How to Get a Virgo Woman Back

It’s very hard to win back the heart of a Virgo. Face it - you’ve just got too many things wrong with you (at least to the Virgo!). An appeal to their guilt side is probably your best move. Virgos hate to feel guilty, it means they did something in error. To error to a Virgo represents an area in their life that hasn’t been explored and over-explored to the point of precise shrewdness! To regain a Virgo back in your life show them how absolutely helpless you are without their expertise, intelligence, and keen wit. The Virgo is just so practical and useful to have around. You should be devastated!

Can’t be devastated? Then be a dirty-dog and make them jealous. Date again and watch your ex-Virgo squirm in pain. They can’t stand being less than the "perfect-one" in your eyes. Oh, the pain, the pain those poor Virgos can cause upon themselves. They are extremely over-analytical, and hate thinking that there was something they "missed". How could they possibly have overlooked any detail?

Although somewhat overly compassionate and empathetic, Virgos have a way of dismissing their own emotions. They may appear cold, distant, heartless, shrewd, callous, and apathetic to you and your grief. Virgos can, indeed, feel other’s pain, unless they are the cause of it! All in all, even the ex of a Virgo should take much self-pride. Afterall, if the pickiest person on Earth picked you as a mate you must be as near to perfect as humanly possible.

How to Get Virgo Woman Back

Virgos woman are ordered, precise and committed. They can be very critical of others, but do not take criticism well themselves. Because of this petty quarrels can escalate into a full blown break up. To know exactly how to get Virgo women back is difficult but you can help yourself by sticking with these top tips.

Be Calm

You will need to keep cool, calm and collected to get a Virgo lover to come back to you. No dramatic or flamboyant displays, no tears or tantrums and certainly no sly or underhand tactics. Communicate calmly, ideally face to face, or if not in a letter that you want them back and are prepared to work diligently, determinedly and devotedly to make the relationship work.

Be Committed

Virgo woman are committed to any task, project or relationship totally. They hate failure and will work over and over again to fix any problems. This is good news for you if you want to win back love from a Virgo lover. You will need to offer the same level of commitment to them in order to win them back.

Be a Perfectionist

Virgos are renounced for their perfectionism, orderliness and preciseness and they admire these traits in others. You will do well to adopt this attitude in your campaign to win them back. To do so, you will need to mount a campaign of military precision, paying attention to detail. You will need to be fervent, determined and precise to win them back. If you really want your Virgo ex back you will need to make it your full time job. You cannot be half hearted when it comes to winning back the heart of a Virgo lover.

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