Gemini Woman Leo Man

The Gemini woman and the Leo man attract each other like a magnet. Rapidly begun love relationships, captures the cycle of sensations, unexplored feelings, acute impressions. Their life is like a carnival, where the scenery is changing now and then, too much variety, noisy pastime. This way of life the girl-Gemini is used to lead, this is her element, to live and in every possible way to avoid calmness, monotony. A Leo man is attracted by the festive atmosphere, the flow of inexhaustible energy of Gemini, this cloud his mind.

The Leo man is surrounded by female attention, he is interesting, witty, perfectly able to deceive, "look into the eyes", cause admiration, says flattering words. Leo attracts her genuine interest in his person, mindfulness, sociability. From nature a Gemini woman is a cheerful, effective, sometimes loudly spoken lady. He is absolutely sure of his irresistibility, at least in her eyes. Any attempts by competitors to take away his woman are punished with a tough knockout for the opponent.

A man-Leo in a relationship is constantly in a wild tension, he dreams of treason, flirtation, pretense of a woman. He is not susceptible to suspicion, but with this girl, he can even fall into spying, checking. A Gemini-woman is active, energetic, talented, kind soul, in her life there are always people who helped her to rise, get out of serious situations. In her honor, many thanks, recognition from other people. But on a number, with it there is no economy, diligence, homework disgusted her, causing boredom, laziness.

In relations with Leo you should follow your words. He is a man vulnerable, vindictive, a stingy phrase will get stuck in the heart for a long time, he will not last long, he will find a more complaisant partner. Leo has a great prospect of becoming a successful businessman, an organizer. It is a great success if the Gemini woman learns delicately without touching the Leo’s pride, but very carefully pushing it, this can give impetus to achievements, new discoveries in the spheres of art, business, and creative activity.

A Gemini Woman in adulthood, will serve his man as a "home" catalyst, his triumph, her merit. The intimate side of the pair, like a game of "cat and mouse," it starts her feigned inaccessibility, she is able to give the highest pleasure to his patron Leo.

Approaching the issue of marriage with a reasonable degree of seriousness, it is quite possible to create a happy family. But everyone will have to sacrifice many, change someone’s position in life, give up carelessness, and reckless actions, someone will become more wise, patient, seasoned? To ensure compatibility with the partner. If the couple reaches an agreement, a beautiful future and strong love will not leave them.

Gemini Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Gemini women and the Leo men — this marriage has not only a strong physical attraction, but also a lot of common interests. Immediately after the wedding, boredom disappears from the house and there is no need for detectives, valerian, caffeine and other medicines. All rejoices. In courtship, before marriage, Gemini is blinded by the splendor and generosity of Leo, and the latter is impressed by the ease and mobility, playfulness and gaiety, wit and eloquence of the former.

True, after the stormy start of a life together, there often comes a cooling of feelings, sometimes reaching the crisis, the reason for which, as a rule, are negative traits of the character and nature of Gemini, especially their indecision, annoying Leo, superficial feelings, criticality or endless delays. Leo already have to reconcile themselves in advance and be prepared for the fact that their partner from the sign of Gemini is often not at home — then he is at lectures or reports, at meetings or meetings, then on a business trip or on some business trip, etc.

Despite all the difficulties, a beautiful, vibrant family life has every chance of being. Only if life does not cut their wings, turning Leo into a loser with the claims, and Gemini — in a boring housewife, then the brightness and heat of passion is provided for a couple, for many years. Therefore, the secret of a harmonious pair of Leo-Gemini is in the self-development and personal success of each partner.

A Gemini woman and a Leo man shine in any society. Together they enhance the positive features of each other. The Gemini woman is communicative, erudite and witty, but she is somewhat lost on the background of the regal Leo. And the man-Leo next to the Gemini woman is truly royal: after all, he won the best woman in the world.

Inside the couple emotions are constantly boiling. And, exclusively positive. If there are any misunderstandings, then they are quickly settled, thanks to the ability of the Gemini woman to make any compromise, adapt to any situation. The Leo does not like scandals and finding out the relationship, and Gemini knows how not to suit them. Sometimes the "hot" Leo his life companion seems too cold, he would like to see in her more passion. But optimism, affectionate and easy character, the ability to flirt and flirt, the Gemini woman often compensates for the lack of temperament.

In the compatibility of Leo-Gemini, thanks to the ability of the Leo to earn money, the family is more often wealthy. Leo loves a rich house and a well-established way of life. Gemini are more frivolous, but Leo is listening in financial matters. Therefore, they eventually make life better than they would have done separately.

At the beginning of their relationship with Leo and his regal charm, as a rule, it is easy to win an inquisitive Gemini, but soon it is a real surprise for him that she does not want to sacrifice her precious freedom. Because of this, their relationship can be like a real hunt: an independent Gemini woman lives her life, the Leo man considers her his property and tries, at all costs, to inspire her with the same idea. In this case, endless conflicts and clarification of relations in their shaky alliance are inevitable.

Often this union turns out to be truly fatal for the Leo, because his ideal of the family is akin to a house-building, while the Gemini woman is not at all very attuned, neither to farming nor to marriage. A pair of good mutual understanding will be formed until the Gemini woman considers her Leo to be the head of the family and obey him. But the whole problem of the compatibility of the Gemini-Leo Zodiac signs is that the Gemini woman is intelligent, erudite, sociable and knows a lot. As a result, her pride grows, and she finds it difficult to cede reins to her husband.

In addition, she is very fond of independence and well-oriented in the outside world. In this case there can be two variants of events. Or the Gemini girl will completely suppress the Leo boy and, as a result, will get a shabby cat, or under the constant pressure of Leo "understand" the incorrectness of his behavior and begin to "curry favor" with him: then she will limit herself to "punishment" in her habitual way of life and Will try to become an exemplary housewife.

And in that, and in another case, the couple is growing dissatisfied with each other. And everything can begin with the resentment of Leo to the fact that Gemini preferred a walk with him to sit with her friends. However, if the Leo man and the Gemini woman are already in adulthood, their relationship is much more peaceful and lasts for many years.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Gemini-Leo — in order to have harmony in their family, the Gemini woman must admire her man-Leo. Do not raise it and do not alter it if you do not want it to turn into a shabby cat. Appreciate its strengths, cultivate them, the authority of Leo should be unquestionable. From this win, first of all, the Gemini themselves. After all, it’s much more pleasant to be with a strong and self-respecting man than with an uncertain and timid loser.

Also, you should make sure that no one in your pair is juggling another. However, if Leo is satisfied with everything, he will not do it, and if not, he can begin to assert himself at the expense of a woman. Pay attention to his mood — and he will take care of your inner comfort in return. Learn to smooth out his resentment on you with optimism and jokes.

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