How to Get a Scorpio Woman Back

You’re not going to pull the wool over this one’s eyes! Scorpions are penetrating, perceptive, and aware - they do not miss much. Highly attuned to the vibrations of others, and very intuitive, probing, and focused on knowledge, it is hard to get one past the all-knowing Scorpion!

You may never know how this person feels, as Scorpions tend to hide their emotions well. Add to that their unfortunate habit of taking an insignificant matter and working it into a big stink! Argh! Scorpions are highly suspicious, complex, and secretive...expect to never get an answer to your questions. Expect to see vindictiveness if you pursue the unrelenting Scorpio. It’s best to give the Scorpion plenty of room, or expect a payback!

The Scorpion is dead serious in their mission, and if their mission is to leave you, then that’s that! Like the Energizer battery, the Scorpion on a mission just keeps going and going and going....they are calm, watchful, determined, and relentless in their pursuit of a personal goal.

Overly blunt and direct, when the Scorpion does talk their remarks may cut you to the bone. The problem with having the Scorpion as an ex is that Scorpions see no middle. There is a beginning and an end. That is that. Period. It is over.

As they can be quite insecure, emotional manipulation and power control may have been used by your Scorpion ex. Your Scorpion ex may have also felt the need to seek condolence in another arms (if their feelings were hurt) and don’t be surprised to find out that they felt just in this reasoning. However, Scorpios demand fidelity in their mates. Deceptively cool towards you on the outside, your Scorpio mate may have found it difficult to trust you on the inside. Try to keep your own personal identity, as Scorpios mistrust even more those that make too many sacrifices for them. Scorpios are spellbound by people of intrigue and mystery.

How to Get Scorpio Woman Back

Scorpios woman are secretive, scintillating and sexy. Unfortunately like the Scorpion they always carry a sting in their tail and if crossed will hit out and try to wound. They can be very possessive, controlling and jealous and are often hard to live with. If you have broken up with a Scorpio lover and want to know how to get back together then you need to follow these top tips.


Scorpions tend to hide secrets but expect their lover to be open, frank and very honest. If you want to get back with a Scorpio lover then you need to have a heart to heart and communicate all your feelings about the relationship with them. They have a tendency to be jealous so ensure they have no reason to be jealous and prove this to them.


Scorpio woman have an intense and deep nature and can take life very seriously. Their love lives and relationships also need to be serious, intense and deep. Show your ex Scorpio lover that you are serious and want a deep and meaningful relationship with them. Offer them commitment in the form of lifelong love and marriage and they will want to come back to you.


Scorpions love excitement and can be tempted easily to try new things and sample experiences if they are exciting. Show your ex Scorpio lover that you can tempt and excite them by offering them a life with you filled with excitement.

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