Capricorn Woman Jealous

Capricorn woman makes a very favorable impression. It has beautiful manners, always nice and friendly. Restrained person can mislead his coldness, but deep down, is going through a storm of passion. Capricorn waiting for the only man who can fall in love with it, and most importantly - to understand.

The dominant element specifies the character traits of earthly sign: practicality, diligence, serenity, stubbornness. Capricorn does not expect a material participation in their own affairs, she is able to make a living. A woman needs a moral support, it is important to know that a number of reliable man. This is enough, it will not be rushing in the throes of jealousy. But betrayal is able to hurt her so much that she can sink into a depression.

How to Make a Capricorn Woman Jealous?

Call jealousy Capricorn is practically impossible. Purposeful woman is busy with important affairs, she has no time for imagination and suspicion. It is motivated by a desire to build a successful career, from the partner she is waiting for help. If the choice prefer to deal exclusively with their projects, Capricorn can manifest discontent. Especially if your favorite business publicly emphasizes the quality of its employees and makes fun of her efforts. This is the highest insult to the ambitious woman, jealousy will not take long. Most likely, it will be manifested in the cold alienation and offensive remarks.

A great way to offend Capricorn - to doubt her beauty. Striking a woman is always in the center of male attention. Neglect of the beloved to her appearance surprised and angered Capricorn. She begins to be jealous of other women, who, according to her boyfriend, look much more attractive. With his characteristic stubbornness representative will sign to prove their superiority. Sometimes jealousy can go for the good of the relationship.

Confident woman experiences fear of the future. She tries not to show it, but deep down, tormented by doubts. Capricorn is afraid of many things: old age, death, disease, lack of money. If you elect openly flirts with other women, openly demonstrates his interest in them, Capricorn necessarily misbehaved. Frustration and fear of relationships able to bring it out of balance. In this case, a spokeswoman quiet sign can make a huge scandal.

How to Deal with a Capricorn Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the jealousy of Capricorn is very simple. The representative must sign to hear the words of love and admiration. She believes in the man she loved, but she needed the attention. After all, despite the seeming independence, it is subject to the fears and experiences, as well as any woman. Capricorn will not stand in front of compliments and attention. She appreciates beautiful things, strives for perfection. It is necessary to pamper its luxury gifts.

Capricorn with trepidation applies to loved ones, she cherishes kinship. The best way to distract her from jealousy - to arrange a family holiday. In close circle of relatives representative sign afford to relax. She was pleased to remember a lot of funny stories from his childhood, will review the album with old photos. Capricorn fully show the softness and femininity.

The representative of the sign is a sensitive nature, just do not consider it necessary to show it. It is so much work that deserves the best vacation. Lover could distract her from the sad thoughts, if you organize a romantic trip. Woman without hesitation leave everything and happy to go with her beloved to the resort. The tranquil atmosphere will allow it to relax completely, a man waiting for the beautiful, passionate night.

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