How to Get a Cancer Woman Back

Oh, those sensitive Cancers! You’d be wise to sugar-coat everything you say to this person, as the Cancerian is easily hurt and prone to sulking. Appeal to their nurturing side, and offer them emotional security and a serene home life-right up to the picket fence and two cats in the yard. Remember, there are three "keys" to pleasing a Cancer... TLC, TLC, and more TLC!

Hopefully you have never done the Cancerian wrong for they have good memories and can retreat into their shells at the drop of a hat. Fortunately for you, if you give the Cancerian time they will eventually come out again. That’s the key to salvaging a lost relationship with your Cancer ex. Cancerians need plenty of time alone to brood...eventually the Cancer will re-emerge ready to start again.

The Cancer will take sympathy to your hurting, and admitting to them their role in the pain they have caused you couldn’t hurt either. But most of all give the Cancerian time, time, and more time. Cancerians tend to be selfish and self-pitying, so be prepared to be humble and giving!

A hearty picnic in the park is the perfect place to beg for a reconciliation with your Cancer ex. Leave no tactics out. Show your undying support and love, and your strong desire to settle down, plant roots, and raise a family. Yes, dirty tactics if these are NOT your intentions, but very effective if you truly mean them. Cancerians tend to live in a dream world...and-hey-there’s nothing wrong with joining them there.

Above all else, time and patience is the key as Cancerians (when hurt) tend to be distant, crabby, moody, unreachable, and unapproachable! Cancerians like to get their own way, as you well know by now!

How to Get Cancer Woman Back

Cancerian’s woman are emotional, wear-their-heart-on-their-sleeves types, and very sensitive. They sometimes like to dwell on the melancholy side of things, and will find a perverse kind of pleasure from the misery of a break up. They will enjoy all the attention, sympathy and kind words from friends and loved ones if their heart has been broken. So if you want to know how to get Cancer women back then these top tips should help.


Be sincere and honest with your Cancer lover. Cancer woman live their lives via their emotions and feelings rather than their rational thoughts and logical minds. If you are sincere in your desire to get them back, they will feel this. They can sense insincerity a mile off, so you need to be very certain in your own mind that you do want them back if you have any hope of convincing them.

Heartfelt Words

Cancerians like to talk about their feelings to others but mostly they love to listen. Because of their intuitive nature they make excellent counsellors and therapists. If you can open up to them with heartfelt words, they will not only be prepared to listen but also be willing to give you another chance. Of all the star signs Cancerians are renowned for their care and compassion. Appeal to this part of their nature and you will be well on your way to winning them back.


Cancer woman are supremely sensitive. If you are to win back love from a Cancer lover you will need to apply the same level of sensitivity as they possess. They will not like dramatic displays of playing "your song" from a ghetto blaster outside their bedroom window. Instead, try a gentler more sensitive approach. A hand written note, or better still a heartfelt poem, can melt their heart.

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