Libra Woman Mistress

The typical Libran woman-if there is such a creature, as she is so multifaceted is dainty, fragrant smelling and seductive. She often loves luxurious clothes and perfumes and in many cases will be very aware of her good looks. But with all her femininity and sweet grace there is plenty of the masculine about her. Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, you’re unlikely to see the tougher side of her personality when you first get to know her; but in time it will be impossible for her to hide forever her sharp mind and self sufficient spirit. This woman is in fact one of the most capable women of the zodiac. She can cope with just about anything and is more than a match for any man or woman.

Above all, the Libran woman is fair and her commitment to finding a solution that works for everyone makes her invaluable in family discussions or during times of crisis. In fact, she’ll come into her own during family emergencies or crises and shell be the one who keeps everything afloat. When there are disagreements she will never believe that her opinion is the correct or only one-she has too much respect for the opinions of others. Although living alone doesn’t suit her, when she is in a relationship she will not slip into a despondent role and will contribute more than her fair share both emotionally and financially. As tough as steel but soft as velvet, on the outside the Libran woman is a hard act to follow. She is an amazing combination of sweetness and strength and whenever she walks into a persons life or heart the chances are high that they wont ever want her to leave.

Libra Mistress Romantic Nature

The Libra woman is beautiful befitting her rank as Goddess of Love. Though she is worshipped and adored, yet she herself seeks a man to idolize. A Libra woman generally has soft pleasing features. She is the ambassador of the most radiant, perfect smiles. With a great figure and a beauty that goes beyond mere prettiness. The most persistent of all physical traits of Libra zodiac signs is the dimples. Her walk is sensually tantalizing but does not detract from her image as a ladylike woman of culture. Her preferences in men run from the masculine types to the creative and executive types who are doing things worthwhile and worth publicizing.

A Libra woman has a veneer of worldly wiseness that is the end product of calculated study. Her sharp intellect can floor anyone. She learns about life from books, her friends, some things from music, art and rest from men as well. She’ll be facing recurring dilemma, to love this one or that one or both? Libra women like the social graces. A well appointed table in an elegant restaurant complete with flowers would be a perfect way to start the evening with your Libra date. She loves getting involved into relationships.

Her life would not make sense without socializing. Virgo woman lives for love and romance and feel no need to blush, act coy or hesitant about any erotic desires, whether they are hers or her lover’s. One of the social aspiration of both Libra men and women is their quest for partnership, she gets married very easily, not necessarily to have a husband, but to have a mate and then she becomes the participating member of the family. She just can’t make it as a loner and life without love for her would be a living death.

Your mission 007, is to capture her heart. Not an easy task, considering the line of men waiting in line. She has no shortage of opportunities, so competition will be stiff. She has powerful talents of persuasion and her lover may not know exactly how she gets her way, but she does every time - in the most charming fashion. Be wary of getting wrapped around her little finger, for although she may protest, she secretly likes a man who stands up to her now and then. If you are only semi-conscious most of the time, you don’t stand a chance of winning her heart.

Libra Mistress Sexual Nature

Think of the cherubs in old master paintings, flying though the air, holding branches of roses or a lovely harp. This describes your angelic lover. She’d adore anything decorative, from sweetheart roses, soft silk lingerie in a delicate colors, to perfume in a modern or gentle floral tone (nothing jarring for Libra). One of Libra’s favorite gifts is jewelry, but it has to be the real thing. Costume jewelry will tarnish, just like your relationship will if you try to give her this. Robbing a bank may be your only choice to get her what she wants. She might also enjoy a beautiful mirror, framed in gold leaf. Let’s pause a moment - perhaps you’ve just thought of something naughty? Before you get carried away, let me advise you that not all Libras like making love in front of a mirror. Venus endowed her with curves and she may be a bit self-conscious about them (silly girl.) Put the mirror up in the bedroom and let her gradually get used to it. Keep telling her how tell her how gorgeous she looks without a stitch on.

The Libra woman adores lighter foreplay activities and is a world-class kisser. If you haven’t yet tapped into this aspect of her, you are missing one of life’s true experiences. Corner her into a hot necking session somewhere like at the movies, where the other viewers won’t care if you and she are going at one another like two kids hell bent on trouble. If you are lucky, the usher may come with her flashlight and scold you!

When you finally get Virgo mistress to bed she will want a slow hand, for Libra women never marry cold fish or slam-bam-thank-you-m’am types. She is highly romantic and sensitive and wants you to be that way too. Her bed usually has many fluffy pillows and the most beautiful linens she can afford. She wants music in the bedroom, but no TV (too indelicate - who wants to hear about the Congressional budget or a mugging in Queens when one is in the throes of passion?) One last hint: Libra rules the lower back and will purr like a kitten when her man massages it with a lightly scented cream. Meow!

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