Libra Woman Gemini Man

Hard relations await a couple of Libra woman and Gemini man. She loves concreteness, seriousness, will expect from a man courageous and frank deeds, understandable words. Alas, the man-Gemini, not one of those. On a clearly posed question, it can deftly evade, find excuses, knows how to dodge.

Libra — a woman who constantly doubts, including in her actions, words, and assumptions. Therefore, looking closely at the Gemini man, will hesitate for a long time, whether it is worth to tie with him. To the Libra woman, you can not refuse in cunning, building up plans. Having decided with the object of conquest, he will apply all his imagination, demonstrate female tricks, simulate behavior in accordance with circumstances. A twin man, caught in traps set by a Libra woman, does not immediately come to his senses that freedom is limited. Libra woman will inspire him that, family, children, career, money is the basis of his life.

A Gemini man is dodgy, knows how to put on a mask, has rich eloquence, iron logic, despite how many disappointments he can bring to women, he will never be "notorious". Libra woman knows how to pretend talently, to represent a victim, actress, modest, novice, anyone. Before the elusiveness of the real essence of Libra, Gemini can clearly be confused. A real war can erupt when a man-Gemini sees the falsity of a friend. Cheating and playing, he himself is so skilfully using it, but in relation to him it will cause a scandal.

Surprisingly, for the stars the pair is compatible, there are no passions in their relation, but there is an unwilling desire of the woman-Libra to ring the adorable Gemini. In other spheres, Libra, an absolute rationalist, unhurried in action, adequate, intelligent.

Linking destinies, the Gemini man and the Libra woman, will become the support and support for each other. Joint trips, the planning of children, the accumulation of money, will stimulate them to a happy life. Having extracted his lover with such persistent work, though concealed, will protect him.

In family relations, harmony and mutual understanding will be achieved only in adulthood, when both will gain life experience. Gemini will begin to appreciate family values and close people, Libra will weaken grip, remove its own tension. They walk worthily in life, with mutual love, absolutely happy people.

Libra Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Libra women and Gemini men — this pair is very harmonious. Their relationship begins and develops easily and at ease. The inconstant Gemini man can hardly be called a sign, striving for family life, but in this union he is closer to it than ever. They are with Libra, although not very similar, but sometimes they see each other in their own reflection. The Libra woman with her frequent change of mood and contradictory feelings is understandable to the Gemini man, like no other sign, and for both, such mutual understanding is a rarity.

Even if it seems to others that the pair of Libra-Gemini has been walking around each other for a long time, not daring to take the first step, in fact it is only a love game that delivers both pleasure. The Libra woman and the Gemini man understand each other at first sight. The ideal pair of the woman-Libra and the man-Gemini have many common interests, and they have excellent mutual understanding.

From time immemorial it is known that the Libra woman, like the Gemini man, does not tolerate and can not be alone - "on an uninhabited island" — even if it was an "island of treasures". Loneliness is their worst enemy, from which they try to get rid as soon as possible and quickly — by marriage.

From the side it’s a very nice couple, in which love and understanding reign. Both partners are very successfully able to jointly rejoice and have fun, have fun and enjoy, both love companies and parties, joke-jokes, humor and satire, the world of the arts. They are open, sociable, people who like to spend their time in hikes, excursions, restaurants, theaters, etc.

The Gemini man is inclined to flirt with other partners, and this encourages the Libra woman to keep herself in good spirits all the time, watch her figure, hairdo, be well-groomed, beautiful, so that no one would ever think of becoming her rival.

And Libra, and Gemini for a long time retain their youth, living with each other. A man does not load his woman with domestic duties and allows him to spend time caring for himself. Both partners are attracted by a romantic mood, love, an intimate atmosphere.

A pair of woman-Libra and a man-Gemini in family life there is little difficulty. The main problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Libra and Gemini is that the woman-Libra wants to see next to her a strong and courageous man with a huge will. A man, Gemini has many interests, is scattered on all sorts of trivia, and he lacks the skill and determination to bring it to the end. Often, the woman-Libra believes that the male Gemini unmanly behavior.

She would like him to protect her physically, and for the Gemini man, the main weapon in the fight against the rival is wit and resourcefulness. This behavior disappoints the Libra woman, and over time, she can begin to command her less-than-willed Gemini man. But, while the Twins do not tolerate even a hint of encroachment on their freedom and on the right to choose how to act in this or that situation. Therefore, this behavior of the woman-Libra brings discord in their relationship.

Compatibility horoscopes Libra and Gemini, so that in their family was harmony, it is necessary that the woman-Libra realized that it is not necessary to remodel his partner, educate him and even more, to command him. As soon as a Libra woman start to reproach a Gemini man, he has a desire to leave her. He will never live with a woman saw. Fortunately, the Gemini man is not vindictive and quick-witted. If the woman-Libra changes the tactics of behavior, then the attitude of the Gemini man also changes rapidly.

If the woman-Libra realized that her Gemini partner is not manly enough for her, then she should become the leader in the pair, but do it as gently and tactfully. If you do this carefully, so that the Gemini man does not take offense, they will never understand that many of the family’s achievements took place because there was a Libra woman nearby who could gently return Gemini to a boring, lost purpose.

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