Libra Woman Taurus Man

Stubborn Taurus man will certainly be interested in a woman-Libra. Not a simple couple, so different in their outlook on life, and on ideas about the relationship between a man and a woman. The Taurus man is active, the master of life, with unbending will, confidence in his undeniable right.

Libra woman is a kind soul, pleasant appearance. She is sociable, interesting, knows how to let herself assume importance, play a little for the audience. There is a craving for spontaneous and inadequate decisions, the unpredictability of Libya’s "crazy" girl is frightening. The Taurus man in his statements is honest, says what he thinks, regardless of tact. Actions and thoughts of Taurus, a Libra woman understand, it clearly calculates everything.

A scrupulous woman, Libra, before a global solution to problems or changes, for example, marriage, will lead everyone to an unrestrained eloquence, the discussion of the issue for her is sometimes more important than the final result. A Taurus man is thoughtful, does not endure his thoughts, doubts, tries to solve everything around him.

Responsible Taurus does not always see in his wife Libra practical and sensible woman. Emotional girl is confused by the cold-bloodedness of Taurus. In the intimate sphere, they reach mutual pleasure. It is not uncommon, when the development of relations begins after a stormy night.

The woman of Libra is inclined to hesitate, to search for a way for a long time, sometimes just stalling. From despair and own uncertainty, it sometimes panics. If a Taurus man appears in the life of a Libra woman, she is lucky, a solid and reasonable partner is ready to put a "point" over the solution of her problems. In general, the compatibility of a man - Taurus and a woman - Libra is quite high. Despite some disagreements, they seldom bring the relationship to a break and avoid violent clarification of the relationship.

Behind the "thick skin" of Taurus is hidden a receptive and vulnerable nature. In times of despondency and pessimism, falls in spirit. A radiant beauty, a Libra woman can easily derive from apathy, only with a kind word and a warm look. She manages to quickly return the ruined optimism to Taurus.

A Taurus man is not one of those who recognize other people’s victories and achievements, but a woman needs confirmation of the words of her beloved, how clever she is, clever, she wants to arouse pride and respect for her. Alas, it is necessary for the Libra woman with it will reconcile, it is stingy to kind words in its address.

The dominant role of the Taurus man, will never pass into the hands of a Libra woman. Wisdom and understanding will help her, unnoticed for him to adjust the life path in accordance with her ideas. The couple may well be among the happy unions, thanks to the compatibility of these signs in marriage. Having tempered their exactingness to a partner, they will live a long family life.

Libra Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of women-Libra and Taurus-men, this pair resembles twin children: they are so different, but such relatives and elusively similar. Their union can be called the union of two real aesthetes and gourmets. The love of comfort and pleasure draws together the Taurus man and the sensual woman Libra, in a joint life manifesting themselves literally in everything — from their shared love to eat deliciously to the desire to have beautiful things and the ability to please each other in bed. All this contributes to the creation of a lasting and lasting, harmonious relationship, after all, it is so pleasant when a close person is connected not only with the solution of vital problems, but also the ability to receive joy from life even in small things.

Libra-Taurus is one of the strongest pairs, especially if love for them came not in the early youth. In a perfect pair of Libra women and Taurus men there is no place for scandals and quarrels. Both partners got what they wanted. A Taurus man is a quiet and comfortable life next to a beautiful woman, and a Libra woman is a reliable protector and support, that "stone wall" behind which her earthly castles are not afraid of everyday storms.

As a rule, Libra appreciates the hard-working man-Taurus. She needs a comfortable life, expensive things and exquisite jewelry. All this needs money. A Taurus man, like no other, can provide her with all this. And, in the process of making money, he will also make repairs in the apartment, and plant peas in the garden.

In a pair of Libra-Taurus compatibility — they both do not like a stormy clarification of relationships, scandals and quarrels. The Libra woman skillfully smoothes tensions, is able to behave tactfully and creates a calming environment in the house. To do this, she has all the necessary feminine qualities: good taste, diplomacy, ability to yield.

The main problem of compatibility of Zodiac Libra-Taurus signs is that they have different views on similar things. The Libra woman lives in a world of ideas, and the Taurus man lives in a world of forms. They find it difficult to understand each other, since the Libra woman values intangible aesthetic pleasures, and the Taurus man is something that you can touch with your hands. Simply put, Taurus is a sculptor, and Libra is a poet. Therefore, very often a Taurus man, an airy Libra woman, seems boring and too grounded.

The second problem faced by representatives of these two signs is poor sexual compatibility. Taurus man loves sex, because this sign of the Zodiac refers to the elements of the Earth, associated with fertility and the whole carnal side of life. But he is not interested in the romantic side of sexual relations. A woman, Libra, on the contrary, wants everything to be "like in a movie." She needs a prelude, a flirtation, a romantic atmosphere, and her sexual appetite is weaker than that of the male Taurus. Therefore, in sex, the Taurus man seems to her, too boring and "physiological."

According to the compatibility of horoscopes Libra and Taurus, so that in their family there was harmony, the Libra woman must recognize her husband as an equal intellectual partner, but do not expect that he will look at the world the same way you do. Due to the fact that this pair has a different worldview, at a young age there are frictions, and only with age, Libra and Taurus have strong relationships. This is due to the fact that the woman-Libra, after gaining wisdom, begins to seek intellectual interlocutors among her friends, and does not appoint a husband for this role.

After living with a Taurus man for a while, the Libra woman begins to understand that any idea deserves to take shape. And embodies ideas in the form of a man-Taurus. And as soon as the woman-Libra "comes" to this, she has an intellectual snobbery towards her husband and starts a new honeymoon. After a while, she gets to see in the Taurus man an equal intellectual partner, although not like herself. Since that time, she begins to admire and respect the man-Taurus as a strong person, able to provide for his family.

To establish sexual relations, the Libra woman will also have to try. It is necessary to explain and clearly demonstrate that the palette of feelings will become richer if sex is preceded by a romantic mood, atmosphere and the corresponding foreplay. But, in addition, the woman-Libra should learn to forget about external aesthetics and be given to the will of instincts.

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