Taurus Woman Mistress

The Taurean woman is typically fiercely protective and supportive of those she loves. She is also one of the most courageous woman of the zodiac, both morally and emotionally. And because she appreciates people for who they are, she also has the remarkable ability to get on with just about everyone from scientist to street sweeper.

It’s a rare Taurean woman who doesn’t try to make her home look clean-even beautiful- and she is very intolerant of untidiness and sloppy habits. Many have a marked talent or appreciation for for the arts, in particular, music. Although she is often very sensual and passionate in the bedroom, in everyday life she likes to take her time and do things her own way. If you try to rush her or hurry her along, she may become irritable. It isn’t wise to get her angry because if she is goaded too much she can burst into a violent temper that will take a long time for you and her to forget.

When it comes to choosing a partner, she despises weakness and will look for someone who is willing to contribute as much as she does to the relationship. Once she is in a relationship she will be fiercely loyal and will stand by those she loves even when all others have deserted them. She will also never fail to inspire her partner with her brave, determined example. Those lucky enough to have a Taurus woman fall in love with them will find that her dependable strength and practicality can quite literally move mountains.

Taurus Mistress Romantic Nature

The Taurus woman is feminine, soft and highly diplomatic. She has a lyrical speaking voice that soothes and comforts you, and she could even have a talented singing voice (Barbara Streisand is a Taurus). Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a sign which adores the arts - from music to painting - and will enthusiastically go to any cultural event her lover suggests. In lovemaking, the Taurus woman is passionate and deeply tender. She may not be as sexually experimental as the other signs, but her fidelity and strong sense of ethics will impress you. Her bed will be the pinnacle of comfort, with piles of pillows and a fluffy comforter. There might be fresh flowers in her bedroom, or she might have a glass wall overlooking a lush garden. She will make her environment so inviting you won’t want to leave, for Taurus adores comfort.

Your Taurus woman will need to see tangible evidence of your love for her - and that means gifts. There is no getting around this and you may have to save up to afford her! She is one of the most loving and affectionate of all signs, certainly one of the most sensuous, and quite a catch. But first, this lady will want to know that you have a nest egg. Delay popping the question until you can show her your substantial stash of Treasury bills, a solid investment in mutual funds, an impressive stock portfolio and, of course, cash in the bank. Being a earth sign, having some real estate wouldn’t hurt either - it is something which would impress her deeply. (I never said your courtship was going to be easy, did I?)

Assure her of your reliability and your stability - traits she values in a person. Being flaky is the surest way to turn her off. She is slow but sure in matters of the heart, so don’t rush her. Treat her well and she’ll be yours for a long, long time. Always keep in mind that she is ruled by Venus, the planet of decorative arts. Start by sending her flowers. Be prepared to plunk down major money for a large bouquet of rare blooms. Don’t try to get away with something cheap and small - you’ll loose points. Original flowers to try would be white and purple lilacs, which are as fragrant as they are beautiful, and send them to her in an expensive crystal vase. (A Taurus knows quality when she sees it, and she adores objects of beauty.

Taurus Mistress Sexual Nature

The Taurean lust for food is famous, and they are greedy in bed too. While too much good food makes them fat, they can eat, eat, and eat until the cows come home and overindulge. Under the sheets, they perform with amazing endurance. Although slow to burn, they can last whole night. The most sensual sign of all, they enjoy a good massage and silky bedsheets on a soft, comfy bed. Their sense of touch (tactile sense) is very keen, and that is why they love massages.

Silky bedsheets, lacy lingerie or anything that satisfies their sense of touch will turn them on. So does nice perfume and lovely music. Taurus mistress is all about indulging the 5 senses. A warm meal can be a foreplay. The men who are domesticated at heart are looking for wifely material in a woman.The Taurus woman, however, can be super feminine. She is very comfortable in her gender role and is not easily intimidated by any man. Faithful and reliable, she can be counted on at all times.

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