Aquarius Woman Mistress

If you want to understand an Aqurian woman, you may as well forget it. She is a paradox. She is faithful and yet detached. She is committed and yet relaxed. She loves everyone, and yet no one. She is sociable but also a loner. She is gentle and yet tough. She is passionate but she can also be platonic. In short, she is predictable in her unpredictability.

Conversations with an Aquarian woman can be incredible. She seems to be well informed about everyone and everything, possessing the ability to meet people on their level, rather than impose her own opinions on them. She’s so charming and fascinating that its easy to see why shes often surrounded by admirers; but when the question of marriage is raised, she wont rush into anything. She will want to weigh up all the pros and cons and take her time, because the line between friendship and love is very thin for Aquarian women. Talk of marriage may come as a surprise to her. Shes not really the romantic type and too much togetherness can make her feel smothered.

If you want to win the heart of this independent, fascinating butterfly you must not be jealous, possessive, critical or conservative in any way. However, once in a relationship the Aquarian woman can be loyal, tolerant and understanding of their partners eccentricities-in fact the more eccentricities her partner has the better, because the Aquarian woman cant stand the conventional and the conservative. She will need space in which to breath and may even suggest a life-apart arraingement or separate bedrooms instead of cohabiting; but whether you live together or apart, a relationship with an Aquarian woman will always seem like a first time love affair-unpredictable on the one hand but exciting, spontaneous and magical on the other.

Aquarius Mistress Romantic Nature

The Aquarius woman is smart, independent, somewhat rebellious and a true original. Part of the reason her man has fallen in love with her is the fact that she’s not a clinging vine. Quite the contrary, she matches wits with her man, has a wide circle of her own friends, and prefers to stand on her own two feet. Many Aquarius women are leaders in their field. She’s analytical and her ability to communicate is highly developed. If you want to get on her good side, use reason and logic rather than emotion.

Your challenge will be to keep things from becoming boring or routine, which would spell disaster for your relationship. Aquarius woman is not an easy little bird to catch, for once you feel you’ve got her in your hands (or arms) she’s flitted away again. She will need her space, and with so many other guys buzzing around her (she tells you they’re just friends) you will need to steady your nerves.

Aquarius Mistress Sexual Nature

Never inhibited in bed, Aquarius brings a sense of fun and playfulness to her lovemaking. She may suggest a video to watch beforehand, since Aquarius mistress are so electronically-oriented, or if you know her very well, she might consent to making your private video together, with her ground rules.

Since she loves being in the center of the action, tell her that you want make love to her in a semi-public place. Remember the movie set in Vietnam, called The Lover? The lovers meet regularly in an apartment right off the street where city noises and people walking around outside the door are quite audible, and the very closeness of the street has an erotic effect on lovers. Be inspired by this thought, perhaps at the next party you two attend.

Choose a room where she can hear other guests but where the two of you can temporarily disappear for some privacy, maybe a closet or pantry. Don’t worry about her reaction to suggesting a quickie - if she knows you well, this is one lady who will be delighted!

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