Libra Woman Aries Man

Woman-Libra surprisingly deftly manages the man, firmly holding the reins of government, the man-Aries does not even have time to recover, as happened. After all, he is essentially a leader, always striving for primacy, especially in relation to women, but the woman-Libra is able to moderate ardor and curb Aries.

All these metamorphoses with Aries, come from the relentless "singing" of the woman-Libra, praising him. Another man would be so burdened by such intense love, but not a man-Aries, he is ready to endlessly listen to compliments to her address, she talks about it without stopping.

Woman-Libra is an interesting, kind, soft nature. Separately note, has an incredible female appeal, a magnet for the opposite sex. For Aries, such a woman is like a trophy, a valuable asset. He is filled with pride from having such a companion, and not for nothing, many really envy him.

The couple develops strong and strong feelings for each other. They are able to be faithful in union. But without friction and resentment, it does not do. The woman of Libra is very, sensible, she has wisdom, restraint and a clear position "Seven times measure, cut once". The Aries man is not always consistent, he is like a flash, which is still interested in the case, he is ready to fight for him, a fierce debater, in the expressions is often incorrect. By nature, the woman-Libra is patient, she will weather the storm of Aries, and will direct the situation to its advantageous solution. She is so virtuos that a man-Aries simply surrenders.

In close relationships, the couple achieves complete harmony. The whole secret is that, the woman-Libra is completely given to the desires of the Aries, she likes this image, to be soft and supple. The Aries man, feeling his power, the main role, is absolutely satisfied with his position.

The Aries man is explosive, impulsive, loves everything new and unknown, strives for change, adores unexpected surprises. The Libra woman, on the contrary, is calm, wise, her words are always considered, actions are weighed. Such different qualities unite the couple, but the desire for leadership of both, and the desire of the partner to subordinate and make him dependent, often leads to major quarrels, which are especially painful for the weak half. From the point of view of astrology, a pair of a man-Aries and a woman-Libra is compatible, and they may well pass the path of life with dignity. The prudence of signs, and the ability to make a partner happy, not dependent, will help them achieve family happiness.

Libra Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Libra women and Aries-men — they are very often fascinated by each other from the first minutes of acquaintance. In this union the man-Aries meets his antipode from the opposite sign of the Libra Zodiac. Despite the fact that both partners in their emotional state are completely different, that they have fundamental contradictions in many spheres and areas of life, on a variety of issues and problems, they, as the statistics of many countries of the world confirm, very often enter into a marriage union.

The relationship of this pair is an eternal struggle: love is a battle, love is a confrontation. In them everything is abundant, just across the border — and passion, and ambition, and rivalry, and the desire to be the first. Of course, from the outside they seem more than strange and do not produce the impression of a stable, but we must not forget that many tumultuous marriages end up more durable than ordinary marriages. And the self-assured Aries man, and the controversial Libra woman, these vivid emotions are simply vital. In a relationship with each other, they fall into the habitual for themselves a stormy environment, and what’s the difference what others say about it?

The creation of the Aries-Libra pair involves planets, symbolizing the male and female essence — Mars and Venus. As long as the partners have sexual interest in each other, the couple will not be able to beat any worldly storms. In the ideal pair of a Libra woman and an Aries man there is a clear separation of the sexes. Woman-Libra with pleasure transfers all responsibility and the right to mistakes to her husband-Aries, and she organizes a cozy and reliable rear.

In this pair, both partners keep their sexual interest to each other to the most advanced years. No matter how many years this couple is together, the Aries man always remains a brave knight, and the Libra woman is his Beautiful Lady, who will never have to worry that she has become less desirable. The Aries man from the first days of acquaintance admires the beauty and elegance of Libra and will admire her all her life.

In a pair of Libra-Aries compatibility at a young age they do not need any more communication and prefer to spend all the time together. In their mature age, they can be found in various companies, since wisdom comes with age, and they understand that freshness and novelty of feelings need to be maintained. A lot of time a woman-Libra couple and a man-Aries prefer to spend on traveling.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Libra and Aries in that they differently look at social norms and behavior in society. In this area, this couple often have quarrels and disagreements. As a rule, a Libra woman has a refined, refined taste and good manners. Even on friendly "feasts" she respects the rules of good taste. The Libra woman is happy to attend various social events. An Aries man — straightforward, sincere and direct in communication. Therefore, she often has to blush and feel uncomfortable for the behavior of her man, who absolutely does not like secular manners.

Man-Aries, in this pair can be offended that his woman pays attention to someone other than him, and is jealous of her, while her cute behavior is just a tribute to a good upbringing. Compatible horoscopes Libra and Aries — their union can be both amusing and full of strength and life, but only on the condition that they both learn to curb the negative qualities and qualities of their character and temper.

The Aries-man is inherent in acting, advancing, attacking, all bending and bending, breaking and tearing, destroying everything old and paving the path-path to everything new, yet unexplored. The Libra woman needs to smooth and level everything, to bring harmony everywhere and everywhere, as they attach great importance to good upbringing, and the ability to behave in society, and so on.

Also, the woman-Libra, in order to have harmony in her family, it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to rewrite the Aries man in any case. The fact is that in Aries the planet-protector is Mars and jealousy is one of its main qualities. Therefore, if you wean Aries jealous, then at the same time weaken other mars features of the Aries man. Such as: courage, courage, endurance, the ability to stand up for themselves and their loved ones. This will be followed by disappointment. Next to you will be no longer the man you fell in love with.

Libra is very strong planet Saturn, responsible for all the rules and laws for this reason, the woman-Libra is so excellent in the society, intuitively feeling these laws. But Aries and Saturn have problems, he perceives it distorted. If forced to obey the rules, he will eventually become a soldier. Also, not a good option.

What can we do to make harmony in the family of the Libra woman and Aries man? It is necessary for the Libra woman to seek a compromise. For example, she can satisfy her need for a good society by communicating in a women’s club. And the Aries-man with his inappropriate behavior will not be near, and there will be no occasion for his jealousy.

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