Leo Woman Jealous

Leo woman carries herself in life with dignity. The majestic person will always find a way to stand out. Attractive appearance combined with high intelligence, a truly explosive mixture. Few men would find the strength to resist the alluring charms of representatives of fire sign.

The element of fire has awarded a proud lioness temper. She will not tolerate humiliation and deception, and the can itself conduct foul play. Has selfishness and conceit, she is allowed to all, others - nothing. Her beloved is obliged to worship her, to bestow gifts and compliments. Her royal majesty involves only such format of a relationship. If the partner dares to get carried away by another woman, the jealousy angry representatives of the sign will complicate his life.

How to Make a Leo Woman Jealous?

Leo female will not restrain their anger, especially since it is not under force. She has a sharp mind, excellent manners, but she loses the ability to think in a fit of jealousy. Self-confident person does not recognize the rivalry. If it is decided to elect to tickle nerves began to show interest in the fairer sex, he will get a good lesson for life. The zeal of the representatives of the fire element will be terrible. Perhaps she did not want a public scandal, but will subtly and sophisticated revenge partner. He will do everything possible to deserve forgiveness.

Woman of fire sign accustomed to the attention of the opposite sex. It is absolutely confident in its irresistibility. Man, showing complete indifference, doubt, awaken passion hunter. Especially people with status, Leo draws attention to the very worthy representatives of the stronger sex. Ideal - man, fascinated by his work, it must simply switch his attention to herself. Leo jealous absolutely everything: close people, women, colleagues and business partners. It will show their talents, will do everything possible so that it noticed and appreciated.

The zeal of the representatives of this zodiac sign can cause criticism elect. Especially if caustic remarks against her alternate with compliments about the unknown woman. First Lioness demonstrate complete indifference, not royal case condescend to rival. However, over time, her curiosity reaches its climax. She wants to get acquainted with this remarkable person, to make sure of his superiority. The more representative plate to keep in the dark, the more it will show their jealousy.

How to Deal with a Leo Woman Jealous?

Get rid of jealousy Leo women is quite simple, if you do not bring the situation to a critical point. Men may like the behavior of a proud lady, but do not get involved in the process. Temperamental woman quickly tired of negative emotions, besides it has no shortage of admirers. Most likely, the relationship will end.

Leo woman must bathe in love. It is vital to hear compliments, receiving gifts. A representative of this sign loves beautiful things, she is able to spend huge sums on their whim. It is absolutely necessary to travel, Lioness falls into melancholy of gray everyday life. Grouch can dispel walk through the best shopping or a trip to the sea. The feeling of jealousy quickly "melt" under the hot sun.

The representative of the sign has the ability to cause interest to the person in any circumstances. She gets pleasure from the attention and admiration. This is strictly followed to elect belonged only to her. Therefore, it is necessary to pour endless compliments in her address constantly be around. At the first sign of jealousy is to shift attention Lionesses, for example, attend a concert or book a table at an expensive restaurant.

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