Gemini Woman Scorpio Man

A very unusual alliance between the Gemini woman and the Scorpio man relationship, which is difficult to call calm and stable. In their life there will be a lot of joy, happy minutes, and conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. The reason is the subtle soul and the sensitive nature of both. Perception of any words in the literal sense and close to heart. A Scorpio man and a Gemini woman are creative individuals able to achieve the popularity and recognition of the public together.

The Scorpio man is a balanced, organized, sociable person. It is easy to enter into trust, disposes people, inspires confidence and solidity to others. A Gemini woman relatively comparatively looks at life, perceives obstacles as an incentive to struggle.

In a man, Scorpio sees a reliable support, an ideal partner in life for himself. Sometimes she, truth, attributes qualities to people whom they do not possess, and then takes offense at unjustified expectations. The Union of Scorpio and Gemini can be called harmonious, in many respects their views coincide, often the questions are solved mutually, without misunderstanding.

A Gemini woman is active, sociable, contact, and a determined person. She has prudence, adequacy, ability to build her speech clearly and eloquently. Sometimes a Gemini woman has a beautiful oratorical speech, is able to convince the people, can cause a great number of people to feat or protest. In it, nature has a desire for leadership, at the same time it is feminine, real, has its own style, taste, which, as a rule, is one step ahead of the coming fashion.

There are also negative qualities in the pair. Scorpio is vindictive, stubborn, intractable, however, if you choose the moment of good-humored mood, you can find agreement and understanding. For a woman, Gemini is characterized by quick temper, impermanence in plans and goals, sometimes it lacks gentleness and loyalty to the partner.

Both compassionate natures, can easily feel someone else’s pain, long languishing from the painful injustice. The couple is able to help people free of charge, unselfishly. Slowing down the pace of the oncoming conflict, the couple will be able to avoid long-term quarrels and the accumulation of grievances. Both should be honest with the partner. Scorpio and Gemini, are able to perceive the truth as it is, so as not to spill out all the accumulated resentment after a while. A Gemini woman and a Scorpio man are able to build harmonious, even relations, to marry absolutely confident and happy people.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Gemini woman and Scorpio man, it is difficult to find more dissimilar people. It is difficult for them to find a common language. Passionate and stubborn man-Scorpio and charming "ice" — Gemini can make each other unhappy. This pair, can unite only a community of interests and business cooperation, co-authorship.

There can be both physical and spiritual harmony between them, but their marriage will always be very problematic. Their joint life will be constantly hampered and darkened by the Gemini woman — her elusive temper, endless girlfriends and eternal wanderings in the white world, and from the Scorpio man — his strong and proprietary nature, morbid jealousy and eternal suspicions, constant arguments and quarrels, Clarification of relations, scandals.

But if both are developed, intelligent and spiritual people, they have an interesting and useful union. Also, the Gemini-Scorpio union is much stronger, if Scorpio is much older than the Gemini woman. In this case Scorpio is ready to put up with her small imperfections, forgiving her a lot for her liveliness, charm and spontaneity.

In a perfect pair of Gemini female and Scorpio male, the dominant role in the family is always taken by a man. A Gemini woman respects him, recognizes his strength and does not argue with him. By the way, Scorpio does not put pressure on her, because she is one of the few whom he can not influence with his manipulations. A Gemini woman never loses her personality, and therefore Scorpio is afraid to "give a lish", because this woman easily goes through life and at any minute can bypass the manipulator himself, leaving him far behind.

In the perfect compatibility of the Scorpio-Gemini, the Scorpio man wins the respect of his beloved Gemini. From this, only both win. The Gemini woman becomes wise, she learns to keep distance in communication with people, which helps her in other spheres of life. And the Scorpio man achieves notable successes in his career and financial independence. Often, the Gemini woman becomes the support of the Scorpio man not only in her personal life, but also in business.

In this alliance love can not be ruled out at first sight, but it is rarely strong. The owner and maximalist Scorpio is difficult to reconcile with the unessentialness of the Gemini woman. Around her many fans are waving, stirring up scorching jealousy in Scorpio, in addition, Geminis are usually not set up to bring comfort in the family nest, but can disappear from the house for any reason. All this can lead Scorpio out of himself, provoking him into conflicts and scenes of jealousy.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Gemini-Scorpio lies in the difference in the temperaments of partners. The Scorpio man will not immediately notice that the Gemini woman is less ardent and passionate, like him. It is more inherent in coldness and rationality. A man is upset by the coldness of his wife, it seems to him that she treats everything (including him) superficially, without investing her soul. The Gemini woman is also difficult, as the Scorpio man starts provoking her to quarrel in order to draw out of her an emotional reaction. He can begin to carp at words for no reason, to draw strange conclusions, pulling words out of context. The Gemini woman is reasonable and does not understand what her partner-Scorpio needs. And all he needs is for her an emotional reaction. He expects at least some manifestation — anger, tears, resentment.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Gemini-Scorpio — the best tool for a Gemini woman, in order to maintain harmony and avoid manipulation of the Scorpio man — this sense of humor. In no case do not succumb to the provocation of Scorpio, otherwise he will do it again and again. Gemini women, as a rule, are endowed with excellent humor and an easy character, so use this and translate the quarrel in jest.

It is worth remembering that neither the Scorpio man nor the Gemini woman can change the temperament. And the problem in this pair, most often not because the Gemini woman lacks fire. Just a Scorpio man thinks that if a Gemini woman is cold, then she is indifferent. The main task of the woman in this case, to convince the Scorpio man is that she loves him as sincerely and strongly as she can, if Scorpio understands this, he will calm down. Show him that your rational behavior is inherent in everything. Walk together in the company, find a common hobby that is interesting to both. And then he will be able to see that, even doing the favorite thing, the Gemini woman remains reasonable and does not go into the matter with her head.

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