Leo Woman Taurus Man

Even in her early youth, the Leo woman understands that she deserves only the best, she likes to hear enthusiastic words in her address, and condescendingly smile at others. The Leo Woman is a warrior by nature, arrogant, demanding, stubborn, has no reserve of patience, a proud man.

The Lioness in love practically loses all these qualities, an amazing woman. The Taurus man who appeared in her life will be able to make life easier. In love with a crazy Leo woman, Taurus will follow her to the end of the world. But for the time being, until the urgency of love emotions is boiling, she will obey and serve Taurus. Going against your dreams, it will be sacred to believe about "paradise in a hut".

Having married, the Leo woman changes her position, now her exit. A rich life potential, the desire to break into the circle of famous and talented people, in a word, conquer the world. An ardent careerist, the role of the getter will suit her. Maternity for her is a real outlet, ready for the creation of a large family. Qualities peculiar to Leo, often frighten others, she can say something without thinking, for the family is ready for generous gifts, spend the last money on toys, but for strangers, this is a greedy person.

The Taurus man is a conservative, he is against all appearances and publicity, he is horrified by unpredictability and not stability. Compatibility of a Leo woman and Taurus man is considered very moderate. The opinion of Taurus and Leo often does not coincide, on this ground conflicts and long silence are possible.

Fortunately, a Taurus man has patience, endurance. The Leo woman should know and use the tactics of the cat, if something needs to be achieved from Taurus, you can not take it pressures, only caress. A passionate Leo woman, with a bright temperament and a raging fantasy, may be disappointed in her intimate relationship with Taurus. Her unused desires will make her suffer from not understanding. A Taurus man does not have imagination in the intimate sphere, only his own satisfaction matters, the rest he considers fictions and ridiculous quibbles of the emotional Lioness.

In dreams, the Lion woman represents how her beloved one day will decide on unexpected bright displays of feelings, spontaneous actions, bold suggestions. They should learn to be frank, open the soul, relieve the burden of offenses and vain expectations. Having lived to old age, both are aware of their shortcomings, and will be grateful to the partner for patience, wisdom. From the point of view of astrology, despite many contradictions and imperfect compatibility, the union, if it is created, is able to exist and quite happily.

Leo Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Leo women and Taurus men, this union is considered not very successful due to the different attitude of Lioness and Taurus to money. If the Taurus man is very cautious and thrifty, a real laborer with only one desire to have his property and a secure old age, then the Leo woman is a spiritual barony, generosity and nobility, generosity and extravagance, a life span and a "flight into space expanses."

For a solid Taurus man, his partner is a property, a personal inventory, and the Leo woman needs to think about this in advance and carefully weigh everything. But it is not all that bad. In fact, there are a few tricks that will help this pair of Leo-Taurus understand each other. If the disagreement in the financial sphere goes away, such a couple becomes strong and happy. The basis of their union is often the physical attraction to each other.

This union is often enough, because in many ways an energetic woman-Leo and a stubborn Taurus man are alike. Let outwardly it is not too noticeable (after all, to achieve their goals, they choose different ways), but most importantly, they want the same thing: wealth and prosperity. An ambitious Leo woman will be able to make a real palace from a family nest, and Taurus will gladly allocate money for this. All this makes their relationship stable and stable.

The Leo women and Taurus men are people who value stability and constancy most of all. Throughout life, they do not change their tastes, feelings and way of life. If a couple has coped with misunderstanding and the difference of characters, then little will break their joint life. Since they both appreciate the constant, they value their relationship and are loyal to their partner. What trials would not bring them destiny, they will fight them and protect their marriage. Even if the couple had a serious tiff, betrayal, love disappeared, still Leo and Taurus will keep the relationship to the last.

The Leo woman is benevolent, energetic and cheerful. All these traits of a man-Taurus character value in a relationship with this woman. In a pair of Leo-Taurus compatibility — Lioness is able to make everyday life luxurious, and a man-Taurus very much appreciates a cozy life. In addition, the woman-Leo brings to the house where Taurus lives, a joy that is also important to him. The Taurus man is stingy, but next to the Leo woman, he sees that his money does not go anywhere.

They turn into luxurious and useful things. The Leo woman, opposite to the generous, and often without money and social achievements, because it is scattered by chances. Taurus, however, helps her not to get carried away, not to lose everything that she has — he is not only saving money, but also other matters.

In addition, the aesthete-Taurus and the sensual Lioness have good sexual compatibility, and if they so wish, they easily find a common language both in business, in the management of the economy, and in solving any problems. The problem of compatibility of the Leo-Taurus Zodiac signs is that, despite the strong physical attraction, there are often quarrels in a pair. And the main reason for this is that none of them is capable of subordination. This gives birth and causes constant arguments, worsening both mutual understanding and mutual relations. Here, all the underwater reefs should be lit day and night, so as not to bump into them and not break.

The first problems for a Leo female and a Taurus male will begin in connection with a different attitude towards money. A Taurus man is excessively economical, he does not make "empty purchases" and works a lot. The Leo-woman is also not an idler, but self-realization is important to her work, and Taurus earns money. The Leo woman expects from her man generosity, expensive gifts — all this for her — an obligatory attribute of love. But, the Taurus man has a different opinion on this. For him, this is all nonsense. A woman-Leo likes luxury, and she is capable of broad gestures even in relation to strangers. Taurus does not like the dishonesty of the Lioness, and her — its economy.

Taurus man, as a rule, skimps on flowers, rest in those luxurious places where Lioness loves to be. But, he gives practical gifts. For example, he can give the right thing or pay for a vacation in a resort with a good climate and excellent service, but will regret spending money on an expensive pathetic restaurant, all of which value is in prestige. In addition, the woman-Leo constantly has to watch to ensure that her partner does not quench the fire of love and passion. It must be supported by all means — natural and artificial.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Leo-Taurus — in order for the union to be strong and there was always a harmonious relationship, the Leo woman, it is necessary to learn how to communicate with money and adjust to the man Taurus. The mistake of many women in the relationship with the Taurus man is that they begin to spend money on what Taurus should like, delicacies, luxurious things, etc. But, the Taurus man never approves of such wastes.

If Lioness really needs to buy a luxurious thing, then the best thing is, in this case, ask her for Taurus as a gift and thank him with genuine admiration, sincere delight and a good mood. The Leo woman knows how to accept gifts in such a way that they are nice to give. Therefore, the Taurus man will like to be generous in her eyes.

Also, a woman-Leo will not stop learning to distinguish true value from brilliant tinsel. And in this, a man-Taurus can greatly help. Listen, more often, to his opinion. Most likely, the Leo woman will have to forget about bouquets, useless souvenirs and oysters for dinner, but for a good rest, delicious, satisfying food, quality clothes Taurus will not spare money.

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