Cancer Woman Jealous

Cancer woman can be a real treasure, you need only to unravel the secrets of her soul. Shy, insecure nature is able to open up in the loving arms like a delicate rose flower. A woman for the water sign is prone to sudden mood swings. Often she can not sort out her emotions. So do not be surprised unexpected fits of jealousy, a mood at the moment of life and nothing personal.

Cancer is trying as far as possible to hide from prying eyes their inner experiences. If it is so rapidly shows the feelings that can not hide jealousy, then, she in love very much. And emotions can be different: a resentful silence, groundless accusations, tears, insidious revenge. Perhaps, for jealousy there is no good reason, the representative of the water sign has good imagination, she will come up with myself.

How to Make a Cancer Woman Jealous?

Make Cancer woman jealousy is very simple. She has a strong intuition, always accurately determines the attitude of people. Even if her boyfriend does not mean anything serious, just spending time with a friend, this is a significant reason to guard. After all, the representative of the water element feels the negative sentiment coming from any girl who had the imprudence when a tactless comment or a joke, Cancer does not forgive. Jealousy have not come to pass. This is the highest insult to the sensitive nature, her choice should not be near the opponent.

Cancer is a very dedicated person, always very honest. In response, the representative of the sign of waiting for such an attitude. This is a natural need for a woman. Jealousy can cause not only action, but also the secrecy of the beloved. Cancer does not like silent partner, especially if he abruptly withdrew into himself. She should know, what is thinking about her beloved. If he does not share his thoughts with her, therefore, it is pronounced elsewhere. Jealousy will manifest itself in the form of scandal or stay deep in the soul. Suspiciousness woman begins to dig into herself, the case could reach the depression.

The best way to get the Cancer out of himself, to get jealous - compliment to the opponent. The representative of the sign is different self-confidence. She always and in all doubt in the first place in herself. Favorite person should never praise another woman. Otherwise hypochondriac representative the sign will start to look at yourself disadvantages. This is wildly jealous of the lucky, who admires her partner.

How to Deal with a Cancer Woman Jealous?

Get rid of Cancer jealousy is possible and even necessary. The painful feeling brings suffering, destroys the delicate balance vulnerable soul. Woman needs continual affirmation of love, should elect to shower her with compliments. Do not pay attention to the apparent indifference to Cancer sweet words, she is waiting for them. Mental attitude of the partner is able to heal the deepest wounds.

Cancers love history, they like all old. Past attracts and draws the representative sign of its mystery, there seems to hide something important. If a woman is sad, suspects partner and scandals it is necessary to buy a gift in an antique shop. You can visit a museum or art gallery, a good mood is guaranteed.

A Cancer female can be excellent housewife, of course, one thing - she loves her home. The representative of the sign is feeling peace and security at home. It is necessary to engage with resettlement apartments, start a repair or stroll through the shops in search of cute things for the interior. Cancer heart thaws, it will forget about all the negative emotions in a relationship there will be peace and quiet.

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