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Leo woman from her youth dreams of meeting a reliable, sensitive, kind man who will fulfill her every desire. All these qualities are found in the organic man Cancer. He is attentive, subtly feeling his influence on the will of the woman Leo, will subordinate it to his way of life. A Cancer man is caring, compulsory, does not offend a woman, instills confidence and support in her.

If the obstinate Leo, learn to adapt to the character of the chosen one, catch the mood, take all the words as a law, then they are provided with a happy life. The contrasting, saturated intimate side of the relationship plunges both into a whirlpool of pleasure. For the Leo, Cancer’s gusts seem overly emotional and assertive, but she likes such a violent expression of feelings. In her temperament there is complaisance, submissiveness, but she is also not against serene swimming for the acute sensations of love.

Quarrels in a relationship, pretty much exhaust the nervous system of both. It should be taken into account that they belong to different elements, Fire and Water, so outbursts of anger and disagreement, which often arise spontaneously, quickly fade.

Leo-woman is able to present her beauty, her intelligent manner of behavior, they decorate her. A true Lioness can be a submissive husband, but for others a member of society. A Leo, a balanced woman, just, seeking the truth and seeking justice. In the working environment, she can become an organizer of rebellion, the leader of protest actions, she is hardworking, appreciates her abilities, and seeks profit in any business. Rarely, the Leo woman does not have material prosperity, if fate does not prepare a rich husband, it’s fine to cope with it herself.

Cancer man — faithful, pedantic, convinced skeptic. The Leo can attract him with his might, external confidence in his actions, he is impressed that she is not afraid of difficulties and changes. Judging by the compatibility horoscope, in marriage, a Leo woman and a Cancer man will become a wonderful family, an excellent example for their children. They do not need much to learn and adapt, they by nature have the flexibility of character, both economic, economical persons. The surprising similarity of interests, views on the solution of problems make their union inviolable.

Generous soul of the Leo woman, is able to become a miser only for strangers, for the comfort of his family is ready to go to excessive physical labor, hard work. This pair shines a happy guiding star, absolute compatibility.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Leo female and the Cancer male, this is a very difficult combination. Even if at first everything is smooth, smooth and conflict-free, later differences will inevitably arise and inevitably there will be disagreements. The Cancer man, who lives with the Leo female, will have to sweat seven sweats, work hard to overstrain and overwork, straining all his strength to keep his Lioness and keep it, providing it not only in the sphere of love, but also materially, because "the skin of a lioness" Is very, very expensive: she loves luxury and comfort, jewelry and jewelry, requires a lot of money for pins. It is not surprising that over time such a house for Cancer will become excessively tiring and even unbearable.

In this complex alliance, cautious Cancer, as a rule, is guaranteed a whirlpool of impressions. On the one hand, he is very flattered by the bright Leo woman, he can admire her aesthetic taste and is even ready to change her home lifestyle for her, appearing from time to time at secular parties. However, the immoderate expenditure of the Lioness of lean Cancer is frightening: he sees how his capitals melt before our eyes, and this is often the cause of their conflicts and partings. In addition, no matter how hard he tried, he finds it too difficult to keep up with Leo, with her active rhythm of life. Often because of this, both partners are disappointed in each other: Cancer understands that he needs a more economic and domestic wife, Lioness also begins to look for a more independent, energetic and generous partner.

In the marriage union of Leo-Cancer, there are three main phases, the stages — the taming of the partner, the compromise with it and the habituation to it. And it’s just amazing how the men-Cancers cope with their Lionesses, because they themselves are created for peace and comfort. They themselves need reliability and confidence in their abilities.

The Leo woman and the Cancer man, so different that they can not fully understand each other. Partner will always remain a mystery. Of course, this will bring a lot of difficulties, but if both love each other, there will always be a new relationship in their alliance. If they manage to carry their love through many difficulties, they will eventually learn to respect and accept each other. In addition, they can both give a friend in the development of personal qualities. The Leo-woman will learn to humble her pride, become more wise and tolerant, and the male Cancer will get her courage and determination from her, and will cease to take offense at trifles.

In a pair of Leo-Cancer compatibility, despite the fact that the Cancer man is modest and quiet, the leader in this union will always be him, and the woman-Leo will have to accept this. He will slowly, imperceptibly, but persistently seek his surprisingly female Leo, who has become accustomed to acting openly, challenging. It can discourage her and confuse her: she’s used to being the leader herself. However, if Leo realizes that she can direct the actions of Cancer, she will calm down, from which both partners will benefit.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Leo-Cancer is that this pair has many difficulties and disagreements. As soon as Leo and Cancer decide to live together, all this will manifest itself and difficulties are inevitable. The Cancer man will be unpleasantly surprised that the Leo woman prefers to shine in public, and not spend the evening at home, and she, in turn, will be annoyed by Cancer’s desire to spend the evening with the family. In addition, the Leo woman will feel the pressure of Cancer on her so that she spends more time at home, rather than at work. The Cancer man will have to accept that the Leo woman will not even want to adjust her schedule and plans.

The financial issue will also become acute in this pair. The Leo-woman, who loves chic outfits and all sorts of trinkets, does not understand the economical and economic man-Cancer. For her, he looks just greedy and mean. And Cancer considers many of his companion’s spending as squandering and throwing money away.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Leo-Cancer — all problems will be solved if there is love in their family. In order for this pair to be in harmony, they need to learn how to talk frankly with each other more often. If they learn tactfully, express dissatisfaction with the behavior of a partner, it can prevent violent conflicts on the basis of misunderstanding.

It is also worthwhile to learn both partners to make concessions and reconsider some views. A common hobby will help them to get closer and it will be easier to find a compromise between a home and a secular way of life. You can take pictures, travel together or go to the theater.

Also, the Cancer man must learn to respect the work of his Lioness and pacify his own feelings, otherwise it will not be possible to avoid financial conflicts. By the way, passionate, hot-tempered woman-Leo will have to subdue ardor and choose expressions during a quarrel, especially when Cancer will say that his mother never threw money away. Women, remember: the family for Cancer is sacred. So Leo woman should never insult a part of the shrine - the mother of the Cancer man.

If a Leo woman asks herself the question: "Do I need all this? Answer: certainly, it is necessary. Perhaps, the Leo woman needs such a faithful, reliable and caring man as Cancer who will adore her and admire her radiance, not yielding to her pressure.

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