Gemini Woman Mistress

Gemini women have a reputation for being playful and fickle when it comes to affairs of the heart. Their mind and their moods are constantly changing, but hidden underneath their detached exterior is a woman who is capable of intense passion. In other words, the Gemini woman isn’t just one woman, she is several woman and to win her heart you need to get all of them to fall in love with you.

Gemini women find it incredibly hard to commit themselves to one person at a time and that is why they don’t typically tend to settle down in a relationship until later in life when they have become more mature and self-aware. Until then they will present different face to everyone they meet but few, if any, of the people they get close to will know them very well.

When a Gemini woman does come to a deeper understanding of her own restless nature and settles down, her partner will have not one but several wives to live with. She’ll be moody one day, bright and breezy the next, quiet and thoughtful the day after, a beautiful hostess the day after that and passionate, secretive and intense the following day. On one hand all this sounds exhausting but on the other it sounds incredibly exciting. Her partner needs to be able to keep up with her thoughts and personality changes and in return she will offer her partner companionship, devotion, loyalty, love and most of all, hopes and dreams to last a life time.

Gemini Mistress Romantic Nature

The Gemini woman is full of enthusiasm. A vivacious, shining beauty, she can talk about a wide variety of subjects, and she is curious about everything. Don’t advise a Gemini woman that she would be better off doing one thing at a time, for she needs variety and pursues a multitude of interests. She is actually at her best when swamped with things to do! Gemini is an ace communicator too, particularly adept at sharing her emotions and thoughts. (Take away her dial tone and it is like taking away oxygen.) She doesn’t go for a man who crowds her or who limits her space. Gemini is symbolized by the twins flying through the air, and to set limits on a Gemini is like trapping a lovely bird in a small cage.

This is a busy woman with endless lists of things to accomplish. Gemini does have a tendency to be a bit forgetful too. But who wouldn’t, with her lifestyle? She does more in a week than most of us accomplish in a month! You will need to remain Priority One with her, a hard task, when you’re competing with all her activities, friends and admirers.

Read up on current issues, whether it is art, technology, movies, or books - anything interesting you that is topical. Then suggest to her that you and she check out a show or meet in a late night coffee shop to discuss the issues. Gemini adores a lively debate (she was probably captain of her debating team in college). Browse with her in a good bookstore, one that plays music to encourage lingering. (Gemini rules the printed words, thus, she is happy in book shops.) Or, if she has a new laptop, offer to help her set up her system folder. (She has the brains to do it, but prefers to do other things.

Suggest you go window shopping for a new fax machine one night after work, so that she can choose the best one when she’s ready. Convince her to let you assess the various local cellular phone carriers to choose the best deal for her, then meet to discuss your findings. As you see all these things are communication-oriented, and believe it or not, as dorky as these things seem, they will really turn her on. She will love you for your thoughtfulness. Trust me on this.

Gemini Mistress Sexual Nature

In bed, whisper words and little stories you’ve imagined or read. Gemini woman is the most verbal of all the signs, and her strong intellect and rich imagination is your surest way to passionate love. Read portions of steamy novels too while in bed, and don’t be afraid to laugh or have fun with her when making love. She is one of the most spontaneous of all the signs.

Since Gemini is the sign which rules versatility, she will appreciate your reading up on different lovemaking positions - and she’ll be willing to try almost anything at least once. One more hint: Gemini mistress is very verbal, and therefore highly oral. Enough said? You lucky dude, you.

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