Cancer does not want to go for a walk, but wants to stay at home. Then the Gemini can walk with friends and then tell Cancer useful news for him. Do Gemini know how to spend money? Let them make purchases for a Cancer man — for sure there is a lot that one should have bought long ago, but Cancer always put off an unpleasant moment of shopping and spending money.

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