Cancer Woman Mistress

Like the waxing and waning moon, Cancer women can be gentle, magical, enlightening and imaginative-and occasionally a little crazy. They may appear shy and sweet at first but over time they can blossom into fascinating conversationalist with a wealth of hidden talents and passionate sexuality.

If a Cancer woman falls in love there tend to be two sides of her. One is modest and womanly the other is deeply affectionate and at times clingy. The latter can be wonderful if the affection is welcomed and suffocating if it isn’t. Rejection and ridicule are a Cancer woman’s greatest fears and this is why she will rarely make the first move in a relationship. She may also suffer from bouts of low self-esteem when she doesn’t feel pretty or cleaver enough. If her partner can reassure her during these vulnerable moments, she is theirs for life.

Material comfort and security are important for this woman but she will not expect her partner to provide everything for her. She is more than willing to put in her share of hard work to give her family comfort and stability. Above all there is nothing shallow or superficial about a Cancer woman and when she falls in love it’s generally for keeps. There is also no end to the heroic sacrifice this woman will make for those she loves.

Cancer Mistress Romantic Nature

Like her Cancer brother, she is sensitive, emotional, kind, caring one and gets deeply hurt. Like her male counterpart, she may have strong ties to the family especially her mother. Cancer woman tend to be rosy with a certain shyness which makes them attractive to many kinds of men. Because of her shyness and fear of being rejected she will never make the first moves in her relationship. But when in love, she will be tender, womanly and modest. Being more oriented towards security and sensitivity in her man. It’s not wise to view the Cancer woman as a one-night stand.

Like her ruling planet Moon, she will be changeable and full of mood swings so ypu’ll have to learn to live with her mood swings. She has plenty of emotional outbursts and confessions of love and be prepared for her volatility in nature because her temper may burst out in case a spat isn’t resolved right away. With a Cancerian woman, you’ll have to be careful with words because she is very sentimental and can get hurt very easily. Cancer women tend to seek lasting relationships and are extremely loyal. Because of their ties to their parents, especially to their mothers, they will expect their husbands to extend themselves for their parents in times of need. So, if you want your partner to be loving and caring wife and mother, Cancer may be the sign to follow.

Her ruler, the moon, rules the changing emotions - so she can be a moody person. This may make it hard to figure out how she feels about you in the early days of your relationship, because at times your stock will appear to rise and fall. If you marry her, this will not be a problem for she will be very loyal to you, and often put your interests ahead of hers. Your lunar goddess takes responsibility seriously. If she is a single mother, her children will come first, and you may have to wait in line. Yet it is this side of her - her mothering instincts - that you probably find so appealing in her.

Nothing comes before her spouse and her children in a Cancer woman’s life and thus, she often she forgets her own needs. Here is where you can lavish attention on her. She is a bit of a worrier, and will often second-guess herself about decisions she has made. Reassure her that her judgment is sound, and help her focus more on the future, less on the past. (Cancer rules tradition, and this why she is so marvelous about creating a warm and loving family life - she knows she is building memories!) Holidays and birthdays are important to her, so don’t put her down for wanting to make them special. Instead, support her.

If she seems down and suddenly you find yourself on the outs with her, talk gently with her to get back into her good graces. Harsh tactics would be the wrong approach to take with her. Keep your temper under control and don’t be demanding. Her gentle feelings over-respond to criticism and in the heat of argument you could say something which could crush her irreparably. Cancers have excellent memories and she will remember everything you said, unfortunately whether you meant it or not.

Cancer Mistress Sexual Nature

The Cancer woman’s home is her nest and is highly important to her. Cancers are not comfortable in large, high-key, fancy places. She wants to focus on you, not the surroundings. The Cancer woman will enjoy reminiscing, so think about recreating the first time you made love together, perhaps by going back to the same place or by celebrating the anniversary.

When making love, the Cancer woman is fragile and feminine. Because she often puts others first, a little pampering would be a smart idea. To seduce your mistress properly, whip up a surprise gourmet dinner and serve it to her on a small table decorated with flowers and white table linens set up in the bedroom, a place she isn’t used to eating. Have chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert and feed her each by hand, one by one. Hide a love note or special card under her plate - Cancers are sentimental. Be especially careful about what you say to her during lovemaking, for anything she construes as negative could hurt her deeply - teasing is not for her.

Give her an exquisite strand of pearls (Cancer is a crab, a little sea creature like the pearl oyster) or a skimpy, slinky, expensive nightgown in one of her moon colors - silver, creamy white or pale, smoky blue. She would also adore flowers - but instead of sending her red or pink roses, make your bouquet a variety of flowers in Cancer’s color - snow white - tied with a gorgeous thick white satin ribbon. You’ll eventually discover (if she likes you) that she has beautiful, firm, fully-rounded breasts (the part of the body the sign rules) which, in bed, she adores having her man fondle and admire. Paint them with thousands of kisses and caress them gently.

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