How to Get a Sagittarius Woman Back

Donโ€™t be tempted to stretch the truth to this one, for Sags value honesty above all else! Chances are, if your Sagittarius mate has left you it is because they were feeling "fenced" in. Sags love their independence and personal freedom, and they love to explore every avenue of life. They have made many friends along the way, yet there are millions more waiting to be met. Your Sag mate needs to feel free and easy!

Your Sag ex was more than likely impatient, selfish, and difficult...possibly bordering on procrastination and commitment-phobia. The Sag can be quite self-indulgent, spoiled by their charm and social adeptness. They can charm the spots off a leopard.

Their playful, flirtatious ways made you feel special and attractive. Yet, combined with their extreme need for independence, it may have also made you feel insecure and mistrustful. Voicing your concerns may have fallen on deaf ears, however, for your Sag mate will stand behind his/her convictions, defending them to the death!

How to Get Sagittarius Woman Back

Sagittarians woman are spirited, happy go lucky and optimistic. On the negative side they can be too frank and forthright. Their bluntness could well be the cause of misunderstandings that spiral into a break up. Try to follow these top tips on how to get Sagittarius woman back.


Be honest with your Sagittarius lover. Honesty is a key positive trait for Sagittarians. They, themselves are very honest - too honest and frank for some peoples liking. So be direct and forthright in telling them that you want a second chance and want them back in your life.

Fresh Starts

Strong words, bad tempers, and moodiness are easily forgotten by Sagittarians. They never dwell on yesterday and prefer instead to look positively and optimistically to tomorrow. Because of this they are always willing to give second chances and fresh starts. Take advantage of this by wooing them anew. You attracted them once before and you can again. Be inventive and imaginative in your approach to winning back a Sagittarius lover.

Be Adventurous

Sagittarius woman love adventure and adventurous people. It is no point pining away in your lonely room, just wishing and hoping that your Sagittarius lover will return to you. You need to take action. You need to be bold and adventurous. Short of stalking them, you need to grab their attention and make them realise you want them back.

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