Leo Woman Sagittarius Man

Leo woman and Sagittarius man is a coincidence in all respects. Confidential relations, mutual consent and understanding, similarity in temperament, perception of life. The Union is attached to respect for the chosen one, carefully guarding its happiness. Their love is beautiful, it evokes the envy of others, their high feelings, tender looks do not escape from the eyes of strangers.

If there were no contradictions, it is unlikely that these relations could be called natural. How many coincidences, and a lot of differences. The couple is endowed by nature with wisdom, discretion, they do not let their lives into their own affairs, not in their rules to cut "from the shoulder", the harshness of actions, the spontaneity of decisions is also not peculiar to them. This favorable feature helps to choose adequate methods of combating emerging conflicts and misunderstandings.

Sagittarius is a strong man, with an active position in life, will make every effort to take his beloved under control. He will manage the relationship wisely and fairly. His actions and actions always take into account the interests and desires of the beloved. It should not be, however, subjecting the woman of Leo to pressure and pressure. Do not try the patience of the Lioness, it has boundaries. Sagittarius man should be flexible, loyal. Leo woman — wise, ambitious, but with delicate treatment yields to obedience. In spite of its majesty, ambitiousness, it will give up its principles or interests.

Both are jealous, but the occasion arises extremely rarely. There may be annoying misunderstandings that affect the reputation of the loyalty of the chosen one, but trust will prevail. The Sagittarius man is a purposeful person, in his understanding his family should not need, the material side will be provided in abundance. From it will turn out a very caring and loving father. The Leo woman can become a good wife and a reliable friend. Her words for Sagittarius are authoritative, they can clearly and correctly direct and stimulate to an effective result.

In alliance there will never be a place of boredom, gray routine and routine life. Together they can search for themselves, trying their strength in science, medicine, creativity, business. Consistency and perseverance will help realize your natural potential. Having worked out a strategy in life, in a relationship, the union promises to be fruitful, durable and happy. Paying due attention to each other, not focusing on trifles, on fault-finding, love and mutual devotion will not leave this pair.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Leo women and Sagittarius men, a long-term relationship between them is possible provided that both partners have a high moral standard and sincerely love each other — otherwise they are waiting for constant conflicts, unhealthy rivalry and feelings of hurt pride.

In this alliance, the Leo woman often has to take on the role of mentor and pacify the irrepressible energy of Sagittarius. It is known that Sagittarius need an audience, listeners, but it is also known that Lions are not only unable to, but even do not want to listen to others. Most often they do not give Sagittarius and utter a word. And the soul of Sagittarius is sensitive, very receptive and impressionable, full of inner disagreements and contradictions, and when the cup of patience is already full, with the last offense they are resolved to break, divorce and separation from a former partner in love and marriage.

But, despite the many difficulties, the Leo-Sagittarius alliance is common enough. The life-loving Sagittarius man and the bright Leo woman have a lot in common. They both hate loneliness and silence and are able to make a holiday out of their life together. Together they can go to parties and theaters, take guests, travel the world with pleasure.

The generosity of Sagittarius, as a rule, is very popular with Lioness, who has become accustomed to living on a broad footing. Being very independent, she recognizes and for him a certain degree of freedom and sometimes even ready to turn a blind eye to his fleeting passions. In addition, Leo and Sagittarius are wonderful lovers. Together they are easy and good.

In a perfect pair of Leo women and Sagittarius men, both partners managed to give up false pride and a desire to subjugate their partner. It was not easy, but, they made their life happy and learned a lot from each other. The ideal pair of a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man is a good example when a woman marries a simple soldier and makes him a general. They help each other in expanding social horizons.

In the ideal pair of the Leo woman and the Sagittarius man there are deep feelings and mutual understanding, but at the same time passions are seething here. In the compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius — both are very similar, the only one, the Sagittarius man behaves more directly. After a long time of cohabitation, the Sagittarius man learns to spend more time at home, becomes more assiduous and calm. And the Leo becomes more sensitive to the desires of her husband, honest in assessing her own capabilities. Living together, they help each other, get rid of excessive despotism and pride.

Leo female and Sagittarius male usually have one child. But, he receives in full love, affection and parental attention. The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Leo-Sagittarius is that in their family there is often a misunderstanding. Sagittarius expects the Lioness to admire her actions, and she is busy only with her person and does not notice the exploits of her partner. And Sagittarius, having lost his portion of interest begins to seek understanding on the side. And he himself does not consider petty intrigues and flirtation of betrayal.

A Leo woman can irritate the teasing of the Sagittarius man over her shortcomings, because, in her opinion, she does not have flaws, and if there are small ones, then the loved one should not notice them. Annoyance is Lioness’s natural reaction to the irony and self-irony of Sagittarius.

Compatibility horoscopes Leo-Sagittarius — the main problem of this pair in selfishness and excessive pride. Both consider their truth the most truthful and their decisions are the only correct ones. Therefore, in order to preserve harmony in the family, both partners need to learn to listen to the interlocutor and to give up the desire to subjugate their partner. If, both the Leo woman and the Sagittarius man learn to think about the other, take into account his desires, they can have a long and happy life. But, in any case, this pair will always have an unforgettable impression of each other and about the time spent together.

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