Gemini Woman Taurus Man

Gemini woman and Taurus man are really hot couple, unfortunately only at first. While there is a keen sense of feeling and the novelty of the relationship is interesting to the Gemini, and the Taurus man will be loved. Taurus man is ready for changes in moods, frivolity and insane actions of Gemini woman.

A man in love with Taurus is incredibly changing, becoming romantic, thoughtful, sentimental. When Taurus is in love, he goes head over heels into the problems of his woman. It is unlikely that she will listen to caustic remarks, to the address of an excessively windy girl. Persuasion "to remove rose-colored glasses" will only cause irritation and avoidance of such interlocutors.

The Taurus man is endowed with great restraint, restraint, in relationships he is faithful, devoted to his half, will never give rise to jealousy. In it, a Gemini woman can find a quiet haven, reliability and stability. But she does not need it, while she is young, she is interested in a life of racket, the masses of admirers and short-lived novels. In a man-Taurus relationship, he constantly rushes and does not feel harmony, the Gemini Woman herself without knowing it, pushes Taurus to self critics.

The Gemini woman has a natural charm, fascinates the partner with the manner of moving, talking, laughing. Extraordinarily curious nature, has a tenacious mind, knows how to adequately get out of unpleasant positions. The life of the girl Gemini, full of adventures, there are no systems and regular actions, the rules of her life — to live in pleasure today.

Unfortunately, for a Gemini woman, romance with Taurus is only an adventure, it is elusive and unattainable. How long the relationship will last depends on it. A Taurus man, having received resignation, may become depressed for a long time, drunkenness. If he suffers gradually, he will find the strength to return to normal life. Taurus man is one of the worthy representatives of the male population. Many people dream of such a man from childhood, he is the prince of which young beauties so dream.

The intimate side of the Gemini woman and the Taurus man, alas, also has no prospects. For Gemini, it is actual that the partner would catch her wave of temperament, felt desires without words. Passionate Taurus is not comfortable when the partner is unhappy in a close relationship. In general, the compatibility of Gemini woman and Taurus man is considered average. In their youth they meet more disagreements, which rarely allows them to create stable relationships. If Taurus and Gemini are married, they probably love each other madly and most likely they are already in adulthood, otherwise the union would not have developed.

Gemini Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

Compatibly, the Gemini woman and the Taurus man are very different, and this draws them to each other. Mutual interest appears immediately, at the first acquaintance. In this pair, everyone sees the benefits that come from their union. And then everything depends on whether they will focus on incompatible features or will complement each other’s partners.

In the pair of Gemini-Taurus compatibility, the Taurus man is the leader most often. He steadily leads his family along the planned path of life. But, if suddenly Taurus finds itself in a dead end, life will force him to change something, then it will turn to temporarily take on the role of leader of the Gemini woman. Her ability to generate new ideas leads the family out of the impasse. The Gemini woman and the Taurus man help each other in many ways. This is especially noticeable in financial matters (if it is a family couple with a common budget).

Taurus can both earn and reasonably dispose of what he has earned. But when he reaches the limit of his strengths and abilities, and the growth of incomes ceases to increase, the Gemini woman will see new opportunities and open up new prospects for Taurus in where and how to make money and how it is more profitable to dispose of money. The Gemini themselves are also able to earn, and spend wisely, but poorly retain the acquired (and in this they are helped by Taurus). So a pair of Taurus and Gemini — this is often a secured pair, not infrequently they have a common business. Together, these people are achieving a lot.

The problem of compatibility of the Gemini-Taurus Zodiac signs lies in the difference of temperaments — it is palpable at once and touches any trifles. They need different time to get ready for the road, prepare for the lectures and do their part of the homework. Taurus the man is an earthly and practical man, and the throwing of a restless Gemini woman is usually difficult for him to understand. It is even more difficult for him to reconcile himself to the fact that the house for her is by no means the most attractive place on earth and that she is not going to devote all her free time, obediently sitting at the family hearth. That is why conflicts are frequent in this alliance, and often it ends with the fact that Taurus, unable to stand it, leaves.

In rest, Gemini loves diversity, and Taurus will choose to do something by himself. Taurus sometimes seems that the beloved always runs away from him, but Taurus is not the sign of the Zodiac who likes the constant conquest of a woman. He needs confidence in the companion, he will be happy with the one that will become part of his stable life.

Gemini and Taurus live at different speeds. Therefore, Taurus often reproaches Gemini in frivolity, superficiality and lack of assortment, and Gemini women get tired of the slow and conservative man Taurus. And the Gemini are annoyed quickly, they do not have exposure, but quickly and throw out of their heads trouble. But Taurus takes a long time, then for a long time trying to re-educate Gemini and only then gets mad.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Gemini-Taurus, so that the family does not get frustrated by mutual reproaches, the Gemini woman should pay more attention to her partner-Taurus. It is very important for him to feel stability and his need for someone. Prove to him that you, with your diverse interests and desire to live quickly, do not forget about him, and he remains the main thing in your "crazy" life. In addition, you should often listen to his advice and from time to time to slow down — because in everyday affairs, the man-Taurus is often more experienced and more sensible than the Gemini woman.

Also, direct your quick reaction, ingenuity and mobility to Taurus, who himself understands that some work would have turned out better if he had acted faster. Find what he needs such help. This can be an analysis of a large volume of news or small cases that can be done quickly so that they do not distract Taurus from the main thing. After all, these features of Gemini do not irritate Taurus by themselves, on the contrary — the Gemini attracted Taurus and caused his admiration.

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