How to Get a Leo Woman Back

Leos are most effective when in command of others! This means they will have the upper-hand-and keep the upper-hand - in decisions regarding your life together. Rarely, if ever, will the Leo consider doing it your way.

Beware the Leo dumper, as most likely their intense sense of purpose makes changing their minds an impossible feat! When a Leo has decided there is something that must be accomplished, nothing will stand in their way. When approaching a Leo, you may find that your Leo ex may be extremely opinionated, displaying obstinacy, opposition, and stubbornness. Convincing the Leo that their way may not always be the right way, is a challenge for sure. The Leo doesnโ€™t just think their way is the right way-they know it! Leos are never wrong-just ask a Leo. If the Leo has set their mind to end a relationship, not too much will impede their success.

Appealing to their deep "sense of honor" side may be your only really chance at getting thru to a Leo. Leos are very proud, dignified, and honorable people. However, they also have a very soft-spot for sad people...Leos want everyone to be happy. Ask a Leo to create a plan to salvage the relationship. Most Leos are creative leaders who will jump at this chance to choreograph a reconciliation. Leos appreciate well-dressed, attractive people. Their tendency to be egotistical may make you feel like you gave more than you recieved. Forget to worship this Lion and they will be seeking another soon! Leos demand full attention and appreciation by their mates.

How to Get Leo Woman Back

Leo women are passionate, dramatic and sometimes overly flamboyant. They have a penchant for the theatrical and could well enjoy the drama of a break-up as much as the chase of a make-up. So if you want to know how to get Leo women back then you need to stick with these top tips.


Be honest with your Leo lover - they hate insincerity and deception. Be honest with yourself too. Leos are very high maintenance, so ask yourself can you hack that level of adoration and devotion to them? They need lots of attention, affection and love. They need to be told in words and shown in actions just how much you love them.


Flatter, flatter and flatter some more. There is no such thing as flattering too much to win back love from a Leo lover. Let your ex Leo lover know that you believe them to be brilliant, gorgeous and enthralling. Let them know that they are the best thing that ever happened to you and they are the centre of your world. This flattery has to be based on your actual and genuine belief though, as your Leo lover can see straight through insincerity.


Leo woman love elegant, luxurious glittery and gold gifts. If you really want to know how to get back together with a Leo Lover then a gift of gold may be the answer. If money is an issue, then a small gift of luxury chocolates wrapped in gold gift paper will suffice. Just show them that they are worth the effort in the time and energy you put into selecting the perfect gift for them.

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