Leo Woman Leo Man

The Leo woman and the Leo man are an extraordinary, extravagant couple. Appearing in society, necessarily draw attention to themselves, the couple loves to fight, to shock, intrigue others. Both do not imagine a life in silence, without a vivid pastime, they flatteringly generate envy of others, revel in their fame and popularity.

Their relationship is a general discussion, a life in sight. If the problems are within their spiritual contradictions, then they are able to cope with this, but they will have to "crack the wood" a lot, make a lot of mistakes, but at the same time learn useful lessons. The Leo-man and the Leo-woman seek to win as many favorites as possible in life. Without worship and "songs" in their address, life for them looks miserable. A healthy struggle for superiority flourishes in the union, they easily take responsibility for solving problems, do not like to resort to help, pity, handouts.

The Leo man is bright, flexible, he has a man’s determination, independence, he does not accept interference in their affairs. A great controversial, ardent and eloquent Leo will not yield to extraneous beliefs and suggestions. In their relations there is a constant change of leadership, from this in a pair can be at times tense relations. Peace and silence to the young couple of the Leo woman and Leo man will come only after some time of their life together. To gain stability, they will have to pass a life school, a test of endurance, endurance, patience and wisdom.

Impressive Leo woman persistent, hardworking, generous nature. In moments of the heat of passion in youth, it will only inflame them, finding in this extreme and enthusiasm. Later in a more mature age, learn to quickly switch, find another channel for energy. The woman-Leo is endowed with natural charm, gracefulness, ability to show mannerism, education, intelligence. Aspiration for the sciences, achievements in the career, everything depends on the people around. After all, it has a spirit of rivalry, and if the partner is smart and successful, it will be interesting for her to achieve triumph.

The problem in the pair, will serve as excessive zeal to become a luckier partner, one may not survive the race and get off the race. The man Leo and the woman Leo, fine diplomats, will manage to agree, to direct the forces on achievements in joint business, on a creative field. Fans of the public, they could well become famous stars of cinema, theater. If the couple eradicates the desire to excel and compete with the beloved in the business sphere, then it shines a beautiful future, excellent compatibility, long and rich with pleasant experiences life.

Leo Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

A pair of Leo women and Leo men are the brightest and most visible in any company. They are cheerful, friendly and always behave with dignity. In outer life, they always turn out to be winners. It keeps them firmly together, because they both love success. Otherwise, two Leos would have long separated — there are too many difficulties and contradictions in their inner life and relationships.

According to the compatibility of the Leo woman and Leo man, their bright union can be described as "love-friendship", "love-cooperation", but this does not mean that it will not be enough love itself. Just in the first place, Leo, as a rule, does not come with romantic sighs under the Moon, but mutual understanding, support and kinship of souls.

Pair Leo-Leo is well together, they are sexually perfect each other. Leos are a beautiful and bright couple, they have many common interests, and they have all the chances to live together happily and for a long time. True, in a joint life they are able to compete for leadership in the family, and this can periodically result in noisy clarification of the relationship.

True, if a Leo man is the first or even the second marriage, then there is a high probability that he will not be the last. There’s nothing to be done, the man-Leo needs to be looked at with adoration (and preferably from the bottom up), but the same Lioness wants the same! In Leo-Leo compatibility — their struggle of ambition may eventually cause them to part, but in any case they will remember these vibrant relationships for life.

In an ideal union, the Leo woman and the Leo man have common interests, common friends, they like to relax together and always appear together in public. This is a very bright and beautiful couple, always attracting the attention of others. They radiate self-confidence, benevolence, self-esteem. They are benevolent, never scandal in public, but, on the contrary, charge them with optimism. In an ideal alliance with a Leo man, the Leo woman finds someone who, on the one hand, is strong and ready to defend her, and on the other — does not become a warlike macho, but remains a gentleman who does not get tired of pampering her. The Leo man, in alliance with the Lioness, receives a worthy companion: intelligent, beautiful and understanding.

If in public Leos never quarrel, then, remaining alone, they often argue with each other. In this pair, the struggle for power does not stop. Surrender — not in the character of Leo, even in the most ideal couple. But this struggle, often takes place for them as an exciting game. They have learned not to hurt each other’s pride and do not allow themselves rudeness and unforgivable deeds. In addition, they have an active sex life, both are passionate and prefer to satisfy their appetites with each other, rather than seeking thrills on the side.

The main problem of compatibility of Leo-Leo signs is that they are both stubborn and do not know how to cede. Both are proud, obstinate, powerful and self-righteous. Each of the partners expects that it is to his opinion that they must adapt. If their interests are divorced, no one wants to give in. Their war among themselves can develop into a chronic one. To achieve their Leos can long and hard. They get used to living in a situation of constant nervous tension, which certainly not only spoils their character, but also harms social success and sexual relations. The struggle for leadership is their constant struggle. Their pride is easy to touch, and forgive or, conversely, they do not like to apologize and do not know how.

According to the compatibility horoscope Leo-Leo — neither she nor he can not win in this "war". Although a Leo man, even a Leo woman, if they can insist on their own and suppress their partner, instead of him they will receive his pale shadow: a hysterical, vengeful and mediocre person. The defeated Leo (no matter whether he is a man or a woman) can become embittered and turn into a domestic tyrant and hysterics, or go out, lose his individuality, feel like a nonentity. In general, instead of the king of animals in front of you can see a shabby cat.

But avoid disputes and break yourself, constantly giving in to a partner, is also not necessary. First, he would sit on his neck. Secondly, it’s a war with yourself, with the same Leo, who needs victories, successes and praise. What to do? The way out of such a situation can be this: the disputes of Leo can bring about revival in relations instead of problems. And the woman Leo and the Leo man love the fight, it does not let them get bored. The main thing is to learn how to fight with respect for courtesy, respect each other, and alternate "military actions" with compliments and praises to a partner. Sometimes stress can be mitigated by sexual intimacy, the only thing, do not use it constantly as a way of reconciliation.

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