Leo Woman Gemini Man

Militant Lioness, a woman who aspires to powerful, courageous, fearless men. She is looking for a real knight who is capable of "for her and for fire and water". Man-Gemini, to the exact opposite, has such qualities as effeminacy, narcissism, fidelity to his freedom. In his life there is always a place for adventure, vivid emotions, he is passionate. He is interested in the process of conquest, then the victim is not destiny.

A twin man in life is an adult child. Many women only exclaim: "You behave like a child," in his address. Any claims have excuses, can deftly evade from a specific issue, you will not take an ultimatum or blackmail. Go to the campaign in the registry office does not seek, serious relations with women perceive as a threat to his liberties. Unfortunately, he is often uninteresting career achievements and professional, intellectual growth.

The Lion Woman is stubborn and purposeful, especially in love. In love, she is patient, this is her main thing in the advantage in the fight for the man-Gemini. A beautiful Leo woman needs to remember that to curb and bind Gemini’s impatience, never directly tell him about his plans for a wedding, children, living together, fervently admit to love, all this will frighten the free Gemini. For victory, it will be required, absolute originality in everything, clothes, manner of speaking, laughing, he must feel that his lady is special, not like everyone else. The Leo woman is quite jealous, vulnerable, will not tolerate small partner intrigues. I will not be able to admit to myself again, I hardly can forgive. The Twin-man does not suffer from suspicion, is not jealous, it does not hurt him much.

Gemini man and a Leo woman is an extraordinary and interesting couple. They often seek to "make friends". They have a wonderful taste, preferring to prove themselves in art, literature, and vocals will achieve amazing results. Tandem could quite take his place on the stage, in theatrical life.

For the welfare of the union, both should be loyal to the partner. The sensitive lover of a man-Gemini in an intimate life with a representative of the zodiacal sign of Leo behaves gently, carefully, while skilfully guessing the hidden desires of the partner. This mutual brightness creates conditions for a good compatibility of the Gemini man and the Leo woman. According to the star chart, the couple are destined to go through life, together, overcoming misfortunes, adversity, tears and joy. Closer to mature age, already matured persons will lead a calm and measured family life.

Leo Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Leo female and Gemini male, the representatives of this marriage union not only have a strong physical attraction, but also a lot of common interests. Immediately after the wedding, boredom disappears from the house and there is no need for detectives, caffeine and other medicines. All rejoices. The Gemini Man is literally blinded by the appearance and charm of the Leo woman, and she in turn is satisfied with the ease and mobility, playfulness and gaiety, wit and eloquence of the Gemini.

From the Leo-Gemini Union, you get a bright, active, charming and attractive couple. From the very first minutes of acquaintance, it seems to them that they have known each other for many years and an instantaneous attraction arises between them. The role of the leader in the Leo woman and Gemini man pair often plays pride Leo female. She tirelessly directs the irrepressible creative energy of the man-Gemini in the right direction. First, she patiently explains why it is necessary to legalize relations, then, the need to settle down, etc. Perhaps, some other woman, this occupation and would tire, but not the woman-Leo. She likes to educate, to lead, and to reap the rewards of her "upbringing" with joy. The main thing in this process is not to take all responsibility on yourself, otherwise the Gemini man will relax and do nothing at all.

Over the years, in the Leo-Gemini pair of compatibility, feelings are not quenched, but on the contrary, gaining strength. Both partners are always engaged in something, are keen, often spend time together. But, even if they are separated by distance, the Gemini man will certainly call several times a day to share news and ask for advice that they will not follow, and Lev will gladly tell about his own victories.

Children in this pair grow very happy, devoid of inferiority complexes. They adore their parents and prefer to have fun with their father, and all secrets trust their mother. True, a Leo female and a Gemini male rarely have a large family.

The problem of the compatibility of the Leo-Gemini Zodiac signs is that the Gemini male is quick and unstable, and the Leo woman is practical and proud, besides, they put too different concepts in talking about life together, too different degrees of freedom are allowed for the partner and for themselves.

To the Leo-woman, even before living together, it is necessary to accept and be prepared for the fact that her Gemini partner is often not at home — then he is at lectures or reports, at meetings or meetings, then on a business trip or on a business trip etc. etc. It’s no secret that the Gemini men and memory is very weak, and the conscience is not very clean, and in the sphere of love and marriage — endless secrets, secrets, of course, only voluptuous nature.

Because of their eternal absent-mindedness, they always have some traces of yesterday’s or the day before yesterday’s sins in their briefcase or in a backpack, in their pocket or in a drawer of a desk. Naturally, the woman-Leo does not like all these girls, curling near her charming man, and also his attitude towards them. The lioness simply needs her man to see only her beauty and charm, and not be distracted by anyone else.

Also, one of the main difficulties of this pair is that their relationship is very similar to that of a younger brother and older sister. A twin man learns a lot from a Leo woman, but the main responsibility lies with her. A lioness who has become accustomed to veneration, sometimes this can be annoying.

According to the compatibility of Leo-Gemini horoscopes — firstly, the Leo woman should moderate her pride a little and not demand, do not wait for all her actions to be recognized immediately, approving with loud cries. Also, the Leo woman should remember that the Gemini men do not tolerate any pressure from the outside. If Leo needs to achieve something, then it is necessary to apply various female tricks so that the man could not even imagine that it was not his decision.

Very often, the Gemini man perceives his wife — Leo as the elder sister, who will cope with everything. Therefore, at least from time to time, let Gemini understand that you are your favorite woman and you need his help. As for all the girls that twist around the Gemini, you can be out of competition if you "convince" your Gemini in your uniqueness, originality and irreplaceability.

And, if the Gemini man decides to legally formalize a relationship with a Leo woman, then she can not be afraid of competitors. Twins, who found the unique and unique, will not be exchanged for trifles. They will politely support flirting, but this will not result in something serious. The birth of children also helps to strengthen relations in this union.

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