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Aries woman is capricious, proud, unusually charming and is popular with fans. This extravagant lady dresses stylishly and is not afraid to look like a "black sheep". She herself is a trendsetter. Aries woman is smart, has great intelligence and a good sense of humor. Not every man will dare to approach her and make an acquaintance, because she can ridicule him very unceremoniously. However, her success with the opposite sex is undeniable. The beloved of the representative of the elements of Fire has to reckon with the independent and obstinate character of the chosen one, constantly balancing between the complete submission to her whims and the need to meet the high demands of this capricious person.

The henpecked man is unlikely to interest the Aries woman. But she will not tolerate tyranny from her husband, criticism or attacks of jealousy. The family life of representatives of this horoscope sign is successfully developing with partners who know how to forgive their hot-tempered and intolerant character. Indeed, at heart, Aries are gentle and romantic, although they try to hide it under the guise of self-confidence. Therefore, a young man should think three times whether he can meet the high demands of the girls of this sign.

How to understand that an Aries woman is offended

An active and sociable lady, capable of catching a sharp word or slapping a slap in the face to anyone who did not please her, does not bear criticism at all. However, in her heart she is very vulnerable and touchy, although she hides it. It’s impossible to predict how the offended woman Aries will behave: she will throw a tantrum, break dishes, throw something at the offender or proudly leave and will not talk for three days, even she herself does not know. If the partner’s behavior seems fiery to the girl unforgivable, she will leave forever with the decisiveness characteristic of this sign. In any case, the Aries woman will directly declare her resentment in words or emphasize with a defiantly offended look.

Sometimes a spouse behaves unceremoniously towards her husband, not even noticing this, but does not allow a raised tone in relation to herself. When the cause of the quarrel is not too serious, the representative of the fire element will quickly forget about it, never again remember what happened. She will simply continue to communicate without trying to figure out the reasons for the disagreement. You should not expect an apology from the fiery signs, it is hardly possible. A proud lady will pretend that nothing happened, this will be her guilty plea. Although deep down she knows perfectly well that she was wrong.

If the woman Aries is offended seriously, the quarrel can be delayed and even lead to a breakdown. Representatives of the sign of Fire quickly cool down, but when they are really touched by the living, they can immediately end a long relationship or even marriage. However, sincere repentance of the partner, honest confession of guilt will touch the heart of an independent darling. She can even forgive betrayal if her husband values their union and does not justify himself. Although Aries are considered egoists, no one can show as much generosity and spiritual generosity as representatives of this sign. They are the first to come to the rescue if a spouse or friend gets into trouble.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Aries woman

Independent behavior of a woman, coquetry and the desire to be always in the spotlight can irritate the partner, cause attacks of jealousy. If the husband or lover does not know his girlfriend well enough, he can rudely express her complaints to her. Only to behave with a woman Aries in this way is impossible in any case. She will be offended, first, by mistrust. This lady is not at all a vertigo, she is serious about marriage and will not cheat on her lover. If the marriage has outlived itself, and the husband is no longer an authority for her, then the woman Aries will directly tell him about it.

The ladies of the fire sign do not attach much importance to homework, requiring thoroughness and patience. They can start a grand washing or general cleaning of the apartment, but then lose interest in their occupation and leave it in full swing. A friend’s call or a walk with the child will distract her, and the spouse’s indignation will lead to bewilderment. When the husband loses his temper and is rude to his wife, he can be sure that he will surely receive a worthy answer. Aries are not vindictive and will not figure out how to take revenge. The reaction will follow immediately, it will be harsh and even rude. An unlucky partner will receive a lesson and remember how to behave with a fiery woman. If a man likes to find fault with trifles and arrange a tragedy from an unwashed cup, he will have such a scandal that he will quickly forget about his tediousness and learn to respect his wife. Aries themselves love to control everyone, but do not tolerate comments in their address.

Another thing is if the reason for the quarrel is serious. In this case, the Aries woman can show herself on the positive side, understand and forgive. The main thing is that she needs to know that a man sincerely repents, loves and is afraid to lose. Having forgiven her husband, the fiery wife will never remind him of his misconduct, as ordinary women do. Perhaps, after a serious quarrel, relations in the family will even become warmer, because the husband will appreciate the generosity of the partner, and the wife will learn about his deep feelings. A direct and honest woman of this sign of deception, betrayal and cowardice of a partner cannot forgive. Such an insult hurts an impressionable woman so deeply that she leaves her lover.

How to make peace with an Aries woman

Get back the Aries woman after breaking up is not at all easy. This person does not sit on her husband’s neck, she will always find a prestigious job, will achieve a leadership position and decent earnings. Fire signs are very independent, they won’t wait too long. They can quickly find a new partner, they do not tend to suffer for a long time. Therefore, do not ignore it for a long time, 2-3 days are enough for reflection. It is possible to maintain a cold detached appearance and look after others in the presence of a resentful wife only at the first time, until she has made a final decision. Aries are jealous, but their conceit is too great to allow anyone to compare with them. If she values her relationship, then she herself will give a sign when reconciliation can begin.

In no case should one humiliate, dodge, make excuses to the chosen one. A bouquet of red roses, a bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolates by candlelight will help solve the problem without further ado. An elegant compliment and recognition of the spouse’s merits and her significance for the family will not hurt. Most likely, she will quickly make a decision. Whether the representative of the element of Fire will be able to curb her pride is unknown, she will decide this at the last moment. But it’s worth the risk.

In the case when the husband seriously violated his wife, but sincerely wants to make peace with the woman Aries, he will have to try very hard to regain her confidence. It is necessary to honestly and directly repent and prove the seriousness of your intentions, not only in words. What this evidence will be depends on the addictions of the fiery lady. It is worth considering the fulfillment of her cherished dream, her "red sails," as Captain Gray did. Perhaps the woman Aries dreamed of going to Paris or attending a concert of her beloved singer. For the sake of maintaining a relationship with your beloved, you can even get into debt. The main thing is for a man to do something special for her.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Aries woman

Not every man will be able to save a marriage with this proud and implacable nature, meeting its high requirements for a partner. A man should become for her an important and respected person, an attentive friend. In order to prevent stormy scenes and discord in the family, the husband must behave with the woman Aries very carefully and carefully. Care should be taken to ensure that the spouse feels needed and loved. It is necessary to bring benefits for her self-esteem, otherwise the fire of passion will begin to go out, and the woman will wither. She also needs recognition of her virtues from her relatives and friends. Her artistic nature requires admiration and applause, without them she becomes bored, the joy of life is lost.

Do not start a dispute with the lady of fire: she is always right, even when she realizes that this is not so. Stubbornness is one of her inalienable qualities, to rest on her horns and not back down — her life credo. A wise partner in life will remain silent, and after a while the spouse will express his opinion as his own. However, in general, the Aries woman has a balanced character and does not find fault with trifles. If you accept the hot-tempered nature of the chosen one and not touch her pain points, you can live with her whole life calmly and happily. This woman will never betray; she will be a faithful friend and caring mother.

It is necessary to take into account one more peculiarity of the representative of the fiery element: she, more than women of other signs of the zodiac, needs understanding, attention to her inner life. She does not even need support from her husband, this woman herself will support any man in a difficult situation. Aries needs spiritual conversations, understanding, and a careful attitude to her experiences. A man who has managed to understand and appreciate the depth of feelings of his chosen one will not be able to change her or leave this wayward woman. He will love her with all the flaws and extravagant antics.

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