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The Libra woman is the embodiment of harmony and the ideal life partner, as she tries to maintain balance in everything. In a relationship, she smoothes out sharp corners, tries to avoid scandals and conflicts, but always takes what is happening to her heart. The ward of Venus will do everything possible to ensure that peace and tranquility reign in the house, and loved ones are happy. Libra is not one of those women who use offense for personal gain. The air sign spokeswoman doesn’t like to fight, as disagreements can shatter her fragile emotional balance. She will definitely put herself in the place of another person in order to understand the motives of his action.

Libra realizes that in a fit of resentment, you can say a lot of words that you will later regret. For this reason, she rarely blames her partner and does not respond with anger to unworthy behavior. A woman intuitively feels the mood of a loved one, so she never runs into rudeness. Libra knows when to leave the chosen one alone with himself, and in what cases to support and give wise advice. This attitude makes a man want to protect a caring and attentive woman. However, not everything is so cloudless, and a representative of the element of air is able to harbor a grudge against a life partner. The love horoscope advises to immediately solve the problem, because the behavior of Libra will tell more eloquently than words about her feelings.

How to understand that an Libra woman is offended

The name of the zodiac sign speaks for itself, as a suspicious woman is always faced with a choice. She loves people but avoids the crowd. She likes communication, but the quality of the dialogue comes first. Libra is woven from contradictions, and indecision does not allow a woman to draw a correct and timely conclusion. The gift of diplomacy does not allow to hurt or hurt another person, so the ward of Venus will carefully consider the upcoming conversation with the guilty gentleman. Libra wants to be alone, and will answer questions in monosyllables, plunging into his own thoughts.

A woman does not know how to carefully hide feelings and emotions, so fun and carelessness will be replaced by melancholy and apathy. Yesterday the representative of the air sign was full of ideas and plans, and today she refuses to follow the daily routine. Absent-mindedness and thoughtfulness are the main signs that a Libra woman is offended. After an unpleasant incident, the Venus ward ponders a lot and analyzes not only the situation, but also compatibility with a partner. During this period, astrologers recommend not to disappoint the beloved even more. A new quarrel and resentment will leave a painful imprint on the soul of a sensitive woman, and it will be much more difficult to regain her affection.

Already at the initial stage of the conflict, one can predict that the conversation is unpleasant for Libra. The representative of the element of air will try to end the conversation as quickly as possible or switch the gentleman’s attention to another topic. The woman herself neutralizes the quarrel, preventing the development of resentment. If the partner does not understand the hints and efforts of Libra, he is able to hurt the feelings of the chosen one. Diplomacy and tact will not allow a well-mannered lady to sort things out in public and demand an apology after an offense — if the chosen one is indifferent at this stage, the romantic relationship can end.

Possible causes of a quarrel with an Libra woman

Refined Libra does not like scandals and high-pitched conversations, so her partner’s rudeness will be a real blow to her. The ward of Venus is annoyed by the lack of assembly of the man and the lack of punctuality. Libra is a driven sign, but a woman doesn’t like being commanded. The order tone in a matter of minutes will give rise to resentment and isolation. The representative of the element of air hates if a partner invades her personal space. A tactful lady expects gentlemanly manners from the chosen one, and rudeness can quickly disappoint. Women’s intuition allows you to immediately form an opinion about a person, therefore a family horoscope promises Libra a happy marriage. Not a single gentleman knows how to pretend for too long, even for the sake of conquering the heart of the ward Venus.

An offended Libra woman is a rare occurrence, since she herself avoids unpleasant situations by any means. However, in a romantic relationship, a lady can be capricious if the partner does not pay enough attention to her. Libra does not like boredom and banality, so the monotonous life makes her bored and resentful. A woman expects that the chosen one will surprise and delight her, because she herself invests in the relationship as much as possible. The ward of Venus is wounded by the coldness and indifference of the man whom she adores. Libra accurately guesses the wishes of the partner, so the reason for the offense can be a "duty" gift for an anniversary or birthday.

Libra will never accept a secondary role, therefore astrologers do not advise a man to seek adventure on the side. If a woman is offended, her affection can be returned, but in the case of treason, the chances of reconciliation tend to zero. After exposing the unfaithful man, Libra will talk frankly with him, dotting the "i". The partner will not have to puzzle over what exactly the woman is offended at, since she herself will voice all the claims.

How to make peace with an Libra woman

After a quarrel or conflict, Libra will analyze the situation, draw conclusions and be the first to come to terms. Astrologers advise a man to be a gentleman in relation to a sophisticated lady and not allow her to apologize after an offense. The Venus ward is used to blaming herself for everything, and this lowers her self-esteem. Empathy and a sense of tact will not allow Libra to offend a loved one, and the desire to restore harmony will lead a woman to reconciliation. She is always happy to bring balance back to life, quickly forgets accidental offenses and easily forgives offenses. However, this does not mean that you can calmly sit on Libra’s head and behave insolently. A woman will not tolerate such treatment, because she also has a sense of her own dignity.

If the gentleman is seriously guilty, you need to come up with a confession as soon as possible. For a conversation, it is advisable to choose not a home environment, but a good restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. To make peace with a Libra woman, you should buy flowers and a nice gift. Do not forget about the impeccable taste of the representative of the air sign, who is unlikely to be delighted with a cheap surprise. A favorite perfume, a funny souvenir or an exquisite jewelry piece is suitable as a presentation. It is not necessary to spend exorbitant amounts, since Libra will be glad to attention and apologies. However, you should not save on a gift, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

It is useful to combine a pleasant present and a woman’s hobby, as well as present a surprise that is associated with the beauty industry. Libra will appreciate a stylish accessory, a certificate for a visit to a massage or beautician, as well as theater tickets. The representative of the air sign will be sincerely delighted with any gift, except for an outright fake and bad taste. Astrologers do not advise talking about the problem that led to the offense all evening. It is enough to sincerely apologize and promise that this will not happen again. Libra should have pleasant memories from the evening and the meeting, otherwise new food for thought will appear. She herself does not want to focus on grievances, since she is very kind and easygoing.

How to strengthen a relationship with an Libra woman

Despite the peaceful nature of the ward Venus, you should behave with a Libra woman courteously and politely in order to avoid resentment. At the dawn of a relationship, the representative of the air sign pays attention to the type of activity and status of a man. She will never connect her fate with an insecure person who does not set high goals for herself. Once having chosen a couple for themselves, Libra is rarely disappointed in a companion, so living together is devoid of scandals and resentments. To strengthen relationships, it is advisable to talk with a woman more often, to be interested in her hobbies and experiences. Frank dialogue is the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship.

Libra appreciates a strong partner who knows how to be affectionate and gentle. Masculinity in tandem with romance is the main secret of success with the ward Venus. Libra’s whims need to be treated with patience and understanding, since she does not often allow herself to voice demands. You cannot be rude to a woman or suspect her of infidelity, otherwise such an insult will cause deep resentment. The representative of the element of air carefully chooses a partner and does not exchange for petty affairs, being in a relationship. Family life should not be turned into a monotonous flow of days — it is important to find time for pleasant moments. A romantic candlelit dinner, ordering your favorite food at home, going to the cinema together or taking an evening stroll along your favorite streets will strengthen your emotional connection with Libra.

Resentment will not enter the house if you give the woman enough attention and pamper her with pleasant surprises. The representative of the air element sometimes resembles a child who is sincerely happy with a gift, but from such little things, brick by brick, happiness with Libra is built. You should not interfere in the process of arranging housing, which a woman wants to refine to her liking. She has her own idea of beauty, and on the eve of renovation, she consults for the sake of decency. Criticism and comments are capable of instilling resentment in her soul for a long time, after which she will have to think about how to return the Libra woman. Astrologers recommend not to limit the fantasy of the chosen one, in the evenings to talk over a cup of fragrant tea and share news. With a good and warm attitude, the ward of Venus is ready to move mountains in order to make the life of a loved one comfortable and cloudless.

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