Libra Woman Aquarius Man

Libra woman and Aquarius man is a very promising and prosperous couple with great makings for a happy marriage, subject to initial arrangements and conventions, the distribution of roles in the union. If the woman of Libra, giving way to the leader, having shown female weakness, will give the Aquarius man the opportunity to be strong, courageous, responsible, then the union will be successful.

In the woman of Libra, two entities, male and female, always struggle. Periodically prevailing, they show in the woman Libra then wrestling qualities, then femininity, capriciousness and coquetry. Aquarius man impressed by a diverse life, full of thrills, with adventures and escapades. He is prone to good deeds, bold, arrogant.

Woman Libra, perhaps the only one who can limit the freedom of Aquarius, to attract to family life is not intrusive, but not without tricks and gimmicks. Her charm and attractiveness can turn a head to a loving Aquarius. In such cases the man falls into complete dependence and submission from the woman Libra, following her and her words. So it will be until he is interested in this woman. The Aquarius man is stubborn, but Libra is also a difficult, uncompromising woman.

Will find compromises, there will be silence and grace, if not, the separation is inevitable. Both fighters for justice, truth, but it is sometimes superfluous. Everyone seems to think that a partner treats him unfairly, not honestly, and there is no reciprocity of feelings. Having mastered their hot emotions, it will be possible to keep the relationship afloat. Woman Libra is prone to fervor, rash actions. Having the desire to be with a man Aquarius should have patience, wisdom. Aquarius changes gradually, as they grow up.

In the Aquarius man, Libra is impressed by his lightness, wit, ardor, his dreaminess and fantasy. She aspires to a cosiness, arrangement of habitation, is anxious by material stability. In turn, Aquarius can see in it pettiness, earthiness, selfishness. He is convinced that a domestic routine, everyday life destroys love and tender feelings. The intimate life of the couple is harmonious and is one of the main pillars on which relations are kept.

Satisfaction in an intimate life is able to alleviate assertiveness and captiousness to a partner. The star map of the pair predicts a happy marriage, mutual satisfaction with the partner, provided a loyal and condescending attitude. The main thing is not to give cause for quarrels, not to provoke the chosen one, and also not to prevent the Aquarius man from taking the position of the leader in the family. Otherwise, the discrepancy will lead to a break.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Libra women and Aquarius men — in their family union there is no special warmth and comfort, but also there is no strong tension and dissatisfaction with each other. Both partners do not seek to alter or somehow pressure on their own half. Between them there are equal, respectful and benevolent relations.

A couple of a Libra woman and a Aquarius man are happy to wait in any company. They are friendly, sociable, friendly and like many of their ease and ease in communication. And they never devote others to their problems and concerns, do not show discontent or fatigue. Often they attend various events together, as the joint leisure gives them pleasure. But, often they can be found separately, which in no way causes distrust in another partner.

In the union of Libra-Aquarius compatibility, both the woman and the man reserve the right to external and internal freedom. Each of them has their own interests, their hobbies and friends. The Libra woman never completely dissolves in her chosen one, and the partners stay at a distance keeping the established distance. In alliance with the Aquarius man, the Libra woman finds both the mutual understanding necessary for her, and the intellectual partner-friend, and the opportunity to preserve her personal space.

The problem of Zodiac compatibility of the Libra and Aquarius signs is that the Libra woman needs to feel like anyone else that next to her there is a reliable and faithful man on whose shoulder one can lean on in a difficult moment. But, the Aquarius male refers to that category of men, who often pulls "to freedom." Usually the Libra woman does not limit the freedom of the Aquarius man, but it often happens that one of her partner’s friends urgently needs a friendly Aquarian shoulder just when they need to go to the dacha (the toilet breaks, mom comes, grandma’s birthday)? The first few times a woman, Libra, can tolerate such behavior, but when such situations begin to repeat with enviable constancy, Libra has the idea that there is no man next to whom she can rely on.

Another difficulty with which this couple can meet is that both do not know how to obey and abandon their interests. The Woman of Libra will act without hesitation as she sees fit. But, if the Aquarius man decides to answer her the same, then in the game "who has more stubbornness" will still win the Aquarius man.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Libra and Aquarius, in order to maintain harmony in the family, the Libra woman must accept the excessive sociability of the Aquarius man. Do not overdo it. It will not lead to anything good. It is better to remember who, if not your Aquarius, came to you at night from another city just because you were sad? And did not he saves you before money together with money. Yes, it happens that at some point he is not there, but appreciate his ability to make friends with people and help them out in difficult times. If you really need help, and your partner is not around, ask your friends or colleagues for help.

If a "woman of Libra" and a man-Aquarius started a "cold war", then both must speak openly and honestly in a relaxed domestic atmosphere. If a couple decides to cope with this situation together, they will certainly find a way out.

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