Leo Woman Pisces Man

The union of Leo women and Pisces man, if they decide to be together, will turn out to be truly violent, their life will be very troubled. Fate will repeatedly test their feelings for jealousy, strength in trouble and joy. Ironically, the woman Leo will be weaker and vulnerable in this union, and all because the Pisces man has secrecy, he always wears a mask of indifference and indifference, which will constantly heat up and scorch the loving heart of the Leo woman.

Their calm and idyllic relationships will constantly be interwoven with stormy hysterics and quarrels. Leo woman is stubborn, strong, patient nature. For her, the soul of the Pisces man is a real unrecognized world in which it is easily lost. This confusion and misunderstanding acts on it depressingly and causes the desire to rush away from the obscurity of the partner. But in life with a Pisces man, she will learn to be sedate, smart, judicious and will be able to control their actions and emotions.

Man Pisces is an attentive, calm, reliable person. He will be able to correct for himself the character and personal qualities of the woman Leo. He is quite able to re-educate the woman of the Leo, manipulate it, and he himself will be able to take on the role of business manager, perform homework and life.

Woman Leo is so active, overbearing, noisy in public, at home impeccable, weak girl. She has a special influence on her life, the man Pisces, on it depends on her aspirations and deeds. Surprisingly, both are very comfortable in such a tandem, and they are both absolutely satisfied with their situation. The Leo woman can be next to the man Fisherman weak and defenseless, easily be able to shift responsibility, determination and power over their future destiny to him.

The only thing you do not need to do is to persuade a Leo woman to devote herself completely to the home and family. It is necessary, as air, the public, the importance among colleagues, contact with the modern world. For successful professional growth, partners should keep a distance in the working environment, do not bring to the home environment production problems, without giving practical advice, not particularly delving into the intricacies of the partner’s affairs, because in the working plan Leo woman and Pisces man may have disagreements, Unnecessary quarrels. If they find a balance, clearly defining the role of everyone in the family, then fate will be supportive of the couple. They are waiting for happiness in love, respect and support for life. They need not lose their positions in the family, then the happiness in marriage will last for many years.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Leo women and Pisces men, the marital relationship between them can be happy and long. The Pisces man does not tire of admiring the Lioness and showering her with compliments, while the Leo woman bathes in the love of Pisces and regally accepts worship. The main condition for a long relationship is that Leo woman should not be tired of being a permanent leader and carrying all responsibility, and the Pisces suddenly did not wake up "male pride".

Of course, there will be no difficulties without difficulties. In a joint life, the Lioness usually does not like the indifference of Pisces to a career and money, and also his reluctance to organize his life. Most often this results in claims from her side and family conflicts.

However, if the Pisces man is rich, his "minuses" for Lioness turn into "pluses": she can spend on herself, how much she wants, manage his affairs and actually be the head of the family, because he does not care about such trifles. Moreover, for him it is also an ideal option. In this case, the Leo-Pisces marriage can happily last a lifetime.

If a pair of Leo female and Pisces male are happy, then they were able to overcome the main obstacle on the way to happiness. Leo accepted the fact that she will always be the leader in the family. But, unlike other couples, she is happy with this role, as she understands that this will help her to realize herself in the society. By the way, many couples broke up precisely because the Leo woman was tired of the burden of responsibility, and she wanted to hide behind a strong man’s shoulder, and the Pisces man could not give it.

In the compatibility of Leo-Pisces — this pair is not too similar in sexual temperament, but lack of activity, Pisces man more than compensates with successful compliments, tenderness and love confessions. Next to this man, the Leo woman senses every minute that she is loved.

The problem of Zodiac signs compatibility of the Leo-Pisces is that this pair has many disagreements, and they do not understand each other well. A Leo woman for full happiness needs to be in the center of attention, attend mass events, she is drawn to communication with different people, to a certain status. She likes entertainment and social gatherings. A man-Pisces lives in his fantasy world. From time to time, he can "go out into people" to gain new impressions, but then again sinks to the bottom. These different needs often cause controversy about how to relax, where to go, what to strive for.

Being paired with Pisces, the Leo woman can not lead her former active social life. The Pisces Man is jealous and very fictitious. If the Leo woman decides to attend the various events herself and have fun without her companion, the Pisces man may become depressed, close up in himself, and later, start manipulating, cultivating a guilt feeling in Leo.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Leo and Pisces, so that harmony exists in their family, it is necessary to seek a compromise. To remake neither the Pisces man, nor the woman-Leo will not succeed. In addition, if the Lioness tries to become a "domestic cat" or a Pisces man for the sake of his Lioness will start to appear, both of them will be deeply unhappy people. Perhaps the only way out in this situation will be the search for joint entertainment. So, for example, both the Leo woman and the Pisces man are not indifferent to good art.

You can go to concerts, performances, premieres, opening exhibitions and more. Such a vacation will satisfy the Leo woman’s desire for participation in public and cultural life, and for the male-Pisces it is the most acceptable form of social activity. It will be even better if this pair itself is engaged in creativity. Two creative people will understand each other faster and find a common language, despite the fact that they have different types and styles of art.

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