Cancer woman offended

The planet-ruler of this summer sign is the Moon, which arranges fluctuations in the mood of the mysterious and sentimental Cancer woman. This is important to consider when dealing with a gentle lady in order to avoid accidental conflicts. The woman is notable for her peacefulness, but behind the external calmness there is a solid core. Cancer is impressionable, vulnerable and sensual, so one careless word is enough for a deep hurt. You can entrust her with a secret and come for advice, and in a conversation she will definitely cut sharp corners. However, a woman expects no less sensitivity from others and a loved one.

The modest and withdrawn Cancer rarely makes a good first impression, so it is difficult for her to find a match. She is able to open up to another person under certain circumstances, if she completely trusts him. Unworthy actions and phrases hurt a woman, because she puts forward high demands not only on her partner, but also on herself. When a representative of the element of water realizes that she was mistaken in a person, it can be very difficult to return her location. An offended Cancer woman rarely listens to reasonable arguments and tries to avoid unpleasant company.

How to understand that an Cancer woman is offended

Astrologers warn that playing with the heart of a sentimental lady is a very dangerous activity. Cancer loves sincerely and selflessly, so you shouldn’t stir up passion without serious intentions. It is difficult to say with certainty what exactly can hurt the feelings of the ward Moon because of the constant change in her mood. However, if a Cancer woman is offended, absolutely everyone will notice it. First, she will go to her cozy shell, where she can hide from the cruel world and indifferent people. The representative of the water sign leaves deep emotions only for the closest ones — and this circle usually includes relatives. Her behavior resembles childishness, since Cancer often makes impossible demands in order to teach the impudent a lesson.

From the outside, it is not easy to distinguish between real depression and resentment from the usual manipulations of a woman or a desire to evoke sympathy. Astrologers recommend paying attention to Cancer’s social circle and changes in behavior. If a woman does not leave the house, preferring to spend time with her family, she is probably gnawed at resentment. The silence mode, which is aimed exclusively at the man, is considered a bad sign. It should be remembered what could be wrong, since Cancer will not even hint at the cause of the offense. A woman’s emotions and feelings often affect her physical health, so a slight malaise develops against the backdrop of negativity. If Cancer refers to a migraine or a cold, hurt pride and resentment should not be ruled out.

The depressed state is very quickly transmitted to the closest environment of a woman, therefore, attention should be paid to the behavior of her relatives or friends. Even accidentally inflicted resentment can cause depression, which Cancer will not hide. She likes to be pitied and supported — in this the woman sees a manifestation of care. In public, the representative of the water sign will try to be balanced and calm, but she rarely manages to hide her true feelings and resentment. Cancer never plays love games, and acting is given to her with great difficulty. Next to the offender, the woman demonstrates feigned indifference, becomes quiet and silent. Cancer with all its appearance is trying to show a man how much pain he caused her.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Cancer woman

Sorting out the possible reasons for a woman’s resentment is about the same as guessing on coffee grounds. The family horoscope is not able to give any advice or hints, since the main reason for conflict is the changeable mood of Cancer. The slightest remark or criticism can unsettle a woman for a long time if she got up on the wrong foot or the Moon was in an unfavorable phase. During a romantic relationship, Cancer may be hurt by a man’s indifference or uncertainty. Usually a woman is not tuned in to a fleeting love affair, but to a strong marriage. If the gentleman is in no hurry to propose or take the relationship to a new level, the result of the delay will be Cancer’s resentment.

In married life, a woman’s excessive thriftiness becomes a stumbling block. She will never part with an old pattern or a piece of string that is "sure to come in handy for something." She is in no hurry to throw away even the only boot, because there will certainly be a use for it. Anything that Cancer possesses is of incredible value to her. A man should not go into the holy of holies of his wife, so as not to let insult into the house. A woman does not like to hear reproaches in her address, because she is trying her best to please her partner. It is advisable to express comments in the correct form, but it is better to do without them.

The reason for resentment can be the indifference of a man, who rarely arranges romantic evenings and invites Cancer on a date. Even if you have more than one year of marriage behind you, this is not a reason to neglect pleasant surprises. A woman will not tolerate ridiculous scenes of jealousy, since she considers suspicions a personal insult and a reason for resentment. Cancer cannot be called a self-confident person — she constantly doubts herself. It seems to her that she is not beautiful and graceful enough, despite the ideal parameters of the figure and cute features. Resentment can provoke a compliment to another woman, even if the man did it out of politeness. Cancer always compares itself to others — and often not in their favor.

How to make peace with an Cancer woman

A love horoscope advises a man to be the first to take a step towards his beloved after an injury. If you do not make up with a Cancer woman in the near future after a quarrel, the right moment will be missed. The sooner the partner comes to confess, the higher the chances that the representative of the water sign will forgive the offense. It is necessary to rehearse a mournful face and gentle intonations in a voice in advance in front of a mirror in order to win over Cancer as much as possible. It is advisable to inform your beloved how she lacks her attention and care, wise advice and a pleasant atmosphere. If you touch a woman, she is unlikely to arrange debriefing and nurture resentment. It’s important to take full blame for what happened and sincerely apologize for what you said or did.

Cancer is guided by feelings and emotions, so it will pay attention to the partner’s experiences. Appealing to logic and scattering weighty arguments is a senseless and stupid exercise in the presence of the ward Moon. New quarrels can flare up on the basis of old grievances, so it is important to tactfully ask the woman about the cause of the conflict. It should be emphasized that this is not an idle curiosity — information will help to avoid mistakes and scandals in the future. If Cancer decides to have a frank conversation, you should not interrupt her — you need to give your beloved the opportunity to speak out after an insult. The patience and understanding shown will definitely melt the ice, but sometimes it can take time.

There is no universal scenario for reconciliation — the nature of the woman and the reason for the offense should be taken into account. One may like an endless stream of apologies, another wants to see a man with a bouquet in his hands, and the third will pay attention only to real actions. You need to behave with a Cancer woman sincerely, since there is no guile and pretense in her either. If she agreed to make up, do not wait for a catch or revenge. The only reason a representative of the element of water will never forgive a gentleman is his betrayal. Cancer looks closely at a person for a long time before letting him into his life, and betrayal will put a bold cross on the trust of a sentimental companion.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Cancer woman

Returning a Cancer woman can be difficult at times, so astrologers advise working on strengthening relationships. The representative of the element of water is tied to the past and family traditions, so nostalgia will come to the aid of a man. It is advisable to be with Cancer more often in places that are dear to her heart. It can be a favorite childhood memory, a place of first meeting, or just a picturesque corner. If a woman feels emotionally close and spiritually connected with her partner, resentment will rarely settle in her heart. In order to avoid misunderstandings, astrologers recommend that a man show himself as the master of the house. This doesn’t mean banging your fist on the table or being rude. The owner is a partner who is able to cope with any problem and knows how not to create trouble.

It is enough to meet Cancer from work, not let her carry heavy bags from the store herself and be a reliable support for her beloved woman. If the ward of the Moon feels next to the gentleman, as if behind a stone wall, it would not occur to her to pout cute lips and pretend to be offended. Gentle words, romantic surprises, fragrant bouquets, beautiful compliments — all this serves as a reliable foundation for a relationship with Cancer. A woman appreciates tactile contact, so you need to touch her more often and warm her in your arms. You cannot criticize her parents and the immediate environment, otherwise you will have to face another resentment of the companion.

Astrologers recommend accepting the fact that Cancers are old-fashioned and conservative. These qualities go hand in hand with loyalty, so the representative of the element of water will be a reliable spouse. You should not try to change a woman or impose your point of view on her. It is important for her to feel needed and to know that a loved one accepts her for who she is. It is advisable to often consult with Cancer, talk about their problems and experiences, allowing you to take care of yourself in a difficult life period. The woman will not think that there is a weak man next to her. On the contrary, close communication and heart-to-heart conversations will strengthen the relationship in a couple.

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