Leo Woman Aquarius Man

The good-natured and open-hearted man is Aquarius and the Leo woman, able to illuminate their kindness, the mercy of all around. Their compassion, their genuine desire to help humanity, becomes the real meaning of their life. The couple represents power, strength, invincibility and fearlessness.

In a couple of points of contact, the same views on life, but without contradictions, they will not do. For each sign, the idol and the ideal look different, against the background of which spores are born, a search for truth and proof of one’s own rightness. They can act in a temper, finding an unacceptable contradiction in their partner, rush away. But there are also more persistent natures, which love puts above any chatter.

Both are characterized by freedom of thought, infinity in action, they will never be accountable to anyone, will be justified, especially they will apologize. Their union is built on bursts of emotion, on getting a portion of adrenaline at moments of intrigue and dangerous debates. They love to show their relationships in public, attracting strangers into disputes. They like to surprise people around with original antics and adventures. The Leo woman, first of all, is a kind, open, bold person. But he loves himself, he will always find compromises, mutual advantage, but he will not hurt himself. She is impressed by the exponent, she likes to expose herself for show, her desires, dreams, plans are known to everyone.

Such women often occupy leadership positions, or they quickly rise up the career ladder. She is an activist, but a slope to compassion and pity. It can be found among the organizers of fundraising for unfortunate people, it will be able to lead people, raise them to various noble deeds and actions. The Aquarius man is energetic, less expressive than the Leo woman. In a pair, he will always be in the shadows, for Lioness will not yield to his throne. It has honesty, justice, the ability to rejoice not only in its successes, but also in others.

A couple likes to travel together, discover new talents, try themselves in different professional spheres. Both are characterized by impermanence, a penchant for noisy clarification of relationships. The Leo woman is an absolute leader in relations, her word is not subject to discussion, easily perceives responsibility, is determined and sharp. The pair unites that everyone allows to be a free partner, without encroaching and not controlling it, without pestering with reports on the place and time of stay. This is the basis of trust and confidence and will rally the pair for years to come.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

The freedom-loving Aquarius man does not hasten to overcome the threshold of the registry office, and the Leo woman also does not hurry. Therefore, if this pair has reached the official registration of relations, then there is practically no divorce. According to the compatibility of the Leo female and the Aquarius male, in this union the two opposites find each other forming a single whole, but this is obtained only if the Leo woman feels the same personality in the Aquarius man.

The eccentric Aquarius and the energetic Lioness, as a rule, unite a lot, but much and absolutely does not suit each other. Together they can shine on receptions and parties, they both develop a sense of beauty. The Aquarius man genuinely admires the elegance and taste of the Leo woman, she also appreciates the numerous talents of Aquarius, his unpredictability and the ability to constantly surprise her.

However, in everyday life Leo woman is displeased with indifferent attitude of Aquarius to career and money. If his financial affairs are not very smooth, this causes conflicts between them. The ideal option for this pair is if they do not need to think about money at all. Then their bright union will not be overshadowed by anything.

Between Leo-Aquarius partners there are many contradictions, but they almost always manage to overcome. Being under a common roof and a common blanket, small local wars continually arise, albeit without winners and without losers. Strong bodily attraction over time alleviates the difference in views and opinions, in beliefs and worldviews, in temperament and in characters.

In these relations, there are many fantasies and cunnings, wickedness and humor, many original intimate amusements. Aquarius is the unique, original type of the whole zodiac. He does not recognize any titles, nor social ranks, but even less — philistine prescriptions or conservative dogmas with a smell of naphthalene. His ideal is freedom and independence without violence, without coercion. And, although from all this, the Lioness’s hair often becomes a racket, in her heart of hearts she understands that there is some truth here. And if so, if you still can not get another, then you need to press your tail, compromise.

A pair of Leo women and Aquarius men always stands out from the crowd. They are not like other couples and constantly radiate love and well-being. The Aquarius man is full of original ideas, what amazes not only the imagination of his Leo woman, but all those around him. They both like to visit the public, attend cultural events, where the Leo woman appears in all its glory, and the Aquarius man stands out for his eccentricity. Aquarius and Lioness are always interested in each other, and they learn a lot from each other. So, over time, the Leo woman learns to listen to criticism and admit her mistakes, and the Aquarius man learns from Leo how to give the surrounding world warmth and love and takes the words spoken more seriously.

Perhaps the Leo woman and the Aquarius man will never be able to understand each other until the end, but they will always drag on to each other, and be amazed at the discoveries made in the partner’s behavior. Also in compatibility, Leo and Aquarius achieve good results in the material sphere. Bright and unusual ideas of the Aquarius man are embodied by the hard-working and loving all unusual Leo woman. The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Leo-Aquarius is that between them there are colossal differences. Yes, they are both clever, original and excellent organizers, but conflicts in this pair are inevitable anyway.

The Aquarius man does not listen at all to public opinion and does not strive to advance the career ladder. This indifference of the Aquarius man to the status in society greatly angered the Leo woman. Also, he does not show his feelings for Lioness, and that one seems to have fallen out of love with him. In fact, Aquarius simply does not consider it necessary to talk about what is clear.

The Leo woman resents and reproaches the Aquarian man. Respond to her grievances, he is not going to and quietly listens to criticism, which makes the Leo woman even more angry, because she perceives this as an absence of honor and pride. But, the Aquarius man is simply indifferent to the opinion of others, if he is confident in himself and the correctness of his actions. Also, Aquarius hates personal responsibility and the limitations of its illusory freedom, which seems to the Leo woman to be a manifestation of cowardice.

Another problem that arises in this union is the jealousy of Leo woman, who, unlike Aquarius, owns an easy affair as a betrayal. In addition, the Aquarius man is open to everyone, and the Leo woman is only for the loved ones. On this ground, too, there is a lot of misunderstanding. Frequent conflicts with this couple and on the basis of finance. The Leo Woman is not used to denying herself in something and often lives in debt, while Aquarius generally does not like to ask, and even more so, to borrow.

According to compatibility of horoscopes of Leo-Aquarius — first of all, both partners should remember that it will not be possible to change and re-educate each other. If there is love in the pair, then all difficulties are surmountable. And a woman-Leo and a man-Aquarius need to learn how to accept each other as they are, and look for positive character traits, which, of course, everyone has.

The Aquarius man appreciates the optimism of the Leo woman and frankness. Often talk with each other heart-to-heart, arranging romantic meetings. A Leo woman often remembers that the Aquarius man is a born fighter, and just for this she fell in love with him. Therefore, do not get angry not with your partner for not wanting to pursue titles and statuses.

Also it is necessary to recognize for the man-Aquarius the right to calm indifference. It is his nature, and you will never receive sympathy or powerful moral support from him, however this same coldness will help you with good advice in difficult moments.

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