Female offense by Zodiac Sign

Female offense is considered the most negative and inexplicable emotion, for the appearance of which sometimes one careless word or stupid act is enough. Overly sensitive ladies react so sharply, therefore the love horoscope advises men to take into account the zodiac sign of their companion at all stages of the relationship. The element affects the formation of priorities, the temperament and character of a woman, which means that the emotions of the fair sex are manifested in different ways.

If a woman of the Fire element is offended, the partner will have to face anger of incredible strength. Brave and purposeful Amazons know their worth, so they will not seek solace from their friends. Offense can push them to revenge, so that the gentleman will soon regret what he has done. You can not expect a public scandal, but the response of the companion is unlikely to please the young man. It will be possible to make peace with a woman of the Fire element only with the help of expensive gifts and unusual deeds. A man needs to prove that he is worthy of his queen, otherwise she will go in search of a more suitable candidate. But if the companion does not learn from their own mistakes, the proud woman will not engage in his upbringing.

An offended woman of the Earth element behaves with restraint, but with all her appearance she demonstrates her own discontent. The gloomy and gloomy mood of a lady can drive into despondency all living things within a radius of several meters. You need to try very hard to hurt the feelings of a representative of the Earth element, since she never uses offense for selfish purposes. If you behave with dignity, do not waste money on useless things and work hard, offense will never settle in the soul of a serious woman. She will not defiantly pout her lips and play in silence, but calmly discuss the current situation. An exception is the betrayal of a partner, but in this case it will not work to return the lady of the heart. The woman will silently break off the relationship without explaining the reasons.

It is difficult for astrologers to imagine a situation in which a woman of the Air element is offended. She is an incorrigible optimist who is used to seeing only positive sides in everything. Resentment is so rare that the horoscope of the partners of these women is called real lucky. The lady is used to smoothing out sharp corners, translating words into a joke and not paying attention to the strange actions of the gentleman. This does not mean that you can regularly test the strength of the relationship. There is a limit for the representatives of the Air element. If the companion crosses the forbidden line, it will no longer be possible to return the beloved. Despite the light character of the lady and the absence of rancor, one should behave with her as correctly as possible. She will never be left alone, and is unlikely to grieve over the break with the abuser.

An offended woman of the Water element behaves unpredictably, and there is no logic in her actions. Under the influence of emotions, she can declare an impromptu boycott to the gentleman. You need to apologize to the lady as quickly as possible, since the offense will push her to rash actions. Criticism against a man is the tip of the iceberg, and much more dangerous female monsters are hiding under the water column. The lady will not fall into despondency and melancholy, but will begin to strike at the most painful places of the gentleman. If the man realized that the companion was offended, you should not take a theatrical pause in the hope of an independent solution to the problem. A woman will perceive such a gesture as indifference — and will go in search of an ideal partner.

Offended women by Zodiac Sign