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A woman born under the sign of Aquarius always has plenty of friends and admirers. The representative of the element of air is ready to help people in need and charms new acquaintances in a matter of minutes. The ward of Uranus seeks to embrace the universe, forgetting about her own interests and the material side of life. Aquarius worries about the fate of loved ones, helps animals and dreams of improving the world around him. A sincere and emotional woman bears good, sacrificing her own well-being. Not all men are ready to put up with the selflessness of the chosen one, which causes resentment in the heart of Aquarius.

A woman loves to build castles in the air about romantic relationships, and if her partner behaves inappropriately, she breaks the connection without hesitation. At the same time, he constantly chooses companions as cavaliers, who need to go through a dozen more reincarnations before the ideal image. If the Aquarius woman is offended, one should not expect a passionate reconciliation. It is likely that the expression of dissatisfaction and whims is the first stage of the upcoming break. You can improve relationships after an offense after a few hours, and sometimes it can take weeks to restore a romantic connection. If a man wants to speed up the process of resolving the conflict, one cannot postpone a visit to Aquarius.

How to understand that an Aquarius woman is offended

Astrologers call the main disadvantage of the ward of Uranus her categorical nature. The woman does not accept semitones, but treats what is happening with youthful maximalism. If a demanding lady is offended, it is almost impossible for a man to prove his own innocence. Aquarius always says what is on her mind, preferring to voice the bitter truth. If there is resentment, a woman will not soften sharp corners, but will directly express her claims. If the representative of the air sign is going to leave, she will save the gentleman from scandal and unpleasant conversation, simply disappearing from his life.

Astrologers believe that resentment can be beneficial to Aquarius, as healthy anger can help analyze the situation. Negative emotions provoke deep thoughts that take time. A woman can step back, not answer calls and messages, ignore her partner’s messages on social networks. If the chosen one wants to neutralize the resentment, you should not delay apologizing until Aquarius has made a choice in favor of their own freedom. The ward of Uranus loves to play with the gentleman. Today she lures him into love nets, and tomorrow pushes him away, showing external coldness. A man may decide that the representative of the air sign was offended, and she just decided to shake up the relationship.

If the chosen one seriously and painfully touched Aquarius, she will connect all the closest circle to the showdown. The woman will begin to make fun of the former gentleman, exposing him in an unsightly light. The love horoscope interprets this behavior as the ending of a romantic relationship — there is no turning back, and one can not hope for reconciliation. You should always behave correctly with an Aquarius woman, since an insult will necessarily be followed by cruel and public revenge. In this case, it is better to back off but ask for forgiveness in order to avoid further bullying. If a man tries to ignore the words and actions of an offended woman, it will be very difficult to restore his own reputation.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Aquarius woman

Aquarius is ready for self-sacrifice and compromises when it comes to strangers — relations with a loved one may not develop so rosy. In marriage, the stumbling block is the claims of the spouse, when the woman does not pay enough attention to the household. The representative of the air sign does not like to be engaged in "earthly" affairs, considering herself above the banal cooking or cleaning. If a man in the candy-bouquet period hopes that after the wedding the active Aquarius will change and agree to sit within four walls, there will be many reasons for female resentment.

The ward of Uranus rejoices in unexpected gifts and pleasant surprises, so their absence can hurt her feelings. The family horoscope recommends that a man not be too pragmatic, since the seriousness of a companion brings longing to Aquarius. The chosen one should appreciate the bright moments of life, support the beginnings of a woman and share her fantasies. It is important at least sometimes to become childish so that the representative of the air element does not get bored and does not take offense at an indifferent partner.

A self-confident woman knows her own worth, so she will not tolerate reproaches in her address. Resentment is the least that a partner will have to face. The romantic relationship of Aquarius traditionally begins with friendship — and during the time of friendship, the man had enough time to understand the character and aspirations of the chosen one. She is independent enough, so she will not compromise her own freedom under any circumstances. A woman is unlikely to like her partner’s jealousy, since Aquarius does not see anything reprehensible in ordinary flirting. She needs communication like air, and without attention from the opposite sex, she will wither. If a man is not able to trust his companion, it is better not to start a relationship with the ward of Uranus.

How to make peace with an Aquarius woman

It will be possible to make peace with the Aquarius woman if she herself is interested in this, but astrologers advise not to despair. After an injury has been inflicted, it is important to choose the ideal setting for meeting and talking. An intimate or romantic atmosphere will not work, since an extraordinary woman prefers a crowded place or a group of friends. She will not humiliate the guilty gentleman in front of everyone. It is not difficult to determine the degree of resentment and the possible development of events. If Aquarius agreed to a conversation and makes contact, you can not be afraid of revenge and public ridicule. When meeting, it is strictly forbidden to recall past grievances and the conflict itself, otherwise the woman will certainly move away.

It is better to start a conversation with a neutral topic aimed at positive. An offended Aquarius woman is unlikely to appreciate a stupid joke, but she will be interested in interesting information. The ward of Uranus judges men by the level of intelligence, so it is advisable to prepare some entertaining news. Astrologers do not advise flattering a woman or currying favor — such behavior will add dislike to the offense. Proud Aquarius does not like being humiliated in front of her, even for the sake of restoring relationships. Inborn intuition allows you to immediately feel the catch, so your partner needs to behave naturally and at ease. If the first attempt at reconciliation is unsuccessful, the cause of the offense should be discussed. In a conversation, it is necessary to use logical arguments and facts, not emotions.

You should not try to impose your point of view on Aquarius, proving your own innocence. Verbal skirmish will aggravate the situation and bring resentment to the level of serious conflict. Only a calm and judicious dialogue can lead to a mutual compromise. You can’t blame your companion, even if she provoked a quarrel. For reconciliation, it is enough to be sincere and open — a peace-loving woman is always ready to take a step forward after an insult, unless the man has committed an unforgivable act. Aquarius is prone to flirting, but does not accept when the chosen one shows signs of attention to other ladies with her. It is not jealousy that speaks in it, but self-esteem. It is difficult for the ward of Uranus to imagine that one of the women will be better and more attractive.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Aquarius woman

When building relationships with Aquarius, astrologers advise taking into account one feature of her character. From the entire zodiacal circle, it is the representatives of this sign who do not seek to bind themselves by marriage and a long-term romantic relationship. Only a partner who respects her opinion and personal boundaries can keep a freedom-loving woman. It is undesirable to put pressure on Aquarius, so as not to wake up an aggressive and decisive person in her. The ward of Uranus values trust in a relationship, so any suspicion will cause resentment and a possible breakup. A woman is looking first of all for a reliable friend and loyal companion who will satisfy her need for communication. If Aquarius has something to talk about with a man, resentment and misunderstanding will rarely arise in a couple.

The chosen one needs to be prepared for the fact that before meeting him, a woman has formed a special circle of friends. A representative of the element of air will not choose between friends and a gentleman, so it is pointless to put an ultimatum or dictate conditions. We’ll have to accept Aquarius with all her retinue or look for another candidate for a life partner. The ward of Uranus will not show resentment or hostility, but will leave the jealous gentleman. In a relationship with an independent woman, you should not become obsessive at any stage of the development of a romantic relationship. She should set the tone and speed in order to feel comfortable next to the chosen one.

It is advisable to maintain a Spartan calm when Aquarius is in the company of other men. She perceives them as interesting interlocutors and good friends, so you should not see hints of treason in everything. The ward of Uranus will not like it if the partner begins to criticize her friends, make claims or make scandals in public. In this case, it will not work to return an Aquarius woman after an insult, since in the behavior of a companion she will see a threat to her own freedom. An ideal man in the mind of an independent lady should be condescending, democratic and friendly. To strengthen the relationship, you need to show interest in the hobbies of Aquarius, have a common hobby and not limit your free time to household chores. Life is given once — and the representative of the air sign dreams of living it brightly, fully and originally.

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