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Love and romantic relations of a pair of Leo woman and Virgo man have a shade of vivid emotions, experiences, stormy scenes of jealousy and exciting reconciliation. An extraordinary approach to understanding love, free views on coexistence can eventually lead to either a painful parting or a happy marriage.

Virgo man is quiet, his world is silence, peace, illusions and dreams. He naively looks at life, seeks care, expects full attention and love from the woman. Just such a feature is present in the woman Leo, it is vital for her to dominate, dominate, control, and throw out her mother’s instincts on someone.

Leo woman is a public figure, her popularity, her fame is very flattering. She will never change the pleasure of being with a loved one for a lot of favorites. But the first time in love Leo will have to inhabit the vital atmosphere of a Virgo man, she should feel his thoughts, study his habitat, his worldview. Attempts to await from him active actions, aspiration to go "into people", will be in vain.

Most likely, after marrying a couple will have such a family, where a man-Virgo is a householder creating a cozy and comfortable environment, and a Leo woman as an ardent careerist will swiftly make her way through the ranks, become the main breadwinner and earner.

The woman Leo needs to become more loyal, softer, more feminine, otherwise there will be conflicts between them because of wrathful words, and also because of the transfer of unpleasant problems to work in the home environment. The intimate side of the pair also leaves much to be desired. The Virgo man is naturally restrained, not passionate and not very active, which Lioness perceives as coldness and indifference to her. In turn, the Virgo, deeply afflicted, endures grievances that hurt his masculine dignity.

Lioness in such cases should be more delicate, take on the role of a patient "teacher". The Virgo man is jealous, vulnerable, easily vulnerable, vindictive. In his spirit of verification, espionage for a lover in order to bring her to "clean water", he simply can not live in conjecture, he needs to know everything for sure. The Leo woman should also be reckoned with the fact that Virgo is an economical, hardworking man who will not tolerate squandering around himself, as well as recklessness in relation to money. To create a strong and friendly family, a couple needs to be patient, stop thinking about a partner negatively, pointing out and noticing only his mistakes and shortcomings. Having gained wisdom, having managed to place accents and priorities over important family values, the union can become successful.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Too much difference in the temperament, the characters, the customs, the habits of partners makes this marriage union very problematic. The Leo woman can not endure the pedantry of the Virgo man, his merciless criticism. A man-Virgo does not like the disorder of a Leo woman. Lions are poisoned by the existence of constant poisonous pricks of grouchy and picky Virgo, their pettiness, coldness, deliberate coquetry. And Virgo simply "kill" uncountable friends and girlfriends of Leo.

According to the compatibility of the Leo woman and the Virgo man, this is a very strange relationship, but in life they are not so rare. The energetic Leo woman loves to be in the center of attention, and the industrious man-Virgo does not tolerate idle pastimes and even empty words. They are like two different poles of a magnet, which, nevertheless, are attracted to each other.

If the Virgo man for some reason decides that Lioness is his second half, he does everything to win her proud heart. True, Lioness’s careless treatment of money can not embarrass him, but for her, he is prepared to tolerate even this. In this case, the man Virgo is able to work on several jobs to provide prosperity in the family and to enable the Leo to enjoy life in full swing. She, in turn, is able to appreciate his loyalty and dedication, favorably allowing him, to make her life happy.

The Leo-Virgo pair is a very complex alliance and can hold on only if both partners consciously turn a blind eye to each other’s shortcomings. A woman-Leo married to a Virgo man receives his care and material well-being. If a Leo woman makes a career, then the man Virgo takes on all the domestic chores. And if the man-Virgo is rich (which is not uncommon for this industrious sign), then the role of the housewife is led by a Leo woman. While the Virgo man works, she does not forget to entertain and rest. A man-Virgo is happy with this, because he is unsure of himself, he constantly needs something to emphasize his status, and such a luxurious woman as Leo, successfully does it.

Over time, the Leo woman and the Virgo man "get used to" each other, but still, even as an ideal pair for these signs, it does not look like that. From the outside they do not even look like a couple. A Virgo man and a Leo woman rarely appear together, as they have different interests, besides, a Virgo man or constantly works to provide his Lioness with a luxurious life, or is engaged in household chores in a relaxed atmosphere. Leo woman actively resting, leading a "social life", she will not miss a single holiday or event. In this union of Leo-Virgo compatibility - the difference between an ideal pair and a non-ideal only in the fact that both partners are satisfied with such a "separate" life.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Leo-Virgo is that they have a completely different approach to the majority of the components of family life — to sex, money, life and leisure. In addition, their characters are also poorly compatible. They are literally annoyed with each other. The Virgo man does not like the Leo woman managing the family budget. In his opinion, it is too big and unnecessary spending. In addition, she is energetic and impulsive in her behavior. And the Leo woman does not like the passivity of the Virgo man, she considers natural caution to be nothing but a manifestation of cowardice. She does not understand his pragmatism and the principle of "my hut from the edge." The Leo-woman dreams that the Virgo man, at least with her help, will become stronger and bolder, but it is quite acceptable for him that the role of the leader in the family is taken by the woman.

The Virgo man loves a quiet hobby and tries with all his might to attach a Leo woman to them. He tries to interest her with joint reading or at least something, if only she would often go home. But, alas, all his efforts are in vain. Leo woman needs a bright and rich social life.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Leo-Virgo — the psychological gap between them is irresistible. They can never understand each other. But, fortunately, relations can be built not only on the coincidence of characters. The main thing that it is necessary to do to both partners is to pay attention only to the advantages of the character. And this, you can be absolutely sure, there is every sign of the Zodiac. It is necessary to drive away all thoughts about the partner’s imperfection, and to find more and more positive moments.

Certainly, a Leo to a woman, like any woman, can get tired of leading and will want to feel weak. But, it is necessary to think, but like it and will it obey? Can it still be easier and more habitual to be with a compliant man-Virgo? Would she want to perform hundreds of everyday affairs, from which the Virgo did not just release her, but also makes them with pleasure, without imagining it as a favor to the Leo? Does she like financial security?

The same should be done and the man-Virgo. Yes, the Leo woman is too bright and active. But is not she take on that communication and those things in society that the Virgo man does not like? And when the Virgo became entangled in little things, is not the Lioness able to "release" him, cutting the knot in one fell swoop? The policy of "seeing the pluses and consciously throwing away thoughts about minuses" will bear fruit: the pair will be strong.

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