Sagittarius Woman in Marriage

You might have decided to marry a Sagittarius lady or want to go in relationship with her. So it is always advisable for you to know her nature, qualities, and her unique attributes to better understand her. Just have a look for all this in the given article, which will tell you completely about her. Wish you all the best for having her in your life!

Is your lady so chatty? Her talkative behaviour mesmerizes you and at times annoys too. Without wondering much it can be said she is a Sagittarius woman. Liberty is a key word for her. A Sagittarius woman is charming creature in the World. If she is in your life you can be glad to have her. She is an intellectual lady and can convince you for any difficult job. But one quality of her can irritate you and it is her demand of independence and straightforward attribute. She likes freedom in all angles of life. If someone orders or commands her to do the job she will avoid you. A Sagittarius woman is also a moody person. She likes privacy but when in love she shows boundless emotions without higher demands. She believes in giving gits.

A Sagittarius woman is also a highly spiritual lady. She believes in divine peace and feels that only peace can support internal quest. For her, love is a romantic venture. In family too, she likes to bind all members in discipline. She has a strong will power. Her ability of organizing the things in order and bringing a justified result makes people admire her. She is highly enthusiastic towards life. Her aspirations are high. But she easily trusts anyone that often hurts her- if someone turns her trust into betray. However she knows very well how to move on in life. She forgets negativity in past and looks her future brightly.

Being a highly intellectual lady she likes interacting with people. Meeting new person is also her favourite task. She is tremendously an outspoken lady. Truthfulness, honesty, sincerity and dedications are her other qualities. Her nature can suits to everyone, but best compatible signs for her are Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius. A man of self respect is perfect in her opinion.

As a Sagittarius woman is a deep thinker and disciplined lady she can be more successful becoming a teacher or philosopher as these profession suits her traits. She may also get excellent achievements going into marketing field, public relations and other interactive job.

However there are several qualities in a Sagittarius woman that minimizes her image. She often lacks tact as how to judge the situation or event and how to give a fair judgment. This of her trait sometimes compel you to run away from her, but her pleasing personality and mesmerizing aroma of her heart attracts you to go with her. It makes you live with her a long time or convince to sustain a long relationship. She is friendly too and makes friends each place whether it is her office or it is her travelling spot. Rather believing in virtual or illusion she believes in reality of the world.

She is not good at all in managing her account. In money-management she is quite week. However she likes spending money. Another attribute, she is often an over-confident girl that takes away from achievements. So this attribute she will have to control.

Diplomacy is a word not made for her. She does not like to add crisp or spice while expressing her views. She, in fact, likes to explain the things what she has exactly seen. This quality makes her honest and a non-political lady. She takes every matter lightly because of her optimistic attribute. But that does not mean that she is irrational- she thinks each matter logically. Usually she is an enormous calm and cool person. Her tranquil nature adds peace in environment. But when she gets hurt by someone or if someone offends her, she can become the most furious person. A Sagittarius lady is complete with sentiments and emotions. However she is a little shy!

Sagittarius Woman as a Wife

A woman Sagittarius is a good choice. She is a true and honest friend to her husband. These women, often in a very intelligent way, participate in the affairs of her husband. Very outspoken and most of the time friendly, she is a creature who is always on her toes. Sagittarius woman is not offensive, she has enough patience to wait for the moment in which she will be asked for advice, and when that happens, she will be interesting hearer, and a very wise counselor. Her real field of actions are different hobbies and sports. All life outside is extremely interested and occupied to her. She likes fishing, hunting, horseback riding and competitive sports.

Her husband does not have to search for a friends for all these forms of entertainment. She is enthusiastic when it comes to all kinds of activities, social and civic life, sports and gambling. With such a wife you can have a wonderful and interesting life. At home, she is very expeditious and knows how to deal with the kids. She is a woman who can be trusted. Requires an active and fast life. Since she is not jealous (or she is masking it), she has a wide circle of friends of both sexes. She is able to avoid all emotional complications. Sometimes she can be suspicious in relation to her husband, but she express that with remarkable tact and measure. She, however, was not so tactful when she is dealing with everyday problems.

Since she is very open, she is often say everything that she thinks. Emotionally, she is very nervous. She is generous and kind but she tends to cut down quite frankly causing the person to want to retaliate from her. One has to be very sure before being in a relationship with Sagittarius woman as once someone is in her life, it is nearly impossible for that person to step back again. She do not make a fetish of physical relationships, but still she enjoys sex and she requires husbands attention and love. Her approach to sex is refined and inspiring.

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