Libra Woman Cancer Man

Successful love union of the man Cancer and the woman Libra is a rarity. If they can keep the relationship, as at the initial level, then they will be able to be a happy couple. The Cancer man, strives to give his beloved all his time, is able to paint her life with interesting impressions, but they both have sensitivity and vulnerability.

Woman Libra is open, trusting does not understand the sharp change in the mood of the man of Cancer, does not have time to read the wave of emotions. Cancer, having closed in itself, is capable for a long time in a mode "it is not accessible". However, the assertiveness and liveliness of the woman Libra, as well as her view, can melt the silent and the intruder of Cancer. She likes to lead on the life of Cancer, as if teaching new sensations and giving acuity of perception. Satisfying him with herself, the woman of Libra, also extracts a lot of useful information for herself. She turns a man under him to create a beautiful family.

Possible complications in the couple may be because of not being able to be determined, dreaming and negotiating a wedding, long do not go from words to actions. Everyone blames a partner for slowness, indifference, as a result of which their relationship can reach a dead end.

The Cancer man, making an offer to marry, becomes clumsy, he is like an "elephant in a china shop", breaks words, says inappropriately, and the captious and vulnerable girl of Libra perceives everything too sharply. A bit of initiative they will not hurt, but Libra will never be imposed, because they believe that the offer of the hand and heart still should be done by a man.

Unfortunately, the couple can have novels on the side. This happens only from misunderstood feelings, lack of dialogue, open communication. Because of this, they are looking for a "waistcoat for tears" in another person. To maintain a relationship, do not "flog" the truth, sometimes it’s better to hide something. A loving soul is capable of feeling threatened, and incredibly tormented in conjecture. Therefore, it is better for them to avoid such reasons, they should strengthen their faith in a partner and perhaps trust and love will revive again.

Having married by calculation, the Libra woman can get to the man with loving feelings after a while. Having felt the material dependence, she, nevertheless, does not feel humiliated or defective. In turn, the man Cancer, can lick your beloved with his dictatorship. A vigilant control, touching the space of Libra, in this case she, in every way resisting the tyrant, starts to panic, makes hasty steps. This can lead to a rupture on the part of Libra.

Cancer should be tactful, loyal, trust Libra, because often their jealousy is groundless. This will ensure the compatibility of their complex characters. According to the horoscope, the happiness of this couple is only in the hands of the prudence of men. Giving an account of actions in relation to the family, it is possible to achieve harmony and happiness.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Libra women and Cancer men — every partner in this union has the opportunity to feel like a catcher of pearls. After hard work, obstacles and stress, they can, if they are lucky, get a beautiful pearl of true love. But, of course, there is a risk of being left with nothing.

The Cancer man is cautious, and the Libra woman is contradictory and sometimes she does not know what she wants, that’s why such a union is infrequent. However, the sensitive Cancer man and the loving Libra woman have many pleasant points of contact, but the indecision of both leaves an imprint on their entire life together.

The initiative in this union can belong to both, and no one, since everyone in it is set up, to pull the blanket over. Any plans to change something in life they tend to willingly discuss with each other, but do not rush to take on their implementation. The solution of any important issues Cancer and Libra can drag out indefinitely, which gives them a lot of difficulties both at work and at home, and blaming it they tend not to themselves, but to each other. On the other hand, both partners are committed to a serious relationship, and if it does get married, they can stay together for many years.

Woman-Libra and the man-Cancer are very different, and they rarely have a spiritual intimacy. To make their relationship harmonious they had to work hard, go a long way in search of mutual understanding. But their efforts were not in vain. Now all those around you can notice the mutual love and respect that they show to each other.

In a pair of Libra-Cancer compatibility - they have a different nature and their interests practically do not overlap. In everyday life, they often do their own thing, but if suddenly, a disaster happens, the couple unites. None of the partners will not hurt another. Despite all the external softness, both the Libra woman and the Cancer man are very strong, resolute and strong-willed. Both are very fond of children and become good and caring parents.

In the sexual sphere, the Libra woman and the Cancer man have complete harmony. Cancer man is important feelings, emotional intimacy, and for Libra, physiology also does not play a big role. The problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Libra and Cancer is that if the Cancer man lives with his inner world more, then the Libra woman prefers fun and entertainment in secular companies. Acclimatization, habituation and adaptability to this joint union are worthy of cares and troubles no less than "forty bags", and hard work - do not count. The lack of patience and goodwill often dulls feelings, cools the home microclimate, interferes with mutual understanding.

The main difficulties that this couple faces are the resentment of the Cancer man and the light-mindedness of the Libra woman. A Cancer man is very sensitive to every word, and he can become locked in himself and take offense at anything understandable only to him. The Libra woman can say something without thinking and then forget about it, and the Cancer man will take offense, and most importantly, lose confidence in the Libra woman. And the trust of the man-cancer is very difficult to win.

Often in this pair, the Libra woman is irritated by Cancer’s tediousness. The woman of Libra is more mobile and easier to switch to another topic, another activity. Another problem, which is also often the case in the family of a Libra woman and a Cancer man, is the problem of "two housewives in one kitchen". The Cancer man loves to woo in "women’s affairs" and set the order there as he sees fit. Both partners are strong enough and do not want to obey each other. In this case, in order to avoid quarrels and conflicts, you must immediately share the responsibilities and allow your partner to manage on his territory as he pleases.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Libra and Cancer, in order for their family to be in harmony, it is necessary to make sure that the Cancer man has stopped resenting. The Libra woman is by nature very diplomatic, and this ability will help her cope with the emotional sensitivity of Cancer. To do this, it is only necessary to learn to bypass all sharp corners, control one’s behavior and not to hurt a man-Cancer.

Also, the Libra woman must clearly represent all the dignity of the Cancer man (and there are really a lot of them). Keeping in mind all the dignity of her husband, the woman of Libra can close her eyes to his shortcomings, including the tediousness that so annoys her. Well, if the Libra woman has only one - the only girlfriend with whom she will discuss various cases, and which, over time, the Cancer man will begin to perceive as a member of the family.

And ... Do not bring the Cancer man to fury. In this state, he will not behave like a man at all and shows himself in an unattractive light. The woman of Libra, when she sees her man in this form, can destroy the relationship with her own hands.

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