Gemini Woman Gemini Man

A Gemini woman and a Gemini man characterize their union, by the simple expression "a crazy couple". They discourage easy and indecent behavior, anyone, they do not have rules, laws, they do not know the concept of "stability, rationality".

Fate will often test their union for strength, there will be sophisticated scandals, quarrels, unrestrained fun, adventures, experiments. Both are similar, look at each other as a reflection. It is difficult to judge each of them separately, they are one whole.

The woman is a Gemini, she is audible long before she enters the room, noisy, loudly laughs, openly discusses the present, almost nothing fears her. A lively, fervent person can easily organize something, for example, a wedding. Curious nature is not in moderation, he learns everything superficially, having started a business, maybe he will leave halfway. His handsome man and a joker — Gemini literally by the hand leads to the registry office. Externally, she looks bright, her make-up is full, clothes do not always meet the decorum of taste. It can be loved for its unordinary, generosity, unusual. The Gemini are honest and just, the economy is, unfortunately, not her fad.

What can shake a couple? Pass before the difficulties, often their exit is trampling on the spot. Panic before global problems and the horror of responsibility for their adoption, trying to shift on each other. In the best case, a situation will be solved by one of the relatives, unfortunately, parents with them to babysit to old age. Getting out in the "people" in a professional field, the other will be jealous, try to outstrip his partner.

Gemini man — passionate, endowed with a rich creative potential, does not like monotony, monotonous life, life for him is boredom and routine. An incentive for development can serve as a kindred woman soul — Gemini. In love with Gemini, becomes a bold dreamer, will conquer, causing shocking, surprising her beloved.

Having created a family, this couple should learn how to conduct a household, exercise restraint, dream about adventures more than embody them. Growing up a couple, can create a profitable family business, based on their own hobbies or interests. Compatibility of a man and a woman Gemini is extremely high. Despite the similarity of the characters, it does not repel them, but rather attracts each other.

The role of mother and father is suitable in mature age. The house of a man and a woman is Gemini, open to friends. In the intimate sphere, they are absolutely happy and satisfied. Bring into the intimate life of innovation, diversity, embody any desire without ceremony. An ideal couple in terms of astrology, incredible compatibility.

Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Union of sociable, energetic, restless Gemini does not fit into the usual framework. Gemini-Gemini in compatibility is a pair of two similar people — inquisitive, mobile and intelligent. Because of their excessive independence and their love of unlimited freedom, their problems often cause problems. In general, no matter how long these relations last, they both will be remembered for the rest of their lives.

According to compatibility, the Gemini man and the Gemini woman understand each other well and build relationships based on common interests: Gemini is not endowed with a particularly sensitive soul or sexual passion. They are more suited to an alliance in which there is much from friendship than passionate emotional attachment. Love in its "pure form" tires Gemini, but next to the same rational person as themselves, they find their happiness.

In a marriage union, two Geminis, this is, first of all, good friends. The Gemini man finds a perfect companion in the Gemini woman. He likes that she is not jealous of his friends, hobbies, does not require him to be at home more often. A Gemini woman is also easy with a man of her own sign. Weak link in her — the ability to give comfort and beauty to the house, and for a Gemini man it is absolutely unimportant. He does not press on her, does not try to correct, she is interesting to him as a person and as a friend.

When they create a family, they do not get hung up on each other, they often visit various companies, in which they are welcomed with joy. Quite remarkably, if they have a common hobby (and an ideal pair of Gemini is necessarily a hobby general), it’s great to strengthen their pair and not allow them to scatter in different directions in pursuit of new impressions.

According to the compatibility of the Gemini-Gemini signs — the brightest parody of the Italian family may seem like a pale likeness of reality to someone who at an inappropriate moment sees a couple of emotional Gemini. Storm of feelings of the whole range, a storm of passion and a storm of mutual claims, and all this — from day to day. In their life together, as a rule, hot clarification of the relationship with the smashing of utensils and many hours of "disassembly" are frequent, in which each of them does not get tired of proving his rightness.

The most difficult period in the life of Gemini is the lack of new impressions, routine, boredom. Such moments are in life for everyone, but for Gemini - this is a real disaster. If they decided to save money for the purchase of housing and have to work hard and forget about the rest, or if a child has appeared in the family and the Gemini woman has fallen out of the habitual rhythm of life for a while, the couple will start quarreling.

Not finding an outlet, the Gemini man can start looking for not the best entertainment. Even empty novels that do not affect the heart are possible, and strange acquaintances and empty hobbies. And not only relations in the family of Gemini, but their character can not change for the better. Gemini will become frivolous, irresponsible, avid for any sensation. Genuine erudition, they substitute for interest in gossip and the "yellow" press. And after a while everyone risks to find out that next to him is not the person with whom Gemini connected their destiny.

According to the horoscope compatibility of Gemini-Gemini — the main role in the harmonization of relations in the family belongs to a woman. It is easier to tolerate restrictions in the sphere of interests, movements, communication. To sustain a difficult time will help optimism and sense of humor. Also, worth considering are options for other entertainment and leisure activities that are more suitable at a given time.

Of course, ideally Gemini should have a favorite hobby. And if it is common, it will support compatibility in a couple and will give additional topics for communication, but there are periods (for example, you have a small child or an exhausting job in your hands) when you can assume that for a while you will have a separate hobby. This will allow your man not to become depressed, and then he will be able to help you to get new impressions.

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