Scorpio Woman Mistress

Magnetic, proud, confident, mysterious and deep are key words for the Scorpio woman. The chances are she’ll also be strikingly beautiful and seductive but, as stunning as she is, the Scorpio woman harbors a secret resentment. In her mind, being a woman brings its joys but also its restrictions. She may, for example, find the role of being a girlfriend challenging. She’ll want to be the one making the move and -if it comes to marriage- she’ll be the one who wants to pop the question. Then if children come into the scene, although she can make a wonderful mother, she’ll struggle with the limitations of having a family can make on her career.

Sexy and aggressive, its not that this woman wishes she was more like a man. She just longs doe more freedom and a life without limitation. She’ll be the woman pushing the boundaries at work and, when it comes to relationships, she will want to cut right to the chase. She does, however, know how to play the game of life well and will often disguise her true intention behind a mysterious, enigmatic exterior. She’s a mistress of the art of getting other people to do exactly what she wants without even realizing it. Before you know it you’ll be hopelessly caught in her spell. This woman is many things, but above all she is powerful.

Being so strong, a Scorpio woman cant stand weakness in others. In relationships she will look for a partner who is ambitious and intelligent, like she is; although she will try to dominate, when she is truly in love she secretly wants her partner to dominate her. She’s deeply passionate and sexual, but in times of crisis her calm, inner strength will shine through. Although she is touchingly honest in her affections, her partner will never feel they completely understand her-but that’s all part of her magic.

Scorpio Mistress Romantic Nature

Your Scorpio beauty is attracted to power, so if you have it, you are ahead of the game. Your other challenge will be that this lady has a mind of her own, so if you think you can tame her, forget it. Her highly intuitive nature makes her a mind reader extraordinaire, so don’t try to hide anything from her. If you are trying to impress her with power you don’t have, her Pluto-ruled nature will sense it like a homing device. (Certainly you don’t want to activate her seek and destroy mechanism.)

In love and friendship, she is true-blue loyal and will expect the same from you. If you show her the slightest reason to distrust you, however, she will never forgive you. On the other hand, treat her well and she will reward you for the rest of your life. Home and family are regarded as sacred, and Scorpio will defend and support her man to the ends of the earth. Like Leo women, Scorpio women are into control, and with her magnetic, femme fatale powers, she will soon have the upper hand. After all, who could resist her famous Scorpion gaze, those memorable bedroom eyes?

Scorpio Mistress Sexual Nature

If you take your Scorpio mistress beloved out for dinner, make it a private little dark rendezvous, overlooking water if possible or better yet, as a guest on a private yacht (preferably yours). The Scorpion woman will always be understated with her powerful sexuality - she doesn’t need to flaunt it, it exudes naturally. In her dress, she is very careful about her accessories, buying only the finest shoes and handbags, and if she needs one, an elegant leather brief case. Scorpio knows these accessories punctuate her entire look and impart a feeling of true elegance. Get her quality things made out of leather (down, boy, not those things). If treating her to perfume, get her a modern oriental or something of musk and subtly sexual.

While the Scorpio woman is always a lady in public, she loves being her man’s fantasy woman in the bedroom. Buy her some new lingerie in of her most flattering tones: maroon, eggplant or a black. Elegant French and Italian imported lingerie will impress her so buy her a demi-cup push up bra, tiny, sheer g-string bikini and elegant garter belt, complete with a pair of black seamed stockings. She may also be amused and aroused by a lavishly illustrated photography book by Helmut Newton or Doris Kloster. If you get lucky, she may want to experiment a little by lap dancing for you and you alone.

This sign rules detective work, so plan a mystery for her. She has a rich imagination and this should work whether you’ve known her a month or a decade. Tell her to meet you in the most elegant hotel bar in town. When you spot her, stand at the other end of the bar and have the waiter send over a glass of champagne and a note from you. By now the suggestive nature of your behavior will have the staff murmuring and staring and it will begin to turn her on tremendously. After the second or third drink, send her the key to your room in a small envelope. (Book their best suite ahead of time and stock it with roses and.) When she’s pocketed the key, have her meet you by the elevator. Ride up alone, pushing her against the back wall of the elevator and tell her in great detail what you have planned. Show her the silk ribbons you’ve tucked into your breast pocket - Scorpio woman is intrigued by bondage. Although she will try her hardest not to show it, she will be aching for you to begin. She won’t forget this mystery, and neither will you!

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