Sagittarius Woman Mistress

Sagittarian women are the most blisteringly frank women of the entire zodiac. They see the world exactly as it is and will never lie to you. Fortunately they often do this in such a charming, intelligent and optimistic manner that its impossible to be upset. Extremely independent in their thinking, these women are most likely to live alone, sometimes even when they are in a relationship.

They may marry later than expected or be fairly aloof-uninterested even- when there is talk of commitment or family ties. The reason is not that they don’t ever want to get married but that marriage is something they always think about as something they will do in the future. Right now there is so much they want to learn, see and do and so many places to which they want to go.

The Sagittarian woman tends to have a lot of friends, but also tends to mistake friendship for love and love for friendship. Her affectionate social nature and breezy, unconventional approach to relationships, but this isn’t an accurate assessment. When she eventually meets someone who can challenge her intellectually and who matches her optimism, she is capable of incredible commitment and emotional involvement. As long as she doesn’t feel tied down and is allowed to make her own decisions, a relationship with a Sagittarian woman can be unequaled when it comes to loyalty, trust, affection and honesty. There will also be plenty of excitement and enough idealism to last a lifetime.

Sagittarius Mistress Romantic Nature

Her sign rules the centaur, half man, half horse, pointing high, toward the sky, which symbolizes her quest to reach the lofty goals she’s set. She could be "high maintenance" in that you will have to endure all the highs and lows of her existence, for her motto is nothing ventured, nothing gained. Alas, some things just aren’t going too work out, but unlike Cancer, who will try to second-guess themselves, Sag’s optimism will buoy her up. She will be on to Plan B in no time. Sometimes this could be exhausting for you, so keep the vitamins handy.

If you’d like to get her a fragrance, choose one of the fresh new uni-sex fragrance, for she won’t wear anything too conventionally flowery or sweet. She is apt to be a runner or do some equally strenuous sport - can you imagine a marathon runner fussing with Arpege? Not quite. Her likes her look sporty, preferring pants to skirts and sportswear to anything more formal. Sagittarius generally likes comfortable shoes, the heels not too high. It must have been a Sagittarius who started the trend of wearing her sneakers on the way to work. Often Sagittarius women were tomboys as a kid, and as a woman she manages to keep her enviable figure because of all the exercise she gets. Give her clothing which is body revealing, such as a mini skirt and matching top in lycra or spandex. She is one woman who can carry it off in style! Or treat her to ten weeks with a personal trainer and she’ll be yours for life.

Sagittarius Mistress Sexual Nature

The Sag woman has no patience with frilly nightgowns but prefers either something plain and natural. What would she most likely wear to bed? A cool, thin, tight white cotton tank top which outlines her breasts, worn with tiny cotton string panties - or nothing at all. She likes men’s wear, so you might catch her putting on your button-down shirt with not much else on but a smile. She will do more for your shirt than you could ever imagine.

She will be impressed if you treat your body like a temple too, so try to work out often. Then, you can lounge around in tight bicycle shorts to heat things up. Look at her innocently and say you took a part time job as a messenger and need to wear them for practicality and comfort. (She’d got a good sense of humor.) Since this woman would love a strenuous workout, plan an active, feather-flying pillow fight or try chasing her around the yard. Feeling randy? Toss her into a snow drift. The aim here is to get her pulse rate up then convince her she won’t need her morning run with you around.

The Sagittarian love for traveling means that he is more likely to sleep with a foreigner. In fact, Sagittarius mistress is the sign most likely to have sex partners of foreign nationalities and exotic backgrounds. Their curious, wandering nature means they like to explore things under the sack. They love freedom and free love. To hell with with rules and morality. They want to be free to love whoever they want. They are open to new experiences. Uninhibited is the right word to describe the Sagittarius. They have a rich life.

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