Libra Woman Libra Man

Nature endowed the Libra woman and Libra man in equal proportion of male and female features. Both have qualities that contribute easily to adapt to life’s changes, find clever ways out and persistently resist adversity. Libra man is charming, moderately emotional person. Is endowed with a sensitive heart and a good heart. A gentle, vulnerable nature in love manifestations, however, where the strength, hardness, courage, and masculinity are to be expressed, these qualities prevail with interest.

The woman of Libra has a strong character, confidence, in her life everything is subordinated to the order, the plan. In her youth she is a windy, loving girl. As he grows up, he thinks about family, children. In the view of the Libra woman, the family is a "full cup", a strong reliable male shoulder and many children. Woman Libra and man Libra are great debaters and experience during disputes inner satisfaction, proving their own rightness. The main thing is to control yourself, so that fierce discussions do not turn into a verbal attack in a crude form.

Fortunately, adequacy and prudence are also qualities of the Libra sign. Therefore, a compromise or resignation of the topic will be achieved. Woman Libra fighter for the truth, will rush to protect the weak and defenseless people. She is a compassionate, deeply religious person. She is endowed with a living imagination, a bright entrepreneurial vein. It is unlikely to attract politics, creative fields, computer technologies. She adores fashionable things, exquisite interior, strives to remodel the home in line with fashion trends.

The Libra man is a deep, sane person. Likes to rest, he likes short-term solitude, so he recruits strength, energy and vitality. In the pair basically there are balanced relations. A union of people loyal and devoted to each other. In their understanding, betrayal can not be a direct cause of the gap, but a protracted conflict is inevitable.

The intimate side of life is Libra, a real paradise of pleasure, mixed feelings, vivid emotions, a storm of passion and tenderness. In their contact, there is a mutual invisible connection, the ability to understand the desires of a partner on the subconscious. Astrology is a science that predicts the possible development of relationships. About this pair it is appropriate to say that they are perfectly compatible. Having adjusted the family "ship", having surrounded his family with care and respect, the couple will bear the flag of strong and eternal love in life with dignity.

Libra Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

This alliance has all the prerequisites for being long-lasting and lasting. In each other, the conflicting Libra finds its second "I". According to the compatibility of Libra women and Libra-men — they have a good understanding and excellent sexual compatibility. They perfectly understand the thoughts of each other’s feelings and aspirations. But, there is a minus in this marriage — their emotions are strong in strength, too.

In everyday life, they can lead to conflicts, which, however, rarely lead to a rupture. For thoughtful Libra you need a very serious reason to dare to divorce. That is why, if Libra expects from this union not only long-term, but also comfortable relations, they should learn to make compromises and often give in to each other.

It is worth noting that in a pair of Libra-Libra compatibility they believe that they are not created in order to combat difficulties, but in order to decorate our lives. In a perfect pair, women-Libra and the man-Libra — real aesthetes. They get real pleasure from beauty, comfortable life and communication with each other. They often attend exhibitions and do not miss a single premiere at the theater.

Even if they grew up in a village in a simple peasant family and are not accustomed to the theater, opera, etc., they still live beautifully. The surrounding people have the impression that they have no worries and problems. In fact, this, of course, is not so. Problems, ups and downs have everyone. It’s just that neither the Libra woman nor the Libra man ever show it to others. But, of course, because of their light nature, they are really easier than many other signs to be able to throw thoughts of unpleasant things out of their heads.

In an ideal pair of two Libra, the partners have excellent mutual understanding. A woman in this union gets the support of a person who understands it like no other. Similarly, she understands the true motives and actions of her companion. The most characteristic for this cultural union is a refined, refined communication between partners, as well as their claims to life, love of beautiful, elegant, expensive things.

The sign of Libra has always symbolized the ability to live and cooperate, and its dominant is Venus - the ability to spend money and enjoy all earthly joys. The problem of the compatibility of the Libra-Libra signs arises when there is nothing to enjoy. How to be then? From physical and black work, from any tedious work, both of them refuse categorically. Here, neither civilized way of life, nor cultural way of life, nor diplomatic talent, which in other cases could really create suitable conditions for a harmonious and even prosperous marriage life do not help.

All Libra are sensitive to everything beautiful. Therefore, by the man-Libra, the natural charm of the woman-Libra will not escape. At first this will not leave him indifferent. Well, then much will depend on the acting talent of the woman-Libra. The fact is that both representatives of this sign are drawn to the energetic, strong, active partners of the Mars warehouse. If a Libra woman can show that she has strength and fire, she can conquer this man. But it is not necessary to reveal the soul: if a man-Libra sees in her many of the features that are in him, then he automatically assigns to it and his own shortcomings.

According to the Libra-Libra compatibility horoscope, creating a family alliance is worth remembering that their joint boat can crash if their family encounters monetary difficulties. The main danger that lies in wait for this union is financial. No one can be insured against unemployment and lack of money, but people born under the sign of Libra are the most difficult to endure these problems. Therefore, to ensure that harmony does not cease in the family, you must insure yourself, and have any additional source of income, for example, a bank account or real estate that can help out in difficult times.

If the Libra family is created at a young age, then they need close people who will help to conduct financial affairs, because Libra can not save. A pair of Libra can enjoy all the joys of life, they are gourmets of life, consuming only refined and beautiful sensations. In a quiet environment, doing what he likes, Libra seldom lose a job. Therefore, often their monetary problems are associated with crises in society, when enterprises are disintegrating and jobs are disappearing. In periods when only those who survive with perseverance and rigidity survive, who do not disdain "black work" in unskilled positions, Libra will be helpless. The family will begin to reproach, disappear the exquisite behavior of Libra alone with each other.

It is worth noting that the woman-Libra copes better with the situation of lack of money than the man-Libra. She has the ability to find the right people at the right time. Therefore, if suddenly the family has come hard times, the man-Libra stands for a time to yield leadership in a pair of his woman. And most at this time, all the strength to focus on, to preserve the love and interest of the wife to yourself. Otherwise, she can decide that "a suitcase without a handle" for her is an unnecessary luxury. If the marriage fails, the woman-Libra, without any effort, will find another, better-off man.

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