Aquarius Woman Jealous

Aquarius woman is a bright personality, she loves to show extravagance in everything. The representative of sign loves noisy companies, it is vital to communication. In a circle of friends and many acquaintances she exhibits the best qualities: spontaneity, playfulness, sociability. A rare man can resist such an open and charming woman.

Aquarius appreciates personal freedom, even strong feelings will not force her to settle down. The representative of sign to be a faithful wife, at least, she wants it. The woman has no doubts partner loyalty. She will not be jealous of the chosen one, her head is occupied by other thoughts, but will not forgive betrayal. Aquarius slope to dramatic mood swings, it can demonstrate not the most pleasant qualities: anger, rage, revenge.

How to Make an Aquarius Woman Jealous?

Call the jealousy of Aquarius - is almost an impossible task. The woman has a light, cheerful disposition, she is sure of herself and chosen one. Why would she be jealous? However, in the world there is nothing impossible. It is an open relationship with another woman, will not go unnoticed for a representative sign. She will not be able to pretend that everything is all right. Aquarius will not tolerate humiliation. Women show temperament such power to throw the traitor of his life. Lucky, if the partner will get off only scandals, accusations, of course, also stormy sobs.

Aquarius has a high intelligence, to communicate with a woman - a real pleasure. She knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere, it is understandable why it is surrounded by many interesting people. If the choice would prefer the company of other women, and even begin to extol her intellect, it is a terrible blow to self-esteem representatives of the air signs. The attack of jealousy, though short on time, guaranteed.

Aquarius feels unmatched fashionista, she is able to change along with the speed of light, and considers his impeccable taste. Sometimes it can be shocking in their appearance, but it is not worth even a hint about it. Once partner say about changing the style, lead the example of another woman, praise her figure, as the Aquarius falls into rage. Jealousy is likely to manifest resentment and silence for a few days. However, it will not change anything in your wardrobe. But the figure will have to work on it - perfect, man needs to look at her with admiration.

How to Deal with an Aquarius Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the jealousy of Aquarius is not difficult. There are no terrible mysteries and secrets. Attention, attention, and once again attention to its incomparable person. In this case no pressure on freedom-loving representative of the sign. The most important thing - the complete absence of criticism. If you really want to give her instructions, then in a very gentle manner, without illustrative examples of other women.

Aquarius can not sit still, she craves for new impressions. Gray Weekday not for her emotional life. Tosca is able to wake it unnecessary thoughts, boredom may begin to be jealous of a partner, to find fault with him for the little things. The Chosen One has to reverse the situation and to organize a memorable stay. You can go to a country hotel on the weekends, this is quite an affordable option.

Aquarianโ€™s heart can resist the gifts that meet their interests. What kind of jealousy can be a question if the favorite has presented a rare book? It will certainly discuss it with the elect. Aquarius is necessary to throw out the emotions, to know the opinion of the partner. It brings great joy the gift of a designer dress or jewelry. A spokeswoman for Air sign loves all unusual, it will be absolutely happy.

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