Gemini woman offended

The Gemini woman is a cheerful, sociable and witty person. The horoscope characterizes her as a dual, unpredictable nature. Lightning-fast change of mood, sudden change of plans cause bewilderment among people around. She is in constant search for the ideal man, profession, meaning of life. This woman’s energy source is information. The Gemini strives for knowledge of everything new, unusual, reflecting the diversity of the surrounding world. The innate need for knowledge manifests itself in this zodiac sign of the “eternal student”. The Gemini woman is constantly studying, she is especially interested in learning foreign languages. By the age of 35, she has a lot of diplomas in her arsenal, certificates of advanced training, certificates of mastering professions.

The patronage of Mercury allows it to be frivolous, airy, flying in the clouds, and at the same time, at the right time, will focus on solving a particular problem. True, this energy fuse is not enough for a long time. The Gemini woman can not do one thing for a long time, she does not want and will not. Uncertainty of character leads her to live in constant uncertainty. The horoscope warns of another feature of the character of this woman — she is incredibly touchy. Literally from scratch, resentment can erupt, which will seriously spoil relations with her.

How to understand that an Gemini woman is offended

Cheerful Gemini woman is always in a good mood. The horoscope surrounded the beauty with many fans who adore her ease of character, mobility of behavior, loyalty of views. One gets the impression that resentment is completely unusual for this woman. But this is not so. She constantly strives to search for the ideal in everything, but at the same time, in the depths of her subconscious, she is sure that nothing ideal exists. A serious reason for a quarrel with a woman Gemini is not needed. Resentment flashes in her because of an inappropriate word, a rash act, an unkind look of the interlocutor.

Offended woman Gemini does not belong to the heirs to the character of the Furies. Resentment will not make her throw a tantrum, beat dishes, theatrically lament for the loss of the best years of her life. The representative of this sign does not at all indicate by his behavior the fact that the offense took place. It cannot be said that resentment causes deep feelings in her, makes her suffer. The representative of this sign simply draws a conclusion confirming her inner conviction that there is no ideal.

To understand that the Gemini woman was offended very difficult. The partner may not only not notice the changes in her behavior, but also not suspect that the offense has settled in the girlfriend’s heart. If a similar situation happened once — the Gemini woman will quickly forget the incident. Otherwise, silently disappear from the field of view of the offender. This lady is able to end a relationship without giving reasons. Calling her for a specific conversation will fail. She prefers not to sort things out. What is the use of shaking the air with words if it is all over? The horoscope warns the partners of this lady from rash statements and actions. Even a slight insult can permanently close her heart.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Gemini woman

The stars endowed the representative of this zodiac sign with a peace-loving character. She does not like to quarrel. The Gemini woman is a real generator of innovative ideas. Her determination moves to instantly translate everything conceived into reality. People around do not always appreciate this. Tactics “invented, done, forgot, ran on” are often perceived as windy, inconsistent. Remarks, calls for streamlining one’s actions, and indications of impulsiveness can serve as reasons for a quarrel. The horoscope reveals another feature of the representative of the sign of Gemini — for a quarrel with her there may be no reason at all. Resentment can erupt on a sensual level. Communicating with a person, she is able to decide that the views of the interlocutor are radically different from her position. Proving, defending one’s point of view is not characteristic of this woman. She will just be offended and will leave. Therefore, people around her consider it somewhat strange.

Gemini woman easily converges with people. It is able to find an interlocutor in any situation. Behaves easily, naturally, it is pleasant to communicate with her. But with the same ease, she is able to end a relationship. It doesn’t matter whether it was a fleeting meeting, or a long friendly relationship — realizing that communication does not bring pleasure and benefit, it stops it. It is difficult for a partner to meet her often changing requirements and moods. If, after a hard day’s work, she suggests going for a bike ride, the “failure — resentment” scheme works instantly. Resentment will cause a desire to go for a walk alone, forever. The horoscope signals: this woman is able to go to the store, and in an hour send a message that she will not return.

However, the horoscope calms — not everything is so gloomy. Friendliness and a sense of humor will help to avoid most quarrels. At heart, the Gemini woman understands that not all people have a huge energy reserve. Not everyone can do without sleep and rest for a long time in order to achieve a goal or pleasure. She will forgive her beloved man for rare misconduct. Horoscope of this woman advises her to demonstrate her feelings more often and admire her dynamism. Just telling your wife when she comes home from work: “I envy your energy so much! If you could give me a little, we would immediately go on a balloon trip!” Finely grasping the mood of the interlocutor, she will understand that the beloved is tired, wants to have dinner and rest.

How to make peace with an Gemini woman

From the point of view of psychology, the non-conflict woman Gemini is very pleasant in communication. Her diplomacy, tact, cause respect for the interlocutor. She feels when she needs to end the conversation or change the subject. Itself will never purposefully offend a partner. If this happens, reconciliation will be quick. With her usual ease, she admits a mistake, apologizes. A sense of revenge is alien to her. Almost always ready to listen to a partner, discuss a conflict situation. At the same time, the horoscope warns of another feature of the representative of this sign. She is sure that people do not change. Having formed an opinion about a person will never change him.

Making peace with a Gemini woman is incredibly difficult. The horoscope sees that only a well-reasoned, sincere, confidential conversation can restore relations. At the same time, even if she exaggerates, dramatizes the situation, the horoscope advises to let her speak out. Listen to the arguments, claims need to be carefully. Often, they contain the key to reconciliation. Listening to the monologue, one should be prepared to learn a lot of new and interesting things about oneself, but resentment is inappropriate here. Horoscope recommends behaving with a woman Gemini observing some prohibitions. Categorically it is impossible to interrupt, argue, recall "the affairs of days gone by." Any physical impact is not permissible. Having let off steam it will calm down, the insult will pass, there will be a readiness to listen to the partner.

An important circumstance is the timing of reconciliation. A representative of this zodiac sign should be able to "digest" the situation. During this period, she focuses on her own behavior. The duality of character compels her to consider the possibility of her own guilt in the conflict. Depriving her of her time for thought, one can lose the opportunity to make peace. Resentment will overwhelm the good intentions of this windy person. Consciousness about the impossibility of reconciliation will be formed in consciousness. In this state, she is able to break off relationships without regret. The horoscope advises against such a situation. A timely and constructive dialogue will provide an opportunity to reach a compromise in a quarrel.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Gemini woman

An air lady is skeptical of marriage. Fascinated by everything and everyone, she hardly presents the possibility of being in the same relationship for a long time. If she meets a man who is similar in spirit, energetic, cheerful, ready for self-improvement, change and adventure, a happy union is quite possible. A married adventurer becomes a wonderful friend for her husband. Skillfully combines the role of a caring wife and a tender lover. As a rule, this person marries once. In the event of a breakup, a second attempt is unlikely to happen. Resentment against a former partner will not oppress her. He will simply once again confirm in his opinion that “wind buckets cannot be measured”.

The horoscope claims: if a representative of this sign decides to end family relationships, she will do it. The stamp in the passport, the presence of children will not stop her. Returning the Gemini woman is almost impossible. Often the cause of a divorce is not so much an insult to a partner, but an insult to a life-restricting freedom. The horoscope sees the only opportunity to return the Gemini woman — to captivate her with an adventurous idea. The horoscope suggests developing and submitting for approval a plan for moving to another city, or rather a country. Offer to buy a boat and organize a business for excursions to foreign tourists, taking advantage of its innate craving for language learning. The horoscope focuses attention — the material part of the implementation of the idea should be provided by a loving man.

The horoscope warns: an important rule for the successful implementation of the “return your beloved” project is the exclusion of obsession. The self-confident Gemini woman does not endure pressure on herself. Therefore, desperate reconciliation actions quickly bother her. She will make every effort to rid herself of the attention of an intrusive person. It is noteworthy that after parting with this woman, men warmly remember her. Even resentment at her departure is not able to overshadow bright memories.

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