Gemini Woman Virgo Man

The Virgo Man will, at the first meeting, allocate this special, provoking Gemini woman for herself. In their relations there are a lot of mutual relations, energy exchange takes place. It is not excluded that both will be drawn to the study of the spiritual side of life, they will try to realize their destiny on earth. Although in this alliance the black and white bands of life will be intertwined, but they will perfectly cope with all obstacles. The Gemini is expressive, explosive like fire, it flares up like a "match", is impressionable. She does not like the home environment, farming and creating a "cozy nest" is not about her.

Virgo man, on the contrary, strives for order, organization, in his life all according to plan, according to the schedule. Predefined steps, actions, he does not like to advertise his life, not flashy. It has determination, the male image of the defender, the breadwinner, the head of the family. The Gemini Woman needs such a happy, understandable, "earthly" man.

Unfortunately, misunderstanding can arise on the basis of limiting the freedom of Gemini. The Virgo man will begin to demand discretion from the chosen one, to call for seriousness and tranquility. But to compensate for these contradictions will be mutual gatherings on souls, they will chat for hours, talk on different topics, the interest of both to talks is inexhaustible.

A problem for a Gemini woman may be that she wants a family, children, to become a home, but it is difficult for her to realize such desires. The temperament of this woman controls both the mind and the heart. Fortunately for her, as we grow older, will come with a sense of stature, stability. It will be wonderful if a couple organizes a joint business project, plunges into art or creativity, and finds a common interest in a mutually beneficial business. Taking into account the activity of Gemini and the discernment of the Virgo, it can turn out a terrific tandem.

The Virgo man is by nature yielding, agreeable, loyal. Most likely he will have patience, will reconcile with the character and temper of his beloved. Other behavior will destroy the couple completely. Scandals can arise on the basis of different attitudes toward money. The Virgo man is industrious, achieves material prosperity with hard work, the Gemini woman is a waste spender, will not think about saving or expediency of purchases. Mutual compliance, understanding the requirements of a partner, the desire to be close will make a couple happy, which will allow such different people to be a friendly family.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Gemini female and Virgo male — this marriage union consists of a mixture of the vital elixir Virgo and the nervous of Gemini. As the Virgins in general can find themselves in an alliance with the Gemini, these "colorful, shiny butterflies" — it is simply incomprehensible to the mind. It is not only their friends and relatives who are surprised at this, but also the whole surrounding world and even astrological scientists. There are too many differences in their characters and customs, and they need a lot of patience and a great desire to change themselves to understand each other. Although in some ways the female Gemini and the Virgo man immediately find a common language.

Despite the fact that this is a rather complicated alliance, but at the same time, it is also very promising. Between these signs it is possible to have excellent business cooperation, good and useful friendship. Even if Virgo and Gemini part, they still remain friends and both acquire an interesting experience in it, which leaves an imprint on their entire future life. In an ideal pair, the Gemini woman brings to life the Virgo man bright, fresh stream and element of recklessness, which the rational Virgo so lacks.

In the company of a couple of female Gemini and a man-Virgo do not really like. Since these intellectuals are almost always ironic and without thinking, they can offend somebody from their presence with their "wit". Often it seems to others that the Gemini and Virgo read each other’s thoughts by themselves, they are very comfortable with each other.

In any pair of compatibility of Gemini and Virgo, not too much passion, but in the ideal - full of admiration for each other. Both these signs are very clever and admire how the partner, having the same capabilities (intelligence, erudition, wit), uses them quite differently. Virgo likes the easy and brave character of Gemini. The Gemini pay tribute to the foresight and economy of the Virgo. Virgo helps Gemini organize life, and the Gemini add Virgo courage and optimism. Even if the couple leaves love, there remains friendship and mutual understanding between them.

The Virgo man is not too keen to catch winds in the field, but in dealing with the restless female Gemini, he has to do just that. However, if their union does not last long, then, most likely, on the initiative of the same Gemini: unlike her, the man-Virgo is in a serious relationship and can try to save his marriage until the last.

The problem of compatibility of the Gemini-Virgo Zodiac signs is that the Virgins are the greatest pedants, the most picky, ruthless sharp-edged critics from the whole Zodiac. Their eternal discontent, grumbling, coldness and sobriety, their insensitivity are faced with mobility and indecisiveness, frivolity and windiness of Gemini. And no matter how they try to re-educate Gemini, make them reliable partners in marriage, all their efforts are useless, powerless: what kind of woman Gemini was before marriage, she will remain so. In this "civil war" between Virgo and Gemini, the main weapon is the sharp and poisonous arrows of their speeches, always falling into the "ten". The only difference is that for one word Virgo, Gemini immediately respond with dozens of phrases, and often — patter.

A cheerful and open Gemini woman can get bored with the constant criticism and carping of a Virgo man, and he criticizes everything that is different from his way of life. On Gemini, the accusations can be poured that she is a bad mistress, puts Virgo in risky situations, lets too many outsiders close.

But there is one condition under which this marriage union can survive safely — when Gemini takes this step "by design," for material reasons, when it goes to a deal to secure its future. This she can do only consciously, because such an alliance forces her to "anchor" for a long time, or even for the rest of her life, to put up with the orders and ordinances of the Virgo.

And now she simply has no other way out — either to obey and be secured, or all to break up and leave, remaining with nothing, although being free at the same time. But more often Gemini still have such prudence, avoid all possible "sharp angles" and become "goodies" for the sake of peace and quiet in their own home, to which the Virgo respond with patience and intelligence.

According to the compatibility of the Gemini-Virgo horoscopes, it is necessary to take into account that even at the first time after the acquaintance, the Virgo appreciates the versatility of Gemini when it is aimed at Virgo: when the Gemini tell something interesting, they tell Virgo the answers to exciting questions, entertain and amuse Virgo. But it’s worth the Gemini to go for a "new portion" of news, as the Virgo will begin to express discontent.

In order for the male Deva to cease to be jealous and begin to trust you, give him as much attention and more often agree with him. Then he will cease to worry that the character of Gemini will destroy his cozy world. Also show him how he can benefit from your character traits. In other words, turn your minuses (from his point of view) into positive aspects.

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