Zodiac Women Jealousy

Jealousy is inherent in all women without exception, although each of them in its own way is experiencing this destructive feeling. Emotions and feelings do not succumb to reason, but are influenced by the planets. A horoscope of jealousy will help to understand how impulsive and suspicious the women of each of the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac can be.

The most jealous women in the Zodiac

Jealousy is a strong feeling capable of causing fury, anger and a thirst for revenge. Such fragile and tender women can turn into evil furies in one second. It is impossible to predict how quiet and obedient Pisces will react to treason. But the reaction of temperamental Leos is quite understandable: merciless rage. We suggest to learn, how strongly are exposed to this feeling of the woman of all signs, since the most jealous.

Scorpio womana large proprietor, is ready to fight to the last for her feelings. This temperamental woman does not recognize dark tones, her whole life is painted with bright colors. Selfish, proud, can not put up with someone else’s success. If her choice dared to admire the beauty of another woman — the punishment is inevitable. She is jealous with great passion, completely given to this destructive feeling. In anger, she does not control himself at all: she is ready to destroy the traitor and his passion. Although often jealous for no apparent reason. Rather, she herself comes up with an excuse to give the beloved a grand scandal.

Leo womanthe real queen, the conqueror of men’s hearts. Before her beauty it is difficult to resist, besides she is smart, determined and energetic. Therefore, she does not know the defeats on the love front. She adores luxurious gifts and exquisite compliments, in return gives only her good location. She does not tolerate objections, immediately declares her leadership ambitions. This temperamental woman does not consider it necessary to hide her jealousy. Moreover, this is an extra reason to show off: in anger, it is dazzlingly good. Able to arrange an enchanting scandal with a pot beat, although it can hide and revenge in the most sophisticated way.

Aries womanis a woman of willful, in all follows the dictates of the heart. For her, love is a vital necessity, therefore jealously guards her feelings. Often, her behavior resembles a capricious child: the whole world should lie at her feet, and even more so the beloved one. Too impetuous to restrain their emotions. In addition, it has a rich imagination, painting colorful pictures of adultery. Therefore, she is jealous with passion, with full dedication of physical and mental strength. She believes in her rightfulness, even if there are no objective reasons for it. Although no less sincere at the time of repentance. She does not know how to pout for a long time, she quickly calms down.

Gemini womanis a frivolous creature, her mood is also changeable like a breeze. This is a unique personality with many faces, can not live without new impressions. For her, love is an exciting game, does not lack fans. Therefore, she does not cling to relationships unless she has a strong feeling. The fear of losing a lover makes her settle down. The torment of jealousy is going through quite painfully, wild hysterics roll up. Although she can behave unpredictably: she will try to seduce her beloved man. If the intensity of emotions is so strong, why not direct them in the right direction?

Cancer womana gentle nature, full of contradictions. There are so many secrets in it that it’s not enough to solve them. She loves devotion and selflessly, gives himself up without a trace. Too dependent on her partner, she needs constant attention. Jealousy can cause any careless action of a man. She only has to hear how the beloved showered compliments on another woman — tragedy can not be avoided. Immediately followed by a stormy reaction: reproaches, accusations, tears. After all, she is so serious about marriage that even innocent flirting is a betrayal, and physical betrayal of a partner is a huge stress.

Capricorn womanis a mystery for men. A reserved, outwardly cold woman gives the impression of a self-confident person. It seems that she is unacquainted with the torment of jealousy, because she does not doubt her own irresistibility and attractiveness. She is well-educated, not inclined to hysterics and whims. Observant and attentive: for minor details, half-hints can determine the partner’s intentions. Even strong jealousy will not force her to sink to a scandal. She will try to hush up the embarrassing situation, the only thing she can not deny herself: stinging comments, offensive jokes about the man.

Taurus womanis a calm, patient person who can not deprive her of peace of mind. This is a sensible and judicious person: she believes only confirmed facts, not fantasies and fantasies. Do not be jealous for no good reason. It is quite capable of sharing the innocent delight of her chosen one about the beautiful female figure. However, never forgive treason. She desperately clings to everything she considers her property, including her beloved. Everything that concerns her feelings is guarded with special zeal. In a fit of jealousy behaves aggressively, so it is very difficult to calm her down.

Virgo womancalmness and discretion, is not subject to attacks of jealousy. Holds with great dignity, staunchly meets the blows of fate. It is impossible to see her confused, not knowing how to proceed. If she learns of treason, she will not panic, but will try to think through the strategy of her behavior. Most likely, she will start to control the partner’s life without being noticed. For all its equanimity is capable of deep feelings. She will fight for her perfect marriage to the last, because in another way she does not exist: in everything she strives for perfection. Do not cry, but can verbally humiliate a partner.

Pisces womanis a gentle, almost aerial creature. This fragile, vulnerable woman needs a strong defender. She sees in a man a reliable support, adores her chosen one. Since childhood, she dreams of a strong marriage, from her half requires absolute fidelity. It is suspicious and suspicious, in every careless action of a partner, it is looking for a dirty trick. Treason, family quarrels cause her almost physical pain. Impressive, emotionally capable of being aggressive. At least, bitter sobs and reproaches to a man can not be avoided. Although quickly enough calms down and continues to believe her lover.

Sagittarius woman a bright, independent nature, a great optimist and a lover of adventure. This freedom-loving woman is not ready to recognize the superiority of men. In her understanding, a happy marriage is a union of equal people. Strives for independence, does not need the tutelage of a man. She is full of optimism, vital energy, does not pass before difficulties. To evoke her jealousy is quite difficult, almost impossible. Although Sagittarius belongs to the elements of Fire, in terms of love relationships, the woman of this sign behaves reasonably. If she wants to be jealous, she will resort to radical methods: divorce and no scandals.

Aquarius woman - is an original person, prone to eccentric acts. She does not want to follow the general rules, she prefers to live in a world of her own illusions. Too free-loving and unpredictable, so linking it to yourself is a difficult task. Has a strong intuition, perfectly reads the mood of the chosen one and fully trusts him. It is not conducted on provocation, does not believe gossips, if it feels that the partner is loyal to it. Do not think that such behavior indicates her indifference. Quite capable of jealousy, and openly expresses her claims and the first offers to part.

Libra womanis a born diplomat, she can resolve any conflict. She strives for external and internal harmony, is completely focused on her own feelings. Carefully avoids ambiguous situations, does not like to find out the relationship. Respects the right of people to a personal life, does not interfere in the affairs of a loved one. One gets the impression that she does not know the feeling of jealousy. Although in her soul there is a volcano of passions, she just knows how to control herself. It’s easier to extinguish jealousy in oneself than to start a loud scandal, let alone a divorce process.

Zodiac Women Jealousy