How to Get a Taurus Woman Back

Taureans have a great strength of character and purpose. Chances are if a Taurean has broken up with you, you really messed up somewhere! - As Taureans are devoted, loyal, reliable, patient, and faithful - making for generous and stable partners. Taureans do have an appreciation for home, family, and the arts. It may appear that Taureans appreciate material belongings above all else! To win a Taurean back you might want to fix an elegant dinner, served with a fine bottle of wine.

If you find yourself trying to convince the Taurean to give the relationship another try you might benefit more by approaching them with a more pragmatic attempt. Logically list the benefits such a reunion may result in. i.e., the promise of a good life, beautiful home, the arts, the comfort of having the finer things, stable relationship, and a loving family are sure to incite the Taurean. If a Taurean’s sense of security is threatened they will have no qualms about seeking a more stable relationship. Loyalty and fidelity in their mates are very important to the Taurean. However, a Taurean is not above appreciating physical beauty!

But don’t be discouraged! The Taurean may plod along laboriously, stubbornly set in their decision. Keep the conversation harmonious and level-headed.

How to Get Taurus Woman Back

Taurus women are seductive, sensuous and loving. If you have your eye on a particular Taurus woman or want to attract Taurus girls in general then you’ll need to practice the art of seduction. Your sexual attraction can be enhanced using these top tips.

  1. Taurus women are ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Because of this they are invariably beautiful and extremely seductive. They do tend to attract the attention of many suitors so you will need to stand out above the crowd. They also love beautiful things and are often great collectors- tea pots, pottery elephants, crystal ornaments etc. Find out what your Taurus woman collects and get her a gift to add to her collection.
  2. Taurus women are very patient and will expect you to be the same. You simply cannot rush into a romantic relationship with a Taurus woman. You will need to become very good friends before contemplating a romantic relationship with her.
  3. Traditional values mean a lot to the Taurus woman. She will want to be courted, in the old fashioned way and will want to be treated as a lady. One night stands, casual sex, and sex without love are unthinkable for the Taurus woman.
  4. Taurus women love the finer things in life and particularly good food and fine dining. To impress your Taurus girl take her out to dinner at the classiest restaurant in town. Courting a Taurus woman is not a cheap option but is well worth the rewards you’ll get of attention and affection from this gorgeous seductress.
  5. The best flower to buy a Taurean woman to impress, seduce and romanticise her are highly scented flowers such as roses, lilies and freesias. All these flowers, perhaps together in a bouquet, not only look good but smell good too. This is very important to a Taurus woman. She will be flattered and be receptive to your advances if you present her with such a bouquet.
  6. Taurus women are very sensuous and all their senses are heightened. They love to touch and be touched. They are very sensitive to aromas and are attracted to fragrances that contain strong, sensuous scents such as Jasmine, Neroli and Ylang Ylang. Find cologne that contains any, or all three of these scents, dab it all over and you’ll soon gain her interest.

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