Gemini Woman Jealous

The Gemini woman has several persons in one, it is impossible to guess which one is present. Flirtatious, sociable representative of the air sign is able to find the approach to any man. It fascinates with its immediacy, while cleverly hiding true feelings. Mysterious smile should not be misleading, at this point in her heart raging hurricane.

The representative of the air sign are extremely independent. Strong commitment cause to the melancholy of her soul. She goes through life easily, as if hovering in the sky. To elect her very different requirements, it should belong to her all without a trace. Otherwise, the scenes of jealousy can not be avoided. From the softness will be over, the woman will show the temperament to the fullest.

How to Make a Gemini Woman Jealous?

Make a jealous representatives of the air sign can not rude actions, but fine game. You should slightly move away from the capricious woman, you should not be the thrill and excitement in her presence. An interesting man, which is popular, certainly cause her curiosity and jealousy. After all, the best should belong to her, and what to do with a fan it will decide later.

A man capable to throw in darling feet all the treasures of the world, certainly arouse the interest of the Gemini girl. She flatters reverent attitude to her person, besides it is not indifferent to gifts, preferably expensive. However dasher not differ constancy. Too predictable fan can quickly get bored. You should keep a constant voltage representative of the air sign, is from time to time to disappear from her life, you can not explain. Curiosity wakes in her passion, and then jealousy.

Gemini woman unpredictable in all its forms, including jealousy. She did not attach importance to the seriousness of the relationship. Easy welcomes communication without continuing. However, attacks on her partner can end in tears. The representative of the sign is not going to give her own, no matter how windy is not looked. Once lover will start to pay attention to another woman, she immediately let in the course of her charms. This will alternate between affection and tenderness with painful bouts of jealousy.

How to Deal with a Gemini Woman Jealous?

Get rid of jealousy Gemini woman is quite simple, if a man is serious in relation to her. The representative of the sign is subject to frequent changes of mood, do not excite it unnecessary tests. The manifestation of jealousy flatter the male ego, but negative emotions are too damaging to the psyche of mobile Gemini. Despite the joy of life, the woman is extremely insecure. It is better to convince her by his actions in the reliability, envelop care and tenderness.

Gemini Women are prone to frequent change of places, like the air she needed new experience. If this sign representative is in a bad mood, she finds fault with trifles and jealous for no reason, itโ€™s time to go on an exciting journey. Rest quickly lead her to senses, alone with a beloved she forgets about her suspicions.

In a fit of jealousy, a woman can tell a lot of superfluous or commit rash acts. For example, surrender to the arms of a longtime acquaintance. She is not able control with her emotions, it is necessary to relax and escape. Loving a man should treat her condescendingly tricks, knowing that this is temporary. You should light the candles, pour a glass of wine and listen to silence all the claims of women Gemini. She quickly calmed down, happy to hear compliments in her address. Over time, nothing will remind you of an attack of jealousy, the woman becomes nice and welcoming.

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